Eiffel Tower Trip

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Transcript of Eiffel Tower Trip

Ooo lala

Ooo lalawe have 30,ooo nzd who is up for a bit of shopping. By nila and nikkita

The Eiffel tower

Where is the Eiffel tower?In France, Paris in the centre of Paris

How much will the flight cost there and back?$3470 NZD per person so double that is $6940 NZD .So we have $23,060 NZD.The website is www.MalaysiaAirlines.com

how much will our hotel cost?It costs $247 NZD a night and we are staying for 7 days so 247x7= 1729.So we have $21,331 left.The website is www.booking.com

how much money does it cost to go up the Eiffel tower?It costs $29.76 NZD each so times that is $59.52 so we have $21271.48 NZD left.The website I used was www.citydiscovery.com

how much money for car hire? It cost 20/per day so 20x7= 140.It costs $140 NZD and we will have $21131.48 left.The website I used is www.Europcar.com

How much money will it cost for food?It will cost $112 that lasts for a week.We will have $21020.48 left.The website I used is www.franprix.fr

How much will health insurance?It costs $500 NZD.So we are left with $20530.48The website is www.NIB.com

How much for supples? It costs $320.57 for two people a week.The website is www.TripAdvisor.com

How is left over all together?

well thanks for shopping with us good luck to you for your trip.