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Ramzan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and the holiest month in Islam. Ramzan begins when you see the new moon. During the month of Ramzan Muslims fast for the entire month from dawn to dusk. This means that healthy grown ups, who are Muslims do not eat or drink anything, including water, during the day while the sun shines.


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Id-ul-Fitr or Eid is one of the greatest festivals of Muslims. ‘Eid’ is an Arabic word meaning ‘festivity’ while ‘Fitr’ means ‘breaking of fast’. It was during of Ramzan that Holy Quran was revealed to Prophet Mohammed. It is celebrated all over the world by all Muslims. The Muslims fast during Ramzan. At the end of the month ,Eid is celebrated with feats. For Muslims Id ul fitr is the occasion to show gratitude to God and remember him.

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For Muslims fasting is one of the five pillars (essential religious duties) of their faith.

Fasting teaches self-control, encourages a focus on prayer and allows them to devote their attention to worship, and get closer to



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Muslims all over the world make great preparations for the festival of Id ul Fitr. All Muslims buy new clothes. When the new moon is seen just after the fast of thirty days , the next day is declared Eid.

Eid id performed in an open areas like fields ,community centres ,etc. on Eid gifts are given to children and immediate relatives.

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During Ramzan Muslims try to say more prayers and try to read the Holy Quran more, so they can gain Allah’s favour and get closer to Allah. Muslims believe that Ramzan is a month of great blessings and mercy from Allah. It is the month of forgiveness.

Prayer and Quran

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Salah and ZakatMuslims practice salah on Eid. When Muslims pray they cover their hair to show their respect for Allah (God).Boys wear hats. Girls wear scarves

Another practice Muslims on Eid is charity also known as Zakat. Thinking of the less fortunate and the needy people donate food, clothes , money,etc.

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Tum hamari Duaon Mai Shamil Ho is Tarha..Phoolon Mai Hoti Hai Khushbu Jis Tarha..Allah Tumhari Zindagi Mai Itni Khushiyan DeZameen Per Hoti Hai Barish Jis Tarha

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