Eid al Fitr Greetings Building For The On the occassion of Eid al Fitr PDO Managing Director Raoul...

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Transcript of Eid al Fitr Greetings Building For The On the occassion of Eid al Fitr PDO Managing Director Raoul...

  • On the occassion of Eid al Fitr PDO Managing Director

    Raoul Restucci sent a cable of greetings to

    His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said on behalf of the company and staff

    Eid al Fitr Greetings

    Issue - 405 July/Aug 2012

    The monthly newsletter for Petroleum Development Oman staff and its Contractors



    4 THE DATA DOCTORS Information Expertise


    9 PDO SCHOOL A New Look



    Building For The Future

  • Al Fahal editorial team is pleased to congratulate our colleagues, their families and friends for Eid al-Fitr.

    We wish you a joyous and generous celebration full of goodwill and cheer.

    Eid Mubarak

  • Features

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    First Word

    Dear Colleagues,

    Even though the summer period tends to be a quieter time than normal at PDO, it’s clear from this latest combined July-August edition of al Fahal that there is still a lot of excellent work going on in our business.

    The Ras Al Hamra Development Project is now starting to kick into gear and you will soon see a notable step-change in activity with 1,800 workers due on site by the end of the year. Of course, there will be challenges, as with any scheme this vast and complex, but the end goal of providing housing, facilities and amenities of which we can all be proud is worth pursuing. The efforts of the team at Sayyala Terrace and the contractors on the ground to minimise the disruption while completing the construction are truly impressive.

    I’m also pleased to see some of the unsung heroes of our Company get due recognition for the sterling jobs they do. Our quantity surveyors are daily using their knowledge to realise huge savings on contracts and construction costs and the analytical expertise of our Petroleum Engineering Data Management specialists is now in demand not only across PDO but also at an international level.

    Likewise, a word for our Logistics Team whose efforts feature prominently in this issue. Their perseverance in bringing about the stunning new MAF Recreation Centre swimming pool and the exceptional planning and co-ordination to deliver two 300-tonne pressure- vessel inlet separators from South Korea to the Saih Nihayda Depletion Compression Project demonstrate teamwork at its finest.

    Finally, I have nothing but admiration for the subject of our Staff In The Spotlight feature, Saada al Aufy, Chairperson of the PDORC Fitness Committee, who has tirelessly helped to raise thousands of rials for deserving causes - a remarkable lady who epitomises the inherent generosity of spirit in PDO and is a true example to us all.

    I wish you all a safe and joyful Eid holiday.

    Raoul Restucci

    Managing Director

    Fax: 24675654 Email: editors@pdo.co.om

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  • Pdo news

    Twenty members of the Ras Al Hamra Boat Club (RAHBC) took to the sea for a moonlight paddle to Shatti Beach.

    The intrepid canoeists donned buoyancy vests and attached cyalume sticks to their kayaks for visibility and a safety craft was on standby as they cut through the darkness.

    However, despite the precautions, the only problem the enthusiasts faced was from fish leaping out of the water into their boats.

    The group took around half an hour to reach the end point at Shatti Beach where they stopped for a drink and a chat about the sea life they had encountered before heading back.

    Commenting on the idyllic scene, Principal Production Geologist David Alsop said: “The weather conditions were ideal with a smooth sea surface and gently rolling waves. The air was

    clear and warm with the moonlight filtering down to light the way. The kayaks gently glided along the surface of the water with the sounds of the waves gently lapping against the limestone cliffs nearby.

    “Several funny scenes occurred on the journey back to the RAHBC with fish jumping into boats. One person managed to collect six in their boat but was able to get them out without capsizing. As the group headed around the last cliff line into the bay, the multitude of cyalume lights reflected off the water. It really was a special scene to behold.”

    Those taking part gave special thanks to Linda Stevenson (sponsor), the RAHBC committee, Aly Brandenburg (Commodore) and Feather Mills (Treasurer).


    PDO has played a central role in two important meetings of the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC).

    Saleh al Alawi, Head of Translation Services, represented the Company at the 30th GCC National Oil Companies Steering Committee gathering hosted by Saudi Aramco on May 29- 30.

    The meeting was also attended by delegates from BAPCO/Tatweer Companies of Bahrain, Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), and ADNOC of

    UAE. The agenda covered presentations and discussions on the first day and a visit to Aramco facilities on the next.

    “We had a very successful and fruitful meeting,” says Saleh. “We applaud and highly appreciate the efforts made by the working groups and we encourage them to further enhance their co-operation.”

    Established in 1997, the committee aims at improving cooperation between GCC national oil companies in all possible aspects of the

    Exploration and Production business. PDO also attended the first public relations

    managers’ meeting hosted by ADNOC in Abu Dhabi.

    Head of Public Relations Said al Busaidi, who attended the get-together, said: “The objective was to boost co-operation between the public relations officers and exchange views on best PR practices including enhancement of communication between the national oil companies.”

    Dr. Said al Busaidi at the PR managers’ meeting in Abu Dhabi

    Gcc – Greater co-operation confirmed


    Saleh al Alawi in Saudi Arabia

  • Pdo news

    Twelve talented youngsters have been selected as PDO Road Safety Ambassadors for 2012-2013 as part of the campaign to reduce the number of traffic accidents in Oman.

    The children designed posters in a competition spelling out the dangers on our roads, including speeding, texting while driving and not wearing seatbelts.

    They will now feature in a number of road safety communications this year and will be supported by 11 adult Ambassadors. The new team were presented with certificates by Naaman al Naamany, Corporate Safety and Environment Manager, at a special ceremony at the Oil and Gas Exhibition Centre.


    Alessandra Forabosco, aged five, told the audience at the event: “Always be careful when you cross the road and be careful when you drive.” And 11-year-old Shaun Lobo added: “Don’t be rash and end in a crash and donate blood – but not on the roads.”

    Hamed al Esry, Senior Corporate Road Safety Adviser, said that road accidents were the number one killer in Oman claiming an average of three to four lives every day, with a large proportion of victims being young people.

    He added: “It is a simple calculation that as Omanis we may disappear in 25-30 years’ time if this carries on because we are killing the productive group.”

    HSE Internal Communication Adviser Munira al Balushi said: “Our children never cease to amaze us and they lived up to this in the quality and number of entries in our children's road safety poster competition. They show us the