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Transcript of Egyptian Museum Project - Columbia Public Schools · PDF file Egyptian Museum Project. One...

  • Egyptian Museum Project

  • One Topic + One Creation+ A Short Description = Complete Project

    Topics you may choose: One or more pharaohs

    Hatshepsut or Cleopatra Burial/Mummification Process

    The pyramids

    One or more Egyptian gods Sarcophaguses

    Ancient Egyptian math advances

    Early Egyptians Weapons

    Ancient Egyptian architecture

    Egyptian Religious Practices

    Ancient Egyptian ship building

    Can you think of other research ideas?

  • What sorts of projects can you make?


     Create a rap telling about you subject

     Create a song/revise a current song to tell about

    your subject

     Write a long poem


     Create a timeline poster of events in the life of,

    construction of, development of one of your topic


     Creatively sequence the major points of one of the

    topic choices

    Visual Spatial

     Create a video or power point about your topic

     Create big, creative poster about your topic

     Make a poster sized chart about your topic

     Create an advertisement/commercial about your


     Create a map of your topic – make it large and



     Create and act out a skit about your topic

     Choreograph and perform a dance about your topic

     Construct a model of your topic. This works well

    for the sarcophagus, pyramids, and ships.

    Be sure to make it something we can see or hear!

  • What else do I need with the project? You will need a paragraph or two telling us about your research project.

    It should be:

    • ½ page to ¾ page in length

    • Neat and clean

    • Similar to a placard you would see in a museum

    • Attached to your project

  • Will I have homework next week?

    • Yes and No – Your homework on Monday and Wednesday will be to work on your project.

  • Are Monday and Wednesday the only days I should work on the project?

    NO!!!!!! • You should definitely work on it for more than 2 days.

    Quality will count toward your grade.

  • When is it due?

    Monday, Feb. 2

  • Examples - Good

  • Examples - Better

  • Examples - Best

  • Questions?

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