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EGEE NA4 Lofar. Lofar Information System Design OmegaCEN Kapteyn Institute TARGET- Computing Center University Groningen Orsay, 10 June 2008. Fokke Dijkstra (most slides by Edwin Valentijn). LOFAR in short. Large distributed radio telescope In NL 2008: initial roll out 20 stations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of EGEE NA4 Lofar

  • EGEE: LofarLofar Information System DesignOmegaCENKapteyn Institute TARGET- Computing CenterUniversity Groningen

    Orsay, 10 June 2008

    Fokke Dijkstra(most slides by Edwin Valentijn)

    EGEE NA4 Lofar

  • EGEE: LofarLOFAR in shortLarge distributed radio telescopeIn NL 2008: initial roll out 20 stations In NL 2009: 18 central (24 Gbps) + 18 remote (2 Gbps) phased array antenna stations each ~4 soccerfields sizeFull scale aperture synthesis array, extends 100 km

    Two main bandsHigh Band ~ 7,500 tiles 120 240 MHz Low Band ~ 7,500 dipoles 20 80 MHz Fibre network, Software Correlator Run as a broad common-user observatoryMaking the transition now from project to observatory

  • E-LOFAR Participants

    GLOW:-- Effelsberg station delivered-- Garching, Potsdam, Tautenburg stations ordered--Jlich station federal funding proposal submitted LOFAR-UK: Chilbolton, Cambridge, Jodrell, Edinburgh 1 station funded, site to be chosen--3 more stations Sweden: Onsala station funded

    + Poland, Italy, Austria, Bulgaria, Ireland, FranceEGEE: Lofar

  • Wires in the fieldEGEE: Lofar

  • EGEE: LofarStation based processingInput data rate: ~ 460 GbpsOutput data rate: ~ 2 GbpsProcessing capacity: ~ 1.5 Tmul/sStorage capacity: 96 Gbyte

  • Lofar: Data StreamEGEE: Lofar

  • EGEE: LofarLofar Storage

  • EGEE: LofarLoWISE design

  • LoWise- conceptsAll Tier 1s on an equal footingCentrally operated GPFS distributed filesystemFile retrievalDb viewer (web)Prompt (db query)Pathname data servergLite Grid ftpSingle distributed db- with all Meta and source dataValid --Quality -- ready for publication flagsVisibility of dataOwner Project Archive --EURO-VOAuthentication / Assigned resourcesAstroWISE Oracle system

    EGEE: Lofar

  • Processing - optionsTier 0 CPTier 1 re-processingLocal clustersEGEE GRIDTier 2On Tier 1Local anarchyEGEE: Lofar

  • EGEE: LofarAstroWISE-Up

  • EURO-VO: GRID and VOVST - Virtual Survey Telescope

  • TARGET diagram EGEE: LofarExtreme data lineage!

  • Astro-WISE: ServicesEGEE: Lofar

  • Astro-WISE: Grid Computingselection of Target in Astro-Wisestorage element defined a priori EGEE computing EGEE: Lofar

  • LoWise and Euro-VOEGEE: Lofar

  • NA4 areas of workImprove integration with EGEEAuthenticationUse of Grid certificates through whole chainPortable client toolsComputingPortability of software (Python)Coherent and fast execution of subtasksStorageSRM interfaces to Lofar archiveStoRM ?

    EGEE: Lofar

    **The streams from each station are processed in CIT, Blue Gene/L is a core element of the processing and the data compressed and archived is stored in the Long Tern Archive. The Long Term Archive will increase up to 4TB each year and the target the Lofar Information System has to store data and supply users with the data as well as provide the data storage for data reprocessing. The Astro-WISE is an informational system which provides both data storage and data reprocessing for wide field astronomical instruments.The Astro-WISE is an ideal prototype for the Lofar Information System which must be transferred and adopted to Lofar requests. The main problemis that Astro-WISE works with TB of data up to 100 TB and we need to make possible to store and operates PB instead of TB.

    *Astro-WISE interfaces includes CLI, dbviewer, external interfaces, target processor. *The target procesor interface allow the user to reprocess data from the beginning. Here you can see the selection of the computing element which will be used for the processing.