EGEE is a project funded by the European Union NA3 Overview and Execution plan Christos Aposkitis...

download EGEE is a project funded by the European Union NA3 Overview and Execution plan Christos Aposkitis Training manager, GRNET EGEE-SEE regional kick-off, April

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Transcript of EGEE is a project funded by the European Union NA3 Overview and Execution plan Christos Aposkitis...

  • NA3 Overview and Execution plan Christos AposkitisTraining manager, GRNET

    EGEE is a project funded by the European UnionEGEE-SEE regional kick-off, April 7-8th, 2004

  • Objectives of this sessionUnderstand NA3 organisationOverview of the execution planIdentify missing inputs and action points

  • OutlineNA3 OverviewHigh-level NA3 organisation and activitiesExecution planNA3 SEE task overviewDeliverables and milestonesOrganisationOverallCountry-specificCourses projectionWBSTA effort estimateCommunication proceduresAction points

  • EGEE Regions

  • NA3 objectivesProducing a portfolio of training material and courses from introductory to advanced user materialUsing this material to train a wide variety of users both internal to the EGEE consortium and from the external user groups from across Europe who will make use of the infrastructureEnsuring that EGEE Team Spirit is engendered early in the projects lifetime

  • TA requirement for courses (Internal EGEE)

  • Training of trainers (internal) to a level deeper than that at which they train.Training places demands on other activities, before the training burden can be lifted from them!Trainers are early users.


  • Initial planning (internal)The initial training material for external courses, including tutorials and practical classes will be developed and managed by NeSC (UEDIN) with input from other EGEE teams Initial team focus: EGEE internal induction courseFirst run 26-28 April at NeSC (for EGEE trainers and participants)Draft modules onto Web during MaySecond run 18-20 May at CERN (for EGEE trainers and participants)Produce course in June: available as modules, as configurable days, as well as two-day course envisaged by Technical Annex

    AP: Identify participants (1 per country)

  • Internal induction course: targetsInduction course will include:Grids and their applicationEGEE Project context, history, goals, structureEGEE Grid current middleware, future technologyEGEE Project procedures management, admin, website, where to find standards

  • Internal induction course: outlineResources available include:2 day EDG tutorialGENIUS portalDemonstrationsTutorial material tested & available by end May:~1 day on EGEE structure, procedures, goals, context, introduction to Grids, applications & technologiesReleased to EGEE Intranet in May (drafts earlier)~1 day on demonstrations, practicals with both GENIUS and command-line interfacesSuited to new recruits especially; usable for external induction later.Modular, configurable resources will be on EGEE IntranetTrainers across EGEE will be mobilised to deliver these

  • Training material (external)Introductory tutorials on necessary background (OGSI/GT3/etc.)Introductory tutorials on EGEE specificsApplication development tutorials for end-usersHands-on tutorials regarding EGEE services use

  • NA3 execution plan: overview

    Execution planMain part overall organisation, responsibilities, procedures, task breakdown etc. Core is providedDetailed planning detailing per country task breakdown, staffing, planning, organisation etc. TBD per country.

  • Deliverables

    MonthDeliverableItemPartnerLead SEE partnerM3DNA3.1.1Training PlanGRNET, TAU, ICI, UCY, CLPP-BASM6DNA3.2Initial Training Course MaterialGRNET, TAU, ICI, UCY, CLPP-BASM9DNA3.1.2Training Plan update 1GRNET, TAU, ICI, UCY, CLPP-BASM9DNA3.3.1Training Progress ReportGRNET, TAU, ICI, UCY, CLPP-BASM15DNA3.1.3Training Plan update 2GRNET, TAU, ICI, UCY, CLPP-BASM15DNA3.3.2Training Progress Report update 1GRNET, TAU, ICI, UCY, CLPP-BASM24DNA3.3.3Training Progress Report update 2GRNET, TAU, ICI, UCY, CLPP-BAS

  • Milestones

    MonthMilestoneItemPartnerLead SEE partnerM3MNA3.1Planning phase complete DNA3.1.1 delivered + production of courses beginGRNET, TAU, ICI, UCY, CLPP-BASM6MNA3.2First user training material and induction course available (including partial translation for SEE regional languages)GRNET, TAU, ICI, UCY, CLPP-BASM12MNA3.3First external review of User Training and Induction with feedbackGRNET, TAU, ICI, UCY, CLPP-BASM24MNA3.4Second external review of User Training and Induction with feedbackGRNET, TAU, ICI, UCY, CLPP-BAS

  • SEE partnersAP: Confirm FTEs

    ParticipantRoleFTE (EU funded + unf.)GRNETCoordinator; Training: GR & CYUCYGRNET Support in CyprusICITraining: RO and BGCLPP-BASICI Support in BGTAUTraining: ISTotal effort

  • Training organization

  • Training organizationGRNET will be coordinating the NA3 effort in the SA region, with the input from all partners. This includes coordinating partners input to deliverables + overall coordination of the course planning and delivery in the region; with the strong participation from TAU and ICI.The training manager role on the regional level: GRNET.Country regional training managers in Romania (ICI), Israel (TAU) and Greece (GRNET). Support training managers in Cyprus and Bulgaria help the training activities.

  • NA3 key individualsAP: Confirm Key Personnel

  • Identification of personnel & rolesAP: Identify ALL personnel and roles for ALL countries

  • Courses for external users per countryAP: Identify courses planned per country (including costs)

    GREECE and CYPRUSCourse TypeIntroductory Grid TutorialsEGEE introduction + hands-on tutorialsApplication Development tutorialsNumber per Year Year 1: 3 (Athens, Salonica, Cyprus)Year 2: 5 (Athens, Thessaloniki, Heraklion, Patras, Cyprus)Year 1: 2 (Athens, Cyprus)Year 2: 5 (Athens, Thessaloniki, Heraklion, Patras, Cyprus)Year 2: 2 (Athens, Cyprus)Average Attendance502525Course Length (days)1-22-35Course EquipmentWeb AccessWorkstationsWorkstationsEGEE Staff / coursenon-EGEE experts/courseCourse materials + other costs

  • PBS

  • WBSThe initial work breakdown structure:Deliverable tasksInfrastructure setup and course delivery throughout the lifetime of the projectThe actual training is a bursty activitySetup of User Interface (UI) at training locations support from local partnersTranslations (continuous)Training testbed open issue (currently taken up by UEDIN)

  • Activity plan (example)AP: Finalize activity plan

  • Activity plan (example)

  • EffortEffort needs to be identifiedReal PMs/partner neededReal people needed

  • TA effort estimate: PMsAP: Finalize FTEs and PMs

  • Detailed names

  • Communications TBC

    CERN Document Server (CDS):

    EDMS server (In OTHERS/EGEE/)

    Main site members area

    CERN NICE/EDMS accounts:

  • Action pointsAP: Confirm partners FTEsConfirm Key Personnel

    For ALL countries:Identify ALL personnel (names!) and rolesIdentify courses planned per country (including costs)Finalize activity planBut keep activities coarse-grainedEffort:Real PMs/partner neededReal people needed

    Deadline execution plan draft: 15th AprilIn order to have a good estimate for Cork conference