Effective and Efficient Outreach Strategies for Link Building

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When it comes to link building, the best links require communication with the webmaster. Small businesses that are trying to build links should develop and build a successful strategy that will help them communicate effectively and efficiently with other website editors. It's common that small businesses aren't communicating through the right channel and that's where many link opportunities are missed. Email is one of the old fashioned ways of communicating. Spam boxes get filled with guest blog requests. With this powerpoint you can see how you can use social channels to build links. Links are still a main part of an effective online marketing strategy. If you can build the link without talking to someone, chances are millions others will have that link as well.

Transcript of Effective and Efficient Outreach Strategies for Link Building

  • 1. Effective and Efficient Outreach Strategies

2. The Importance of Outreach with SEO High quality links include communicating with webmasters. If you can build the link without communicating with a webmaster thousands of others will as well. Making it a low quality link. High quality sustainable link building includes high quality communicating. 3. Human to Human link Opps. Guest article development Resource link building Broken Link Outreach (404) 4. Tools for Outreach Buzzstream The most commonly used for outreach Citation labs A great tool for finding websites 5. Channels of Communication Google Plus Not used and should be considered Email Most common Twitter Getting more used Website Contact Forms More time, but can be worth it. 6. Google Plus Reach Out 7. Google Plus Cont. +(the profile name) Then type the message. Personal profile Must be professional and establish trust. No fake profile People catch them. Leave contact info Make sure theyre active on Google plus, if not they will not see it. 8. Twitter Outreach Private messages get missed Tweets will work Build a relationship first to build trust Be respectful and dont spam Make the tweet personal, not copied and pasted 9. Email Not the most effective because of spam boxes Bccing multiple people all at once is spammy and webmasters catch it. Be friendly, professional and tailor your message specifically to their website. Be short, longer messages dont get read, people dont have time, short and to the point! 10. Contact Forms Must likely will be read Takes more time Important to be professional Important to be short Import to tailor and customize your message to the website 11. Outreach Rules Be personal Be professional Be kind Be respectful regardless of their response Be to the point Be clear Dont lie, they catch it 12. Follow Up Respond back to their emails within 24 hours After multiple days you can lose their interest Develop the relationship~ 13. The END! Good Luck!