“Effect of Market Development Activity on Sales of Fast-Mix Weedicide in Hoshiarpur...

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The Project work was proposed for Sinochem Company and it was submitted in the University as final project work for the Degree of MBA-Agribusiness.

Transcript of “Effect of Market Development Activity on Sales of Fast-Mix Weedicide in Hoshiarpur...

  • Effect of Market Development Activity on Sales of Fast-Mix Weedicide in Hoshiarpur Region

    Project Report

    Submitted To The

    G.B. Pant University of Agriculture & Technology

    Pantnagar (U. S. Nagar) Uttrakhand, India

    BySudhanshu Ranjan

    ID- 42680


    Master of Business Administration (Agribusiness)July, 2013


    Where I am standing now is for those hands which were stretched towards me when I took

    my first step. Diction is inadequate to express my feeling for the love affection, care and

    blessings of my father and mother. The principle and the ideology I have learned from them is

    behind every single success of mine.

    I express my sincere gratitude to "Almighty" who helped me in this great endeavour by

    making so many great minds to guide me and so many loving hearts to enlighten my path.

    I really feel honored and blessed to be a student of this college i.e. College of

    Agribusiness Management, Pantnagar. It has provided me a platform to nurture all the skills

    and techniques required for doing this project effectively and efficiently.

    I consider myself fortunate and greatly privileged to have work under the supervision and

    guidance of Mr. N K Singh, Assistant Professor, CABM and chairman of my Advisory

    Committee. Words are inadequate to express my sincere and deepest feeling of gratitude for his

    benevolent guidance, meticulous supervision, whole hearted encouragement and critical

    appreciation in execution of my work.

    It is great pleasure to place my deep sense of gratitude to Dr. Devendra Kumar Professor

    & Dean College of Agribusiness Management, Pantnagar.

    I express my deep sense of gratitude to members of my Advisory Committee Mr. Saurabh

    Singh and Dr. Mukesh Pandey of College of Agribusiness Management, Pantnagar.I also

    expresses my sincere gratitude to Dr. M. L. Sharma and Dr. Ashutosh Singh and other college

    staff of CABM.

    I express my veneration to Sinochem India Co Pvt Ltd and the employees of company

    who help me on this project.

    Some friends are there who never wait for thanks but just add meaning to life and the

    names like Kamlakar, Ram, Binayak and Yogita belongs to this category.

    Pantnagar Sudhanshu RanjanAugust, 2013 Author


    We, the undersigned members of the Advisory Committee of Mr. Sudhanshu Ranjan, ID-

    42680, a candidate for the degree of Master of Business Administration (Agribusiness), agree

    that the Project Report entitled Effect of Market Development Activity on sales of Fast-Mix

    Weedicide in Hoshiarpur Region may be submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement

    for the degree.

    ( Nirdesh Kumar Singh)


    (Project Advisory Committee)

    ( Saurabh Singh) ( Mukesh Pandey) Member Member


    The present study revealed that 30 percent of farmers are having small land holding, 28 percent

    belongs to semi-medium land holding category, 30 percent belongs to medium size land holding

    category and 12 percent of large farmers category. It was found that every farmer was literate

    and 70 percent of farmers have at least High school degree. The result shows that the 45 percent

    of farmers are having annual income of Rs.2,00,000 to Rs. 5,00,000 followed by 23 percent

    farmers having annual income of Rs. 5,00,000 and above. Hoshiarpur region is famous for its

    intensive Poplar plantation and Citrus orchards. Majority of farmer have adopted cropping

    pattern of maize- Potato- Sugarcane, Maize-pea Sugarcane and Paddy-Wheat - Sugarcane. There

    are two types of weed control methods practiced in the region like Mechanical and Chemical.

    The study shows that 72 percent farmers trusts on chemical weed control measures. Lasso is also

    a Brand of Sinochem Company and because of that 38 percent people knows about the company

    and 62 percent does not. According to the research during the last kharif season Machete was the

    leading weedicide contributing 32 percent of share followed by Butaveer 14 percent and 12

    percent of Topstar. Rifit is a brand of Pretilachlor and it is contributing 10 percent of market

    share. It is true that the promotional tools used by the companies are having significant effect on

    sales, but according to the study, farmers have complete faith on the dealers. Dealers have

    influenced 54 percent of farmers to buy a particular brand. The reason for choosing a particular

    brand is highly depended upon quality by 44 percent and price by 26 percent.

    All farmers allowed this demonstration and they showed good response to the test. Most of the

    farmers were excited and very excited but 22 percent showed average response for the Beaker

    test. After showing demonstration the farmers also said they will use Fast-Mix in present season.

    A brand position map was designed to see the position of different brand in the market. The Map

    shows that Machete, Topstar and Rifit are the leading brand in the market. According to the

    dealers Topstar is the best brand Followed by machete and Rifit. When we talk about the effect

    of market development activity on sales that can only measured by the actual sales of the product

    and the product showed a growth of 23.63 percent in the season .


    Weedicides are not a new name in the pesticide industries; they are being used since decades. In

    paddy crop weeds are a major problem and thats why farmers are now using high doses of

    chemical in their field. Thats why study of Effect of Market Development Activity on Sales of

    Fast-Mix Weedicide in Hoshiarpur Region was done to know about the present market situation

    of weedicide market and to observe the effect of promotional activity on sales.

    1.1 Hoshiarpur Introduction

    Hoshiarpur is a city and a municipal council in Hoshiarpur district in the Indian state of Punjab. The district of Hoshiarpur has a mild climate due to the abundance of hilly terrain and the

    sizeable forest cover. Temperatures drop as low as -5C in the winter. The pattern of seasons in

    the district is similar to that of other districts in Punjab, except slight variations at the terminals.

    The year is divided into three main seasons. The summer season begins in April, and lasts until

    the end of July. The rainy season starts in the beginning of July and lasts until the end of

    September. The winter season starts when rains are over in October, and lasts until the end of

    March. May and June are the hottest months of the year in Hoshiarpur (during which time the

    temperature can rise over 45 C). The local climate here is suitable for citrus fruit cultivation,

    and a large area is dedicated to this crop. Hoshiarpur has always been known for the distinctive

    variety of mangoes. The total avg. rain falls in district is 1125 mm .Broadly speaking 75 percent

    of the rainfall is experienced in the period July to September, whereas 15 Percent rainfall is

    experienced in the winter months of January and February are under the influence of western

    disturbances in the Persian Gulf.

    Topographically, the District can be divided into three broad regions mainly on basis of soil

    crop-climate complex.

    1.1.1 Flood-plains; Paddy-Maize-Wheat

    This is most fertile area of this district formed by Beas in North-West. More than 580 Sq. Km

    area is under cultivation in these plains. It covers about 17.00 percent of the geographical area of

    the District. It has wide-spread irrigation facilities. Paddy-Wheat followed by maize-wheat is the

    main rotations of this region.

  • 1.1.2 Kandi Belt; Maize-Wheat

    The Kandi area is located at the foot of Shivaliks and covers the submountaneous undulating

    plain with a slope of more than 16 meters per kilometer which progressively decreases towards

    west side of the district. There is acute shortage of water and this area faces high incidence of

    soil erosion which is caused by the rivulets (choes) passing through this region and are flooded

    during the rainy season. Soil of this region is poor and it constitutes 53% of total geographical

    area of this district. In Kandi area about 50% area is sown under rain fed conditions. Rainfall at

    the sowing time is a major factor influencing rise of fall in the sown area of this belt and this is

    the major cause of wide fluctuations in area and production of crops in the district. This region

    broadly covers Talwara, Bhunga and Hoshiarpur. Maize in Kharif and wheat in Paddy are the

    major crops of this region.

    1.1.3 Bet Area: Maize-Wheat, Paddy-Wheat, Sugarcane

    Located on the beds of lower Shivalik, these are undulating plains with relatively low slope

    decreasing up to 4 meters per kilometers covers 30% area of the district. This is suitable for

    maize, sugarcane and paddy crops.

    1.2 Market Development Activity

    Promotion tools ha