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  • 1. EvaluationIn a team of four we produced the two minute opening to a chick flick film called QueenBs. Through extensive research and learning about the different factors that are needed touse in producing a successful chick flick, we have followed the right conventions and thishas meant the film has had a successful result. I think that we have been able to portray agood sense of knowledge about chick flicks and produce our own interpretation of thatgenre. With having good research and planning behind us we were able to produce the filmwith a good understanding of these factors:What genre of film would suit our group (e.g. having 4 girls meant that we would havesufficient actors for a chick flick)Who our target audience isWhat attracts our target audience to want to watch the film (clothing, actors, location,music etc.)What conventions are typically used in chick flicksAspects in making a chick flick successfulQueen Bs has certain similarities to other chick flicks, this because of our research intoexisting films (what makes them successful) and what our target audience is looking for.These aspects coincide because this genre is only successful if their target audienceresponds well to it.

2. 1) In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?This is a screen shot of our film Above is one of our finalvery early on and below is some shots in the film showingshots from the chick flick Meanall the characters comingGirls. This shows similar shotstogether at the end aboutthat are used to capture theto enter school. Below is aaudiences attention. It is also a shot in Mean Girls 2.good way of showing relationships Theses shots at first dontbetween characters in a different show many signs ofmedia. We thought this would be similarities, howevera good time to put the credits in although you cant see theso that it flowed well. Somegirls faces they are still apeople that have viewed the final unit and you can see thevideo have said that Its an connection that makesinnovative way of starting the film,them friends.Ive never seen that done before. I believe that our film is very much a stereotypical view on chick flicks, it represents different characters and develops the conventionsthat you would normally see in this genre of film. We have experimented a lot during this process but have still stuck to the usual conventions of a chick flick so that we could make sure we attract our right target audience and keep them wanting to be interested enough to watch the rest of the film.Relationships are shown through these shot types as is seen in other chick flicks, towards the end theserelationships are re-enforced with partners pairing up and then the final four joining together at the end. 3. 2) How does your product represent particular social groups?Our film represents four different social groups of people. We decided to representthem as stereotypical characters because we knew that the viewers would respondwell to social groups that they already recognize and could relate to. By having thesecharacters it meant that we were able to connect with people from different types ofsocial groups. If we focused on just having one actress it would mean that it wouldonly apply to certain viewers; and by having a variety of characters it meant that thereis more to the storyline, therefore making the viewer intrigued to find out more/ wantto watch on.By representing characters stereotypically sometimes this canbe a negative thing if they are usually shown in a bad light.We wanted to make sure all the characters were all likable.This is why we made some changes to aspects like costume.For example we were originally going to introduce chav asmore of a rough looking character and very boyish in herpersonality and looks. However we realized that from lookingat past chick flicks all the females are attractive andsometimes appealing to the male gaze. This didnt concernuse as much however we wanted viewers to aspire to lookand be like her and in order to do so she needed to fit thestereotype of being more girly in a chick flick. This is a modernrepresentation of a chav because she is seen to be happyand playful instead of moody and bad trouble. 4. 3) What kind of media institutions might distribute your media product and why?Because of the type of film that we are producing this meansthat depending on what film company we use it can reflectdifferently on what kind of film and genre we are trying toportray. This is because of the different things associated witheach film company out there.Companies like Paramount and Warner brothers, are looked atas dominating the media industry because they are American andhave big budget, they also produce a large amount of what wesee in the cinemas. Although our film is low budget we want ittoo seem like a high budget film. This is why we have decided tonot go with smaller film companies like Coffee Films, who are asmaller British independent film company the produces films likeLucid and Drop. Instead we have chosen to go with Universal.This is because Universal is an American film company with a bigbudget but is also known for its great British influence because ofthe synergy between them and Working Title. They haveproduced box office hits like: Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason,Bridesmaid and Snow White & the Huntsman. We want toreflect this high quality style of film with our piece, this is why wehave chosen to use Universal as our distribution company. 5. 4) Who would be the audience for your media product?The target audience that we have tried to appeal to is girls aged 12-19. We havedone this because: The age range in our group that are acting in the production is 17-18 which meansthat the audience watching can relate even more to the characters they are seeing. Because of our age range we know what our target audience is looking for in achick flick and we have friends in this age group that we can interview and askquestions about what theyd like to see. Chick Flicks that are box office hits tend to aim for the same age range of girls thatwe have looked at appealing to so we know that a majority of girls in that age rangelike this genre. 6. 5) How did you attract/address your audience?We have researched extensively in what we think out target audience would get excited aboutwhen watching our chick flick. We have incorporated different aspects of: shot types, costume,props, makeup etc to make the film appeal to teenagers and want to feel the urge to watch on inanticipation.We used certain girly colours throughout (pink: writing, costume, makeup and even hair) theselight elements are still effective continuing the genre of the film as well as catching the viewers eye.The location was also key in addressing the audience because of the school backdrop. Thiscoincided with the characters, their costume and props (eg. books and bags).The young female voice over addresses the audience very early on in the clip. The viewer then feelslike one of the girls is directly speaking to them; this makes them feel like they are already a part ofthe story and are being welcomed to find out information about each characters personality. Thistechnique helps the audience feel like they can join in. This relates to the theory that people watchfilms for the aspect of escapism. You can also look at the characters and they attract you in a waythat you choose who your favorite character is and if you were in the film who would you be?The style of music that we used to address the audience worked well because the genre of pop issomething that is very common in both chick flicks and with teenagers aged in our target audiencerange (12-19). Its upbeat and is vibrant which in turn makes the footage seem more exciting. 7. 6) What have your learnt about technologies from the process of constructingthis productAt the beginning of this process we wanted our film to be the best quality aspossible so that didnt take away anything from the film. As a group we wentout and did some practice filming and found out that cameras arent thatreliable and with having a limited amount of equipment we had to find out whatshots worked well and what didnt. The same with certain movements andangles, we saw that this was going to be quite tricky. We knew after lookingback at he footage and seeing that it wasnt as good as we thought, that weneed to make a in-depth plan into filming and review on what shots worked welland what didnt.I feel that through this process I have learnt a lot about editing on Premier Pro,this is because the edit needed to look as if it flowed and was natural. Althoughat first it seemed easy we learnt it was more difficult because the cuts couldntbe abrupt. Using After Effects was very intriguing and we were able to makesome significantly beneficial effects, eg. the stars moving on our productioncompany logo at the start.Growing technology has definitely improved the way we were able to producedour film. Cameras are very advanced with good quality picture and it doesntcost too much money. This ideal for students and the process that we have gonethrough. If it wasnt for modern technology we wouldnt have been able toproduce our film in the quality that we did. 8. 7) Look back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in this progression from it to the full product?I feel that I have improved immensely from the beginning of the processes when we started with the preliminary. This is because in learning new skills I have been able to apply them in our final film. I have learnt a great deal about the importance of certain shots and what is represented in each one. Also how position can affect how a character is viewed. As well as how you have to try and make a connection with your viewer by appealing to what they like and what they want to see in a film.I have also learned that planning and sticking to plans is essential when making sure that you meet your goals and deadlines so that you have done the right amount of work to get a good end result.I have learned an excessive amount of knowledge in the three aspects of: Planning new ideas Filming EditingI believe that the process of doing research on existing films, looking into what our target audience enjoys and more, has insured that we could make our final product to the best of our ability.