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  • 1. Presented by Prominent Universities & CollegesSponsored | 877.408.4888 | t: @WebDAM

2. Sponsored by 3. @WebDAM #WebDAMwebinar 4. Sara Lichtenfeld University of MarylandSara Underwood Holland CollegeBernard Kane Cal State LADavid Gonzales Stanford University Jody Vandergriff | President WebDAM SolutionsSponsored bySome of the Speakers | 877.408.4888 | t: @WebDAM 5. Jody Vandergriff | President WebDAM [email protected] 6. Over 80 colleges and universities are listening right now.Why is that? 7. Schools have unique brand management challenges. 8. Tight Budgets Limited Resources Lack of IT Support 9. Fortune 500SchoolsVS. 10. Designers Staff Photographers Contract PhotographersAgencies Media RelationsMarketingPublicOther Departments 11. Brand Integrity 12. Limited Resources and IT Support 13. Confidential. May not be redistributed. 14. Sara Lichtenfeld University of MarylandBernard Kane Cal State LASara Underwood Holland CollegeDavid Gonzales Stanford University 15. Recording available at