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Real Magnet as an assett for the education industry/schools in particular re the email channel.

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  • 1. Communication Tools for Higher Education
    Phone access :877 701 7112
    Pass code = 789736#

2. Higher Education Communication ToolsAgenda
Real Magnet support of Higher Education
Outsourcing Communications
Content Design Considerations
Effective Use of Tracking Analytics
Heavy Trend to Mobile Messaging
Advanced Features Best Practices & Use Case
3. Sampling of our Clients
4. The Nielsen study suggests that email remains the most popular activity on mobile phones. Americans spent 41.6% of their mobile online time on email, up from 37.4% a year earlier
Online Media Daily Aug 3.
5. Nielson Analysis of Mobile Usage
6. Mobile and Operating System Tracking
Understanding if your emails are read on PCs or Mobilewill influenceyour Content Design
Included in our analysis will be :

  • Open Percentage (Mobile vs. PC) 7.Percentagebreakdown of Opens by mobile devices 8.Percentage breakdown of Opens by browsers(PC and Mobile) 9.Opens by Operating System 10.Opens by Geo-Location

Geo-Location Tracking
Target and Track recipients better than ever using our Geo-Location tracking module:

  • View the states where your

message is most popular

  • Drill down and view recipients

on a granular city/state level

  • Pull reports based upon Geo-Location data

Expanded Mobile Rendering Previews
Preview Content in :

  • Major ISPs including Hotmail,Yahoo, Gmail, Aol, etc 11. Popular Email Clients like OutlookandLotus Notes 12. Mobile devices like iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and other popular devices.

Correct any design break-downs before sending your message!
13. Higher Edu Best Practices
Most Advanced Features are easy to use!
Several Creative Use Cases
Seamless Integration other services
Online Registration and Payment
Lifecycle Management
14. Integrated Surveys
Pre-Populated Fields
Integrated Reports / Tracking
Real Time Response Access
Easy to Use Survey Design Editor and Templates
Conditional Branching
Easy Export of Data
Sample Use Case
Survey of New StudentAdmission Requirements
Quick Opinion surveys of Faculty or Alumni
Post Anonymous Surveys on your website
Quickly poll faculty / alumni or students on timely issues
15. Online Registration & Event Management
Fully integrated with email
Content Editor with integrated Templates
Landing Page design
Pre-Populated Forms
E-commerce enabled
Audio and Webinar Conferencing integration
Sample Use Case
Admissions - Prospective Student Webinars
Speaker Series Seminar and Webinar
Athletic Event registrations
Alumni Association Membership Renewal
Merchandise Sales
16. Lifecycle (Drip Campaign) Management
Easy Design User Interface
Fully integrated with email engagement / survey response, etc.
Management Reports
Sample Use Case
Admissions Dept. Dripcampaigns to new students
Alumni Fundraising
Athletic Booster Club Promos / Notifications
Membership Renewals
17. Going Forward
iPad Drawing for Attendees on August 19!
Post Webinar Survey
Feeback / Comments
Free 60 Day Trial
Schedule Personal Demo
Contact:301 652 4025#131