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Web 2.0 Tool/App

Web 2.0 Tool/App Jordan Kramer

IntroductionEmaze is a form of online presentation software Emaze can be accessed only through the internet. It does not have an app developed for Apple or Android users

History Motti Nisani, Shai Schwartz, & Dr. Arie Livshin are the Co-foundersOfficially created in 2009 Received funding in May 2013Launched to the public beta in July 2013

PurposeCreated in order to offer an alternative to already existing slide presentation toolsTo be used as a presentation tool in the business and educational settings

Educational ConnectionsAudienceWho?Teachers and students would both be able to use EmazeGrade Level?Any grade level is able to use EmazeSubject?Any subject can be taught through Emaze presentations

Educational Connections ContdEducational UsesThe Emaze website can be used in order to create educational presentationsStandardsISTE-T 2a: Design or adapt relevant learning experiences that incorporate digital tools and resources to promote student learning and creativityISTE-S 2b: Communicate information and ideas effectively to multiple audiences using a variety of media formats

ReviewProsVery useful for teachers and students Easy to use

ConsMust have internet to access websiteDoes not have an app

Review ContdSimilar Tools/AppsPreziAlmost exactly the sameHas an appGoogle SlidesNot as detailedWord PowerpointNot as detailedEven easier to use

ConclusionRecommendationsI would recommend this tool to any student or teacher completing a presentationI have used this presentation software before and it has made my projects successfulThe bottom line is Emaze is similar to many other presentation software's but Emaze gives you limitless opportunitiesOverall Rating: