EDIT ATBI-data recording with ArcPad (ESRI) Alexander Kroupa Museum f¼r Naturkunde Berlin

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EDIT ATBI-data recording with ArcPad (ESRI) Alexander Kroupa Museum für Naturkunde Berlin. Product from ESRI Inc. ArcPad is a software for mobile GIS and field mapping applications using handheld and mobile devices - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of EDIT ATBI-data recording with ArcPad (ESRI) Alexander Kroupa Museum f¼r Naturkunde Berlin

  • EDITATBI-data recording with ArcPad (ESRI)

    Alexander KroupaMuseum fr Naturkunde Berlin

  • Product from ESRI Inc.ArcPad is a software for mobile GIS and field mapping applications using handheld and mobile devices It provides field based personnel with the ability to capture, analyze, and display geographic information Can also integrate input from GPS receivers Application Builder for creating formsArcPad What is it?

  • Data recording ArcPadThe select Edit Layer menu. The Selected Layer will be editableGPS Settings Tools. For setting up GPS Activity in the ApplicationFeature Attribute Tool. Opens the Custom Form, or Attribute Table of a selected feature for editingCapture GPS point, for capturing point data

  • Data recording Locality formLocality code: A unique code for this locality.Locality name: The full description of the localityCountry: drop down pick listMacrohabitat: Relevant remarks on the dominant habitat(s) of the locality.Remarks: Any other remarks that are relevant for this specific locality

  • Latitude: automaticallyLongitude: automaticallyAccuracy: automaticallyRadius: The radius in meters around the recorded geo-referenceAltitude: Minimum value is set automatically by the creation of the eventCoord. Sys.: The geographic datum (drop down pick list)Data recording Locality form

  • List of all events for one localityEvents are listed chronological to the start of the eventDelete: all attached species to this event will be deleted as wellData recording Event form

  • Event code: A unique code for this event.Event start: is set automatically by the creation of the event [dD.mM.YYYY HH:MM]Event end: [dD.mM.YYYY HH:MM]Collector: full name of the recorder/collectorRecording method: drop down pick listEvent remarks: Remarks to this particular recording event.Data recording Event form

  • Select a species from the list (here Lepidoptera)Chose the sex of the recorded speciesChose the number of individualsPress button AddThe species will be added to the species list for this eventData recording Species form

  • List of all species for one event and one localityIn brackets are the number and the sex of each record (f female; m male; ? unknown) Each record is for one species and one sex (stage)Data recording Species form

  • dbase authority files:allspecies.dbfcoordinatesystems.dbf:countries.dbfmethods.dbfsex.dbf

    dbase data files:localities.dbfevents.dbftaxonomy.dbfRelevant files

  • Connection with ActiveSync Transfer the data filesEdit the datae.g. with ExcelStore the data in a databaseWDPAExport

  • Advantages:Prepare a customized user interface with ArcPad Application Builder (creating forms)Configuration file in xml (editable with text Editor)Export in the same format as the ATBI guidelines (external data tables) (see www.atbi.eu)Easy exchange of authority lists (e.g. lists of species)Supports *.jpf files as background maps

    Disadvantages:Expensive; for each mobile device is one licence necessary No good documentation availableFor creating forms is the Application Builder necessary cost intensiveAdvantages and disadvantages of ArcPad

  • AcknowledgmentEuropean commission supported the Research and Development through the Sixth Framework ProgrammeDominik Mikjewicz created the jpf-mapsJim Dabrowski, who developed the Applet SpeciesPicker, which was used as basis for this development

    Presenters institution logoalexander.kroupa@mfn-berlin.de

    Presenters institution logoalexander.kroupa@mfn-berlin.de

    Map for NP Mercantour and NP Alpi Marittime for mobile field tools optimized. On the map are two localities viewable (). - borders of NP Mercantour Background mapsFormat of the maps is *.jpf

  • Detail of the map from NP Mercantour with Russian labelling Background maps

  • Configuration file for the ATBI data recordingIncludes one vbs-fileIncludes 3 forms - locality data (4 pages) - event data (1 page) - species data (3 pages)ArcPad Application Builder

  • Mobile fieldtoolsTrimble NomadTrimble NomadMobile MapperMobile phone with GPS

  • Same configuration file, XML codeArcPad Application Builder

  • ArcPad System Requirements

  • allspecies.dbf: list of species which can be added to the event data (for each group a customized list)coordinatesystems.dbf: list of all relevant coordinate systems (e.g. WGS 84)countries.dbf: list of countriesmethods.dbf: list of recording methodssex.dbf: list of sex or life stagesRelevant files dbase authority files

  • ArcPad.apm: an xml-file where all relevant data of the project are stored. All data that are necessary by the start of the project. E.g. which layers have to be loaded, the symbology and the toolbars. In the root directory this file will be executed automatically by starting ArcPadlocalities.shp: this Is the editable layer, where the georeferenced localities are storedlocalities.vbs: file with the complete VBScript code for the whole projectRelevant files system files

  • localities.dbf: in this file all the data of the created localities will be storedevents.dbf: in this file all the data of the created events, with a relation to the localities, will be storedtaxonomy.dbf: in this file all the data of the selected speices will be stored, with the relation to the according eventRelevant files dbase data files

  • Connect the mobile tool to the desktop or laptop PCActiveSync is needed for the communication between PC/Laptop and mobile toolCopy the dbf-files localities.dbf, events.dbf and taxonomy.dbf to PC/LaptopOpen these files with Excel, edit them and save them in the Excel-formatExport

    As many events as we want for one localityDelete ..