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  • 1. SPONSORED CONTENT A Broader Relationship with the U.S. News Media Steve Rubel, Chief Content Strategist

2. WHY NOW: A STORM OF DISRUPTION 3. SCARCITY ERODES: SUPPLY > DEMAND 4. SUBSCRIPTION FEES: (MOSTLY) OFF THE TABLE 5. AD TECH BOOMS, AD RATES DROP 6. MARKETERS EMBRACE A CONVERGED MODEL 7. EMERGING FORMATS: A MIX OF OLD AND NEW 8. THREE MODELS: ALL FOLLOW TRADITION 9. ADVERTORIAL: PAID SYNDICATION 10. PRODUCT PLACEMENT: PAID INTEGRATION 11. NAMING RIGHTS: PAID CO-CREATION 12. SPONSORED CONTENT: ETHICAL FRAMEWORK 13. CRITICAL ISSUE ONE: DISCLOSURE Edelman will disclose that editorial-style sponsored content on major news sites is in fact sponsored The rm will advocate that its partners include the opportunity for the audience to substantively participate in the conversation 14. CRITICAL ISSUE TWO: QUALITY Sponsored content programs will be primarily utilized to amplify that which is owned and/or earned media - not replace it In a uid medium, sponsored content should aim to be constantly updated and sometimes expanded to reect new information 15. CRITICAL ISSUE THREE: PROCESS Edelman will not engage in quid pro quo discussions that intertwine paid and earned. Further, it maintains a strict policy that it does not engage in pay-for-play The rm will separate its day-to-day earned media work with journalists from the paid work in structuring news media partnerships 16. PR AND THE PRESS: A LONG PARTNERSHIP 17. SPONSORED CONTENT: PAID AMPLIFICATION 18. Steve Rubel steve.rubel@edelman.com @steverubel http://edl.mn/scpaper