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Vindhya Institute of Technology & Science, Indore


Vindhya Institute of Technology & Science, IndoreGuided By-Mr Hemant VermaPresented ByKumar NarayanShubham Mahajan

ONLINE SHOPING BUSINESS Project name :- BoutiqueWorlds Biggest Ecommerce portal

ABSTRACTBoutique is a modern, clean and professional , It is fully fresh look, it looks stunning on all types of stylish & Dresses. Its advance mode to create new generations style.In this website you get products on free delivery.User can get product after registration. 100% genuine productsIt is super for fashion shop, handmade shop, accessories shop, glasses shop,... or any other categories.

GOALSI want to create more revenue for my eCommerce storeI want to grow my brandI want to get more people to come to my website.Those are pretty typical answers that you will hear from eCommerce manager, web owners, and people with Os in their title (COO, CEO, CTO). The next question you need to ask is HOW? The truthful meaning to this project is how you are going to accomplish these goals. If the answer is farfetched or does not have a valid actionable, then it shouldnt be a goal. A few of the answers to How for the benefits above would be.I want to create more revenue for my eCommerce store. How? By creating a user friendly website, with easily navigable pages, thorough search features to help my customers explore our product mix, and starting a digital marketing campaign through email marketing, cpc, and social media.Now isnt that WAY more actionable as a goal? Yes, I would say so. By asking how?, and making people think, you will formulate a strong game plan and write out the overarching methods to how this project will be successful.

ScopeThe application consists of following main things:Visitor FeaturesView Home Banners or Slide Show GalleryBrowse ProductsView Product DetailsView FAQsBecome a Member through Registration processView Static PagesRegistered Member PanelLogin to siteManage AccountMy ProfileMy OrdersBuy Product (Checkout)LogoutAdmin PanelLoginDashboardAdministrator User ManagementSite Member(Customer) ManagementBlind Type ManagementProduct Attribute ManagementProduct ManagementPrice Chart ManagementBanner ManagerOrder ManagerShipping Management


Introduction1.1 BackgroundThe purpose of this document is to define the features of the Window Blind E-Commerce Website. Here Visitors can see the publicly available features such as browse products, view details of products (Size, Colour and Cost), and view other static contents of site. Registered User can view all publicly available features and in addition to this they can purchase the products by adding them into shopping cart. Admin can manage all the contents and Orders from the Backend (admin side)Types of Users of the website are:VisitorsCustomers (Registered Member)Admin

The objective of this project proposal is to define the project scope of Window Blind ECommerce Website and to provide the Estimation.The advantage would be simple user interface that is easy to understand by all type of users.

2.1 SCOPE The scope document is defined after discussing with the Client2.1.1 Design Goals The application consists of following main things:Visitor Features View Home Banners or Slide Show Gallery Browse Products View Product Details View FAQs Become a Member through Registration process View Static PagesRegistered Member Panel Login to site Manage Account My Profile My Orders Buy Product (Checkout) Logout

Admin PanelLoginDashboardAdministrator User ManagementSite Member(Customer) ManagementBlind Type ManagementProduct Attribute ManagementProduct ManagementPrice Chart ManagementBanner ManagerOrder ManagerShipping Management


2.1.2 High level Requirements

Product DisplayDisplays productsClick on image will display information of product as well as choice of different sizes if availableView the details of the products, with Image on Product Detail pageView listing of all Related ProductsProduct NameProduct sizeImageClicking on Image, User will navigate to Product Detail PageProduct detail PageViews Product details as followProduct TitleProduct Image Option to view Measuring VideosFeatures of the selected ProductView list of available Fabric with details like Colour Name, and Product ImageSelect one FabricDimensions (Size)User can specifies their Window Pane Size and preferences likePerfect Fit Blind Type

PleatedVenetianRollerBlind FabricPleated likeSPC / ESP / PlainsCellularBlackoutVenetian like16mm Slat25mm SlatSpecial Slat finishesRoller likePlain FabricsBlackout FabricsFrame ColourFor White or Brown Frames no charges will be taken If it is Golden Oak Frame then it would incur a 10% surcharge on Total Cost of Blind HeightWidth

Price of Blind ButtonUser can determine the Price of the Blind based on the given preference(Dimensions)Link to view Price ChartsOption for Add to Cart, User can add the Product to Cart with the specified PreferenceView Price ChartsVisitor can browse the Price Charts for the Pleated / Venetian / Roller based on the PriceCalculationVisitor can view Drop and Width wise Price of the FabricAs Size (Drop/Width) of Fabric increases Price of Fabric will also raiseWatch Measuring VideosView Measuring Video(s) added by user in conjunction with all Products with details likeTitleDurationDescriptionVisitor can play the selected VideoView CartDisplays products added to the shopping cartWith a small product image, subtotal, shipping amountLink to Update and checkoutLink to See entire shopping CartCan view its shopping cart (if purchased anything will show list of items that are being purchasedwith the quantity and the total price of those buying)Remove Product from the CartUpdate Quantity and Recalculate Sub Total

User LoginThis section allows User to enter the website by adding login details created during registrationEnter authenticated Email Address and Password to loginForgot Password LinkRecover password through mailNew User? Sign up link availableRegistration: This section allows New Users to create new registration account on the SiteFill the registration form with all required fieldsEnter Profile details like name, email id, passwordEnter address details like Country, State and Zip CodeSubmit FormAfter creating login, the Customer enters the account with authenticated username and password and can perform the following tasks:My AccountPersonal InformationChange Name, Login, E-mail Address, or PasswordManage Address InformationMy OrdersView all OrdersView order no/ order date/ amount/ quantityView Status (In Process, Shipped, Open, Rejected)History/ReceiptsView Details of all the orders madeView order id, status, date orderedLink to re-Order

Last OrderDisplays the last order madeLink to reorder and reset quantityView Order TrackingEnter Order NumberView Shopping CartDelete AccountSign outCheckoutProceed to Shipping DetailsView/ Edit Shipping DetailsSelect Shipping MethodProceed to Billing DetailsView/ Edit Billing DetailsReview OrderView Total Order Summary, with Shipping and Billing DetailsProceed to Payment DetailsPayPal Payment Gateway IntegrationOrder ConfirmationShow confirmation of order with order details on the screenFAQDisplays a list of frequently asked QuestionsShipping InformationDetails regarding Shipping information and collaboration with any partners which will beconfirmed with client for more details

Static PagesContact UsAbout UsPrivacy PolicyDisclaimerTerms & Conditions

2.3 Back-EndAdmin panel is the back end of the application from where the admin can manage the wholesite and its contents as well.LoginAdministrator may login into the admin panel with the authorized username and password to getaccess to this panel.Site MapView Summary of the whole Admin panelAdministrators Users ManagementThe administrator user section shows the list of admin users accessing the panel. The admin cansearch and sort the list. The admin can even edit and delete the existing record.View AdminSearch / Sort Admin usersChange the Status of admin user (Active / Inactive)Add / Edit / Delete Admin UsersCustomer ManagementThe Customer Management section shows the list of customers who have registeredthemselves on the site.View All Customers of the siteSearch / Sort CustomersChange the Status of Customer (Active / Inactive)Add/ Edit / Delete CustomersSend mail to the Customers

Blind Type ManagementThe Blind Type Management section allows Admin to manage all Blind Types like Pleated / Venetian / Roller available on the Site.View all Blind TypeChange the Status (Active / Inactive)Add / Edit / Delete Blind TypeProduct Attribute Management (Like Sizes and Colors)View All Product AttributeChange the status (Active / Inactive)Sort Product AttributeAdd AttributeEnter Attribute NameEdit / Delete Product AttributeProduct ManagementThe Admin can view all the products that are being displayed on the site.Admin has full rights to add/ edit the particular product once placed on the site.View all productsSearch / Sort ProductsAlphabetical SearchChange the Status (Active / Inactive)Add ProductAdd General Information about the product like Name, Blind Type, AttributeUpload Image and VideoEdit / Delete ProductProduct categories (Category management)

Tax ManagementView All Tax percentage with the countriesSearch / Sort TaxesChange the Status (Active / Inactive)Add / Edit / Delete TaxesShipping ManagementView all methods of Shipping with the amountSearch / Sort Shipping MethodsChange the Status (Active /