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EcoAeon, through their global distribution network supplies the unique Saiseiko range of water related products. Saiseiko, a Japanese company focusing on energy efficiency and the long term health benefits of users has been designing and manufacturing pioneering products for nearly 20 years.

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  • Putting the Pureness Back in Your Water
  • Who are EcoAeon? Have you ever found yourself wondering what a world without clean water in its natural state would look like? It goes without saying that you wouldnt have to wonder for very long, because without clean usable water, life on our planet would simply cease to exist. All living things on earth rely on water to survive; there is no alternative, and there probably never will be. So why do we take something so essential for our very being so overly for granted? The answer to that is easy: because it has always been there! We, as humans have never known a life without water, so the very possibility of our supply continually degrading is something almost un-imaginable to us. Saiseiko understand that the water we have must be clean, pure and healthy. Which is why they have dedicated over 18 years to researching and developing new green water technologies.
  • After years of developing their unique technologies, Saiseiko were pleasantly surprised to find that these resonated with the beliefs of inventor and scientist, Viktor Schauberger whose inventions were focused on natural restoration and rejuvenation of water through natures preferred form of implosion. As consistently shown through the use of products created by Saiseiko, the technology used offers substantial health benefits to those who use them, as well as having a significant positive impact on the environment. As the new Marketing Division for Saiseiko, EcoAeon is proud to be associated with a company who prides itself on creating the best quality products that actually offer real benefits, which we can then pass on to our customers worldwide. If youre interested in discovering the amazing benefits the Saiseiko products can bring to you and your family, then simply keep reading.
  • A Simple Science To make these products give the best possible results, Saiseiko have developed their technology by going back to the very basics of natural science; by making water work the way it was always intended to. A great example of this science can be found within the SEM and AVS systems. AVS Water Activator: Both homes and commercial buildings around the world are faced with the problem of red rust build up in their pipes. Red rust is a major problem and a very expensive one, as when the issue isnt tackled, it can lead to large amounts of red rust getting into and polluting our water supplies; and posing a health hazard to humans, marine life and animals. The buildup of limescale is also a major issue for many people around the world. The effects vary; one example is that scale buildup can reduce the life expectancy of our appliances. Dishwashers, washing machines and other appliances that we use daily can be badly affected by limescale, and depending on how hard the water is where you live, this can occur quicker than in other places. Customers have reported that the AVS Water Activator has helped to reduce the buildup of limescale* in their pipes without the use of harsh chemicals or expensive water filters. The AVS is a triple vortex pipe used for activating water ensuring that the water still remains clean, fresh and helps to reduce bacteria. Fitting an AVS Water Pipe to your water system offers the perfect solution, not only in combating red rust by converting it to black rust, which serves to protect the pipes, the AVS can also help reduce bacteria and limescale without the use of chemicals which usually end up finding their way into drinking or bathing water.
  • A Simple Science AVS works by allowing the standard tap water to travel through the Triple Spiral Chamber at an incredibly faster rate than it would without the AVS, which, in turn, causes the breakdown of the larger water molecules into much smaller ones, causing the water to become more hydrating by changing its surface tension. This process also increases the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water, which has a significant effect on reducing anaerobic bacteria. (Bacteria that do not like higher levels of oxygen). What this means for you and your family is far fresher, cleaner, and safer water, regardless of whether you live in a soft or hard water area. Once you have the AVS installed, there is no additional maintenance required ensuring a cost- effective, and environmentally friendly solution to ensure that the water coming out of the taps is as clean and fresh as nature intended. AVS systems can also be used in the industrial and agricultural environments, such as farms, allotments, and greenhouses. * For very hard water, we would recommend one of our optional scale reduction water pipes.
  • A Simple Science SEM Water Activator: The SEM is attached at the water source and works as a permanent water activator, much like the AVS, but with the added benefit of the patented ceramic media bed to treat the water passing through in two ways, leaving you with the freshest water possible and providing amazing health benefits. Using a unique, specially developed Triple Spiral Chamber and Ceramic Ball layer that jointly create centripetal and a centrifugal force, causing the effect of the water hardness to be reduced. The whole process is done without using any chemicals and is a very cost-effective solution which can result in fresh, natural, healthy water. SEM, unlike other products, is beyond filtration and essentially changes the structure of the water leaving your skin and hair feeling softer and more refreshed. The SEM has the same benefits as the AVS, but with the additional ceramics that accompany the triple vortex water pipe, making it the perfect solution for domestic and commercial use where the water will be used primarily for human consumption, plants or animals. The SEM is also perfect for places like hotels, hospitals and offices where people need access to cleaner drinking and bathing water. Like the AVS, SEM works to strengthen the pipes through its anti-corrosion effects, which convert harmful red rust into harmless black rust. They also may help to reduce limescale* in pipes. The SEM, along with the Ceramic Ball Layer activates and refreshes the water to provide life-preserving water filled with beneficial resonance. * For very hard water, we would recommend one of our optional scale reduction water pipes. design by GANN
  • Water at its Natural Best ShowerHeads&Accessories Many of the benefits include Some people have reported noticeably softer skin and hair; especially noticed by those who suffer from dry skin due to living in hard water areas. These ionic shower heads are easy to install, and are perfect for use in the home, hotels, and spas. The (Far Infrared Ray*) heat properties within the ceramic balls has been shown to increase blood flow, promote healthy circulation and help with removing toxins from the body, all without using chemicals. *Far Infrared Ray are waves of energy, totally invisible to the naked eye, capable of penetrating deep into the human body, where they gently elevate the bodys surface temperature and activate bodily functions. Feelings of relaxation and stress-release, due to the release of negative ions; imagine standing next to, or even bathing under a rushing mountain waterfall. Less water use due to the Saiseiko ionic shower heads producing just the right amount of water needed, resulting in less waste and lower energy costs. Reduced limescale build up. Ionized water is released from the shower heads, increasing the ability for soap or shampoo to lather more effectively, therefore, allowing for less, but more effective use. In areas with hard water, the water will feel softer and less harsh on the skin and hair; this is due to the surface tension reduction in the water. We generally absorb about 8-10 glasses of water through our skin every time we take a shower or bath. Customer feedback indicates that using the Saiseiko ionic shower heads, which contain the Saiseiko patented ceramic technology, reduces the smell and drying effect of chlorine, therefore, making showering and bathing more beneficial for us, while at the same time allowing the chlorine to serve its intended purpose of killing bacteria and keeping the water clean. Shower Heads & Accessories Through a unique range of Saiseiko ionic shower heads and accessories you can benefit from an experience like no other, at home whenever you wish. The sensations described by those who have used the Saiseiko shower heads are what you may expect from bathing directly under a pure mountain spring.
  • SPECIFICATIONS ShowerHeads&Accessories Water at its Natural Best Various independent studies carried out around the world have shown that people who have showered using a Saiseiko ionic shower head have stated that they instantly noticed many positive benefits from using these shower heads that use the same Ceramic Balls found in the SEM. STANDARD MIST MASSAGE
  • Water at its Natural Best AVS and SEM Water Activators: These products are perfect for both, domestic and commercial use, and have been used in hotels, offices, homes, hospitals, lawns, farms, restaurants, spas, swimming pools and fitness centers around the world. Through the activation process, the water that is delivered through the tap is fundamentally restored to its natural state; the way it was always intended to be not with all the nasty extras that make their way in along the way. AVSandSEMWaterAvctivators Many benefits of these wate