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Eclipse Predictor. Jason Carter. WHY USE THIS SOFTWARE. Estimates total time spent on an each assignment. Knows the assignment. Help me accomplish one of my research goals. One of the Goals of this Project.  Automatically predict when students are - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Multicasting in Groupware?

Eclipse PredictorJason Carter


2Estimates total time spent on an each assignmentHelp me accomplish one of my research goals

Knows the assignment2One of the Goals of this Project3Automatically predict when students are having difficulty with some aspect of code


Student2Notify a TA that the students are having a problemYou are stuck.Student 1 is stuck.3To Accomplish This Goal4Student

int i = 0;1. Edit line of code2. Set breakpointLog of Programming ActionsLog your programming actionsMonitor how you are doing?4How Do we Know How You Are Doing?5We define how you are doing as your status.Define several types of statuses.5Could Use Help6You think you have an idea that can fix a problem, but you aren't sure how to implement it

6Stuck7You cannot solve a problem and have exhausted most of your resources such as searching the web or asking a student for help

7Eureka8You have finally solved a problem or just got out of being stuck

8Making Progress9When the software guesses that you are stuck, could use help, or eureka, but you are actually making progress

9Back From Break

10You have been inactive for a certain amount of time.

Back from break is when you return from inactivity.10explicitly indicate current status

1111Training the Software12Software will predict your status and give you a notificationCorrect the software by pressing the button that corresponds to your status

12Train Software To Better Estimate Total Time13Correct the break time

The default break time is 15 min.13Break Time Feature

14Total break time, Average Break Time, Last Break Time14Installation15Download plug-in from: name of the plug-in is eclipsePredictor.jar User Manual will soon be available for download.15Installation (Cont.)16Open a command window and navigate to where Eclipse is installedPress Start Press Run Type cmd.exeNote: You only have to do this once. Later you can execute eclipse as usual.

16Contact Info17Email: jasoncartercs@gmail.com17