ECCI Guangdong Province Visit

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Presentation on the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation for a visit from Guangdong Province. 17th May 2012.

Transcript of ECCI Guangdong Province Visit

  • 1. Scotland A Low Carbon Innovation HubThe Edinburgh Centre for Carbon InnovationGuangdong Province Visit - Thursday 17th May 2012 2012 5 17

2. Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation: The Vision The Centre has three functions:The ECCI is a national hub for theknowledge, innovation and skills Low Carbon Hub A unique platform for the communities of low carbonrequired to deliver a low carbon future. leaders from business, finance, academic and the public sector who must work together to deliver a low carbonLocated in Edinburgh, Scotlands political future.centre and capital city, rich in science and asignificant global financial centre, the ECCI is Skills and Learning Delivering executive training and education to equipthe first of its kind in the UK. private and public sector leaders and innovators with the skills required to succeed in the low carbon economy. Enterprise and Innovation Supporting businesses to develop innovative low carbon products, services and resource efficiencies. 3. Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation: The Vision ECCI 1. ECCI 2. 3. 4. ECCi POLICYCXC: Scotlands Centre of Expertise on Climate Change Work streams & strands ClimateXChange is a collaborationMitigation between 16 leading Scottish research andhigher education institutionsIt was established to deliver: Objective Independent Adaptation Integrated authoritative evidence to support the ScottishGovernment regarding its activities on;Significance, Risk and Uncertainty climate change mitigation climate change adaptation transition to a low carbon economy 5. CXC: Key Work Remit Image: Evgeni Dinev / Image: think4photop / Image: federico stevanin / FreeDigitalPhotos.netPartnership of Sixteen organisations 16 6. Skills: from Academic Excellence MSc in Carbon Management MSc in Carbon Finance FCO Chevening Fellows "Finance &Investment in a Low Carbon Economy FCO MSc in Carbon Capture & Storage LLM Global Environment & Climate Change Law MSc Carbon Management in the Built Environment MSc Climate Change: Impacts and Mitigation MSc Climate Change: Managing the Marine Environment MSc Energy & MSc in Renewable Energy MSc Environmental Sustainability MSc Energy and Environmental Engineering MSc Architectural Technology and Building Performance 7. Skills: Peer to Peer Entrepreneurs & Leaders 8. Innovation and Entrepreneurship 9. Tradition of innovation in Scotland 10. Salters Duck invention of wave power device1974 - 1974 11. Scotland: a Low Carbon Innovation Hub3.Natural Resources 4.Hydrocarbon Economy 5.Ambitious Policy 6.Science & Technology Powerhouse 7.Knowledge Exchange & Commercialisation 12. Entrepreneurial passion and drive 13. - The Low Carbon EconomyCarbon Finance and Carbon Management Training August 2011 Renmin University of China 2011 8 14. ECCI GAO Guangsheng, Director General of Climate Department, NDRC and Professor Sir Timothy OShea, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Edinburgh.13th February, 2012. Old College, Edinburgh Sir Timothy OShea 2012 1 13 15. Training Programme - 16. Training Programme: Week 2