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Measurement, Diagnostic, and Analysis Technology for Monitoring of Hydraulic and Lubrication Fluids.

Transcript of Eaton Internormen Condition Monitoring Systems

Measurement, Diagnostic, and Analysis Technology for Monitoring of Hydraulic and Lubrication FluidsCondition Monitoring SystemsInternormen Product LineThe Importance of Cleanliness Provides naxinun ellicienlproduclivily nproves conlrol ol spareparls lhrough prevenlivenainlenance and noniloring Feduces equipnenldownline lhroughscheduled inspeclions ininizes salely hazardsand prevenls conlaninalionrelaled lailure ncreases lhe lile olsyslen conponenls, whichbolh increases operalingprolilabilily and decreasesnainlenance cosls Feduces repair cosls andsyslen downlineOccurrence ofContaminationThere are lhree principalneans lhrough which conlaninalion can occur in alypical hydraulic syslen. ncorporaled during syslenassenbly Ceneraled during syslenoperalion ngesled by lhe syslenduring operalionHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHyyyyyyyyyddddddddddrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuulllllllllllllllliiiiiiiiicccccccccccccccc FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllttttttttttttttttrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttttiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiioooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn PPPPrrrrooodddduuucccctttt FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFaaaammmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllllllliiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss::::p Hydraulic & Lubrication Systemsp Hydraulic & Lubrication Filtersp Condition Monitoringp Hydraulic Filter AccessoriesEaton combines sales, engineering, manufacturing, customer service, and technical sales support into one focused business objective: Provide customers with optimum filtration solutions.Eatons Filtration business is a leader in manufacturing filtration products and solutions that include measurement, diagnostic and analysis technology.Following a path of continuous improvement, Eaton has maintained quality as a fundamental corporate strategy and a hallmark of all products and services. Eatons Internormen Product Line currently includes more than 4,000 hydraulic filter elements and corresponding filter housings.Hydraulic SystemCleanlinessCleanliness is lhe neasure olsolid and liquid conlaninalionlound in hydraulic syslens.Conlaninalion is delined asany subslance nol parl ol ahydraulic syslens workinglluid.Eaton Filtration Services Slaleollhearl lesling lablacililies Equipnenl renlals Field service-inspeclions,lield lrials, slarlup, repair,replacenenl, andnainlenance Exlensive nelwork ol salesand service represenlalives vorldwide lechnical supporl Producl specialislsdedicaled lo providingapplicalion engineeringEaton Sustainability CommitmentEaton is unwavering in our commitment to being sustainable by designin the way we operate, through the design of our products, and through the energy and climate saving benefits our products deliver. Eaton issues a Sustainability Report as part of its Annual Report, available on parliculale conlaninalion,waler is lhe nosl connonreason lor breakdowns andlailures ol hydraulic andlubricalion syslens.Consequencesof Water in Hydraulic Fluids Acceleraled oil aging Shorlened lluid lile Delerioraled lubricalionperlornance Loss ol conlrol characlerislics Feduced lillerabilily ncreased conponenl wear Noise Failure ol polarizing addilives ncreased acidily Fusl Higher conlaninalion levelsicroscopic pholool waler in oilFillered rusl parliclesParliculale conlaninalion islhe nosl connon reason lorlailure and downline olhydraulic and lubricalionsyslens. Knowing lhe preciselevel ol conlaninalion can beessenlial lor lhe elliciency andlunclionalily ol a syslen.This knowledge enables lheoperalor lo inlluence lhesyslen or inlervene wilhappropriale counleracliveneasures when necessary.Effects of ParticulateContamination Acceleraled oilaging Shorlened lluid lileline Failure ol addilives Corrosion, cavilalion,abrasion, erosion ncreased syslen wearContaminationMonitoringSystems nnediale and precisediagnosis ol a hydraulicsyslens condilion oniloring ol lillerperlornance so il canbe conpared wilh lheslandards required lorcerlain syslen conponenls Accurale delerninalionol lhe oplinal line lorperlorning liller elenenlchanges Feliable noniloring ol lherunningin or slarlup line olnew syslens Diagnosis ol hydraulicconponenls, such aspunps, bearings, or seals Delining lhe condilion olnew lluids during syslenslarl up Verilicalion ol elleclive ollline lillralion Fecord inlluence ol changedexlernal condilions on lheparlicle level in a hydraulicsyslenParlicles like lhis in a hydraulicsyslen can be cosllyParticulate ContaminationWater-In-Oil ContaminationLaser detector operating on the principle of light barrierlaser diodephotodiodemeasuring channelparticle"ENET FROM )MMEDIATE $IAGNOSIS Fapid resulls Tinely and appropriale correclive aclions nproved qualily conlrol Less line wailing lor lab resullsSensor SelectionEalons nlernornen parlicle counlers operale wilh dillerenlsensors. The CCS 4, CC 0!Sel, and CCT 0!Sel are equippedwilh laser sensors, which, based on lhe lighl blockade principle,delecl parlicles in a lluid. For exanple, lhe sensor inlegraled inlhe CCS 4 delernines lhe currenl parliculale level ol lhepressure or lubricalion lluid in conbinalion wilh an inlegraleddosing syslen, which aulonalically adjusls lhe pressure ol lheconnecled syslen. Bolh lhe CC 0!Sel and CCT 0!Selgenerale resulls by an addilional neasurenenl ol lhe volunellow rale. The PS sensors delecl coarse nelal parlicles usingan induclive neasuring lechnique.Monitoring Hydraulic and Lubrication FluidsIn-line Systems Off-line Systems On-line SystemsElement Spectral Analysis PotentialSources of Metals in OilAluminium abrasives, aluminium mill, bauxite, bearing metal, catalyst, coalcontauinant, Ny ash, foundry dust, granite, paintAntimony journal bearings, solderArsenic antioxidants, bactericide, uineral oilBarium engine additive, greaseBerylium aircraft construction, bearings, uineral oilBismuth journal bearingsBoron EF-additives, coolant inhibitorCadmium journal bearings, platingsCalcium ceuent dust, detergent, fuller's earth, grease, gypsuu, hard water, lignite, liuestone, uining dust, oil additive, road dust, rubber, salt water, slagCarbon abrasives, carbides, carbon steel, graphite, hard uetal, uineral oil, soot, synthetic uaterialChromium chroue plating, hardcoat, paint, ring plating, stainless steel, tooling steelsCobalt additives, hard uetal, tooling steelsHafnium reactor techniqueIron asbestos, cast iron, catalyst, cleaning detergent, Ny ash, uill scale, ore dust, paint, rust, talc, teolitLead babbit, bearing overlay, gasoline additive, solder, paintLithium dust, grease, salt waterMagnesium alloy of aluuiniuu, engine additives, fuller's earth, hard water,road dust, salt water, turbineMercury bactericide, batteriesMolybdenum alloying uetal, EF-additives, MoS2, ringsNickel hard steel, plating, stainless steel, stelliteNiobum turbine bladesPhosphorus AW/EF-additives, cleaning detergents, oil additives, surface nishPlatinum catalyst, mineral oilPotassium additives, coolant inhibitor, fertiliter, Ny ash, granite, paper uill dustScandium lCF-referenceSilicium antifoau additives, asbestos, ceuent dust, coolant additives, Ny ash, foundry dust, glass, granite, liuestone, uica, road dust, slag, steel, synthetic lubricant, talc, wet clutchSilver bearing overlay, needle bearings, solderSodium additives, base stocks, coolant inhibitor, dirt, Ny ash, grease,paper uill dust, road dust, salt, salt waterSulphur gypsuu, uineral oil, MoS2, rubberTantal hard uetals, tooling steelsTellur mineral oilTitanium hard uetal, paints, turbine bearings, turbine bladesTungsten hard uetal, tooling steelsUranium ore dust, road dust (soue)Vanadium uineral oil, turbine blades, valvesYttrium lCF-referenceZinc AW-additives, brass, galvaniting, grease, hard steel, oil additives, plating, solderZirkon abrasives, reactor technique'UIDELINES FOR $ETERMINING !CHIEVING AND -AINTAINING4ARGETCleanliness Levels with High Performance Filtration (Beta Ratio * 200)Medium Pressure High PressureLow Pressure 2030 to 3045 psi (140 to over 3045 psi (210 bar) Under 2030 psi (140 bar) 210 bar) or low pressure or medium pressuremoderate conditions plus severe conditions sever conditionsMost SensitiveISO Filter ISO Filter ISO Filter rSystem Component Target Micron Target Micron Target Micron Levels Ratings2Levels Ratings2Levels Ratings2PUMPS Fixed External Gear 22/18/14 25VG 20/16/13 10VG 20/16/13 10VGVane 22/18/14 25VG 20/16/13 10VG 20/16/13 6VGFixed Piston 20/16/13 10VG 20/16/13 6VG 19/15/11 3VGVariable Piston 20/16/13 6VG 19/15/11 3VG 18/14/10 3VGVALVES Check Valve 22/18/14 25VG 20/16/13 10VG 20/16/13 10VGDirectional (solenoid) 22/18/14 25VG 20/16/13 10VG 20/16/13 10VGStandard Flow Control 22/18/14 25VG 20/16/13 10VG 20/16/13 10VGCartridge Valve 20/16/13 10VG 20/16/13 6VG 19/15/11 3VGProportional Valve 19/15/11 3VG 18/14/10 3VG 17/13/9 3VGServo Valve 18/14/10 3VG 17/13/9 3VG 16/12/8 3VGACTUATORS Cylinders, Vane & Gear Motors 23/19/15 25VG 22/18/14 16 VG 20/16/13 6VGPiston & Swash Plate Motors 20/16/13 10VG 20/16/13 6VG 19/15/11 6VGHydrostatic Drives 19/15/11 6VG 18/14/10 3VG 17/13/9 3VGTEST STANDS 15/11/7 1VG 15/11/7 1VG 15/11/7 1VGLUBRICATION OILS Paper Machine Oils 20/16/13 10VG NA NA NA NASteam Turbine Oils 19/15/11 6VG NA NA NA NADiesel Engine 20/16/13 10VG NA NA NA NAMobile Gear Box 20/16/13 10VG NA NA NA NAIndustrial Gear Box 19/15/11 6VG NA NA NA NAJournal Bearing 19/15/11 6VG NA NA NA NARoller Bearing 18/14/10 3VG NA NA NA NABall Bearing 17/13/9 3VG NA NA NA NANotes. 1 Severe conditions uay include high Now surges, pressure spikes, frequent cold starts, extreuely heavy duty use or the presence of water. 2 Two or uore systeu lters of the recouuended rating uay be required to achieve anduaintain the desired Target Cleanliness Level. For uore details and accuracy, use our lter siuulation software. CCS 4 - Contamination Con