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  • 1. CLIENT CASE STUDIESAudiLaunching The Challenge To Old LuxuryWalkersMaking Walkers Irresistible AgainLarkWorking With a Start-Up to Wake Up The CategoryCLIENT CASE STUDIES

2. CLIENT CASE STUDIESAudi Launching the Challenge to Old LuxuryContext:Audi is a Challenger in the US and became very interested in the work of eatbigfish when Adam addressedtheir National Sales event in 2008.The Challenge:The Audi A8 was due to launch in the US with an audacious goal to double previous sales in the mostprestigious segment of the auto industry. If Audi was going to become a true contender in the D Segmentit had to break into The Rule of 3, something no brand had managed to do since Mercedes-Benz, BMW,and Lexus established their dominance. This launch would have to be approached as no other before in thehistory of Audi of America.The Process:In 2009, Audi brought in eatbigfish to help apply Challenger principles to every single touch-point of thesales and service experience. Working with a cross functional team from sales, service, forecasting, design,training and marketing, Audi redefined the entire prospecting, sales and service experience, setting a newstandard that would deposition the Old Luxury marques around them.The Breakthrough:Working together in this way for the first time, the Herndon team built real confidence in their ability tocompete with the big three. Along with a more direct attack on its rival Mercedes-Benz, unheard of in theluxury category, the team created eight signature moments of the A8 experience and rolled them out to AudiFlagship dealers across the country. The world was left with no doubt that the A8 meant business. 3. CLIENT CASE STUDIESAudi Launching the Challenge to Old LuxuryThe Results: Doubled share of luxury segment. Triple digit increase in purchase intent. Increased av transaction price per vehicle over previous years.The most impact eatbigfish had [at Audi] is with the workshops. In some environments when you haveextremely senior executives, when you have dealers, its very difficult for someone within the machine toeither criticise, offer suggestions, offer different point of views, its so much more impactful when it comesfrom a third party. And when its a third party with a degree of credibility it has even more impact, andto me thats been the biggest assist in terms of keeping our challenger strategy moving forward.Scott Keogh, CEO Audi of America 4. CLIENT CASE STUDIESWalkers Making Walkers Irresistible AgainThe Challenge:In the 10 years before 2008 the Walkers brand had become the nations favourite crisp and in so doing one ofthe countrys largest and most powerful brands. But in 2005 it was confronted by negative headlines relatedto obesity that made the brand the posterboy for unhealthy living. The model that had driven commercialsuccess began to unravel and confidence in the brand slipped. Walkers began a significant haul of theiringredient sourcing and quality controls and at a purely rational level, addressed many of the issues that ithad been criticised for. But the brand team had lost a huge amount of confidence, and the brand had lost itslustre. It was fast losing its place as the nations favourite brand.Walkers was looking for a way to chart a new path to success, build confidence within the brand team, andidentify new behaviours that could lead it to renewed growth.The Process:At the start of 2008, Walkers embarked on the full Challenger Lighthouse Identity process, bringing togetherpeople both internally and across all their agencies in order to collaborate on a future path for growth.Recognising that strategies and ideas inform each other, the process considered the two strands in parallel sothat the teams were able to return to the organisation with tangible ideas to execute.The Breakthrough:Perhaps unsurprisingly, Walkers time in the glare of the health and wellness spotlight had made them turnaway from the real reason people buy Walkers crisps: they are simply irresistible. They had been in denialof this truth for nearly three years. Through this process we were able to start again and rekindle belief inthe product and the team so that they felt comfortable talking up this truth again. They needed an objectivethird party to help them see this.As important as the message was a realisation that they had become predictable in the way that they marketedWalkers over-reliant on TV and a marketing model from the early 90s. The tactics needed a radical overhaul.After much soul searching they recommitted to their relationship with Gary Lineker, but used him in manydifferent ways and diverse media.The campaign that best illustrated the convergence of all this thinking was the Do Us a Flavour Campaign. 5. CLIENT CASE STUDIESWalkers Making Walkers Irresistible AgainThe Results:Do Us a Flavour was an enormous success for Walkers, both in terms of what was delivered through thebusiness, but also in the belief it generated. Do Us a Flavour captured the nations imagination and got themtalking about Walkers again.Sales up by 12%. 1.5 million entries. 6.5m of free PR. Penetration up. Quality scores up. Collaboration andengagement around the process also boosted internal belief, and helped the team see that they can influencethe way the company works.Today, Walkers is still doing fantastically. Walkers Crinkles was launched in 2011, and became the numberone food & drink launch that year and is already projected to be a 50m business.One of the big strengths of the eatbigfish process is the fact that its highly collaborative, so you reallycan engage multiple people, both across the agencies, and internally. When you need to get a lot of peopleengaged behind a future path of growth getting different people internally, from different functions andagencies all together in a collaborative process really helped with that.The second thing that really helped was the belief that strategies and ideas can run in parallel, andactually, you need them together, because they inform each other. And I found that incredibly valuable,because it meant that we could shape the output, and make sure that what we were creating was reallyworkable.Miranda Sambles, Former Marketing Director - Walkers 6. CLIENT CASE STUDIESLark - Working with a Startup to Wake Up the CategoryContextLark was a Silicon Valley start-up working on start-up funding. Its a gadget that tracks your sleep patternsand habits, and wakes you through vibration. eatbigfish was asked to help develop a Challenger story andmarketing ideas that could help Lark punch above its weight and create fame, particularly at its unveiling atTech Crunch in 2011.The Challenge:Lark was a gadget that would be launched amid a sea of ultra cool tech gadgets with a product that addressedsleepy old sleep. The challenge was two-fold: How to breakthrough in a 15 minute stage presentation; and,more importantly, how to present sleep as something worthy of maintaining the worlds attention after theinitial spike in interest.The Process:eatbigfish brought all the small Lark team together to develop the larger Challenger Strategy for the brand,and with some help from the MBA Program at Stanford, met on a weekly basis to roll up sleeves to do marketresearch, devise launch stunts, concept demo films, even write pack copy. It was all hands on deck.The Breakthrough:Together we reframed Lark as much more than a silent alarm clock, but as a powerful secret weapon toimproving performance and overall quality of life; an idea easily as powerful as nutrition and exercise and amust-have for everyone from the top performing tech exec to the uber-efficient working mum. We presentedLark as The Visionary Challenger, a brand with a whole new way of thinking about and evaluating thatmysterious part of your life when you are asleep. 7. CLIENT CASE STUDIESLark - Working with a Startup to Wake Up the CategoryThe Results: While all other MBAs launched their start-up with PowerPoint, we had Julia smash an alarm clock with asledgehammer generating headlines across the blogosphere Apple took on Lark in a regional test and after success has now rolled out the product into all its Applestores internationally Founder Julia Hu has been voted Young Female Entrepreneur of the Year in Marie Claire The product has received an endorsement from the National Sleep Foundation Fast Company have named them one of the Top Ten Most Innovative Companies in the World in consumerelectronicsIt was so important to get the team bought in, to get the sleep experts really bought in to the dream.And that dream was values-driven and it was about something everyone could relate to. So there werethese great moments of a-ha! and team collaboration and just excitement that we were all pushing fora greater purpose in life. So thats what really helped us come out with our product in less than a year,which launched internationally with Apple into every single store. I think every part of that experiencewas linked to those initial ideation moments with eatbigfish.Julia Hu, Founder Lark 8. CLIENT CASE STUDIESYou can explore our offer in more detail at or contact usdirectly at you want to speak to someone in person you can call our London office on+44 (0)20 7234 9970, or contact one of the partners below.Contact UsNew YorkChad 203 227 6919San FranciscoMark 415 891 8348LondonTeresa (0)20 7234 9970