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one of the most important festivals for christians

Transcript of Easter

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  • This celebration:
  • Hasnt got a fixed date
  • Is celebrated in May
  • Is celebrated twice a year
  • Its celebrated in
  • Argentina, London, Italy and England
  • The countries of South America
  • In England, Argentina and Jewish countries
  • During Easter, people
  • Stay at home
  • Go to the church
  • Shouldnt listen to music
  • People
  • Have to give sweets to children
  • Can give sweets to children
  • Dont have to give sweets to children
  • We commemorate
  • The resurrection of God
  • The Jewishs New Year
  • The resurrection of Christ
  • The Jewishs commemorate
  • The history of the departure from Egypt
  • The New Year
  • The Arabias King birthday
  • During Easter, people eat chocolate-eggs
  • Easter in England is celebrated with processions
  • English people eat cakes
  • In England, during Easter, the most important thing is chocolate
  • English commemorate the Victory of God
  • English have Hot Cross Buns for breakfast

EASTER Thiscelebration hasnt got a fixed date. It is between the 22nd March and 25th April. It is the most important celebration for Christians and Jewish people.It is celebrated all around the world. Here, we commemorate the Resurrection of Christ. For this celebration, people go to the church; in some places, there is a procession. People in some other countries hide sweets in the gardens, and children have to find it. The most famous habit is giving chocolate or candies.

  • We commemorate the passion, the death and the resurrection of Christ
  • We go to the church
  • We eat some chocolate-eggs
  • The party lasts for seven days
  • During it, people cant eat fermented food
  • The catholic history begins in Matz
  • To celebrate it, there is a famous dinnera call Sder
  • During the dinner, people tell, remember and commemorate the history of the departure from Egypt
  • The most important thing is chocolate
  • People dont go to the church or processions
  • They eat Hot Cross Buns for breakfast
  • The most important day is the Easters Sunday, because it the first day of spring.
  • Before the Easters Wednesday, England people celebrate Pancakes Day
  • Video:
  • Passion of the Christ Video - Celebration of the life of Jesus from Christmas to Easter
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Happy day - Easter song with lyrics