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  • INNOVATIONJust as energy is the basis of life itself, and ideas are the source of INNOVATION, similarly it takes an innovation to spark a change, an improvement ultimately culminating into progress

  • ATTITUDENothing on Earth is impossible. Its just ones attitude to make things work the way one wants to.

    Positive attitude and the Zeal to innovate and excel in what ever one does, while upholding the Trust and Faith of people with which one associates, create such products which go beyond the Market expectation.

    We believed and followed this basic & simple Rule while creating Earth Infrastructures.


  • Located on the 60 mtr wide Sector Road in Sector 71 In close proximity to the Sohna Road This Commercial Development of approx. 3.5 Acres is proposed as a mixed use of development of Retail, Service Apartment and Office space THE PROPOSEDCOMMERCIAL DEVELOPMENTat Sector 71, Gurgaon

  • Thats the key word for any Real Estate Project , specially when its a Commercial Development. Close to 150 meter wide link road

    Located near proposed Metro Connectivity (Phase II)

    Located on 60 meter main sector road

    High visibility from the Sector Road and the Southern Periphery Road


  • Just a perfect location Convenient , Accessible with host of amenities.

    And its located at a place where you can take your business beyond the sky because this project is adjacent to some of the finest developments including exquisite Villas, Luxury Apartments and Condos.

    Some of the neighboring areas are Nirvana II, Spaze Privy, Eldeco Mansions, The Vipul World and many more.

    Integrated mixed use development garners a very good catchment from within and outside developments.A PERFECTLOCATION

  • Our Retail Therapy begins with a choice of convenience , variety of retail options, cafeterias, departmental stores, restaurant spaces and a bunch of other amenities under one roof such as

    Health clubs Beauty clinics Boutiques ATM


  • An exposure towards a brilliant catchment area around, along with a few thousand dwelling units which are at a walking distance to the complex

    A win-win situation for the Customer who shops and the Investor who invests RETAIL THERAPY

  • High Street formatfor ease and convenience of shopping.

    Located on 60 meter Road with Two Levels of Retail segment and the Level above is slated for Food Court and Restaurants. Special attention has been given to design a detailed unique concept where the exterior complements the interior courtyard.

    Courtyard style has been made in such a manner that it enhances an open-air Convenience retail. Internal court is interconnected to Service Apartments and Office Space. ( After all they would also like to enjoy the Retail Therapy) RETAIL THERAPY

  • Design Features 1. High Shop Fronts2. Wide Boulevards3. Doubly loaded Corridors4. Separate Service apartment block5. Maximum Shopping Frontage on the main road6. Concierge Services7. Rooftop Entertainment facility for office users8. Rooftop Food Court and Landscaped Garden9. Balconies for outdoor usage

  • The Retail Therapy would be a pleasure as it will combine shopping with specialty outlets such as caf, bakery, restaurants, pubs ,health clubs, beauty clinics, boutiques.

    Air Conditioned shopping areas with 100% power backup, Ample Parking Space, Safety Systems and features to ensure smooth and efficient operations.ANOTHERINNOVATIVE BEGINNING

  • The Complex is exquisitely designed by world renowned Architects.

    The Therapy offers superior amenities conforming to the highest industry standards of neighborhood , retail and a well managed Service Apartment , Complex / office complex, catering to the needs of some of the best professional companies and individuals working in close proximity to the Complex and also to the neighboring colonies and the Condos.INNOVATION EVERYWHERE

  • Thank You