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Transcript of EARN 38 to 54%+ Returns Spending Under 30 Minutes a Dayalgotrader.s3. · PDF file systems in...

  • EARN 38 to 54%+ Returns Spending Under 30 Minutes a Day

    Presented by:

    Todd Mitchell CEO & Founder

    Trading Concepts, Inc.

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     I have been involved with the markets and actively trading for 28 years (since 1988).

     My interest in the markets began in high school when I used to manually update my father’s charts.

     Since 1994 I have mentored thousands of traders.

     My passion is not only trading, but teaching and empowering other traders to be successful too.

     I’m known most for day trading the E-Mini S&P 500…although I do trade most all markets using various strategies.

     I’ve seen it all, I know what works and what doesn’t.

    Who is Todd Mitchell?

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     I’ve been featured in Eddie Z’s and Russ Hazelcorn’s book…

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     I have roughly an hour, possibly a bit more, of material that I want to go through with you today.

     Any questions that you decide to type in during our presentation, I will answer them for you at the end of this webinar.

     YES… I will be recording today’s session so if you cannot attend the entire webinar, you’ll be able to view the material later.

     I will also provide you with these slides in a PDF when I’m finished producing the video recording.

  • No claim is made by Trading Concepts, Inc. that the trading strategies shown here will result in profits and will not result in losses. Trading may not be suitable for all recipients of this Training Program. All comments, trading strategies, techniques, concepts and methods shown within our Course are not and should not be construed as an offer to buy or sell stocks, ETFs, futures, foreign currencies, and/or options – they are opinions based on market observation and years of experience. Therefore, the thoughts expressed are not guaranteed to produce profits in any way. All opinions are subject to change without notice. Each trader/investor is responsible for his/her own actions, if any. Your opt-in to this information constitutes your agreement to this disclaimer and exempts Trading Concepts, Inc. from any liability or litigation.

    Legal Disclaimer

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    In Today’s webinar you will learn…

    1) Reasons YOU need to incorporate algorithmic swing trading systems in your overall trading

    2) The importance of swing trading 3) The facts of short-term market behavior 4) 4 KEY Principles of Successful Swing Trading 5) Building a Trading strategy with an EDGE 6) Dynamic exits vs. hard stops 7) $50,000 to $67,245 in a little more than 6 month’s 8) How to learn 5 Algorithmic Trading Systems that have EARNED 38%

    to 54%+ Annual Returns since 2007

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    I’ve been Swing Trading for over 17 years now, and in the last 6 years I’ve been learning, researching,

    experimenting & working with top algorithmic, quant based traders looking for a way to swing trade mechanically that

    would enable me to make “good annual returns” in less than 30 minutes a day after the market closes.

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    With the entire universe of Stocks and ETFs out there… I needed to come up with a mechanical way to find the “best

    of the best,” the “cream of the crop” trades based on objective rules that are setting up for the next trading day.

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    Within the last 3 years I found what I was looking for…

    I use Algorithmic Systems with an EDGE that puts the odds of success in my favor…

     They were built to be simple and consistent

     They were developed by me and a professional quant based trader/researcher

     Every system data point and trade management rule has been meticulously considered and refined

     Use no leverage

     It takes less than 30 minutes each night after the market closes

     I let the market come to me and enter trades with Limit Orders

     Exits are based on an indicator and not a fixed number nor percentage

     These systems use a formula to determine position sizing

    Again, this takes me NO MORE THAN 30 MINUTES A DAY, there is NO DISCRETION ON MY PART, and ALL of my work is done AFTER the CLOSE.

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    So, what is a good reasonable return?

    Let’s quickly take a look at Warren Buffett…

    Between 1957 and 1969, Warren Buffett’s hedge fund returned 23.8% after expenses vs. 7.4% for the DJIA before he decided to close up his fund because he thought the market was top heavy.

     He was only making money when the market was going up – he didn’t even think about strategies that could make money when the market went down!

     Buffett came back into the market in late 1973 thinking the market was ready for a big advance again. From 1973 to late 1982 he averaged roughly 28% a year.

     After 1983, Buffett managed to beat the market by more than 10% annually.

     Since 2000, Warren Buffett managed to beat the market by 6 percentage points annually.

    These types of returns, consistently, is what creates multi-millionaires, if not billionaires, over a long period of time.

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    The Algorithmic Trading Systems I personally use are based on the premise of everything you’re going to learn here


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    What is a Trading Algorithm?

    Algorithm: “a set of rules that precisely defines a sequence of operations. This includes all computer programs, even

    programs that do not perform numeric calculations. It is a set of instructions used to accomplish a given task.

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    A Trading Algorithm is just a computerized model that incorporates the rules you would follow when entering

    or exiting a trade.

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    Swing Trading

    Swing Trading is the art of profiting from short term price movement spanning a few days to a few weeks looking to take just a portion of the move. Swing Traders are rarely

    invested 100% and would rather carefully select the perfect setup to enter and exit positions.

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    Swing Trading enables you to allocate your money into several trades a day to take advantage of current

    opportunities in the market (different sectors & asset classes) without tying up all of your capital or time in front of a


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    All of my trades are placed the night before, or before market opens, each trading day and

    typically last no more than 4 days.

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    The Algorithmic Swing Trading Systems I use are based on the Mean Reversion principle…

    Mean Reversion is the assumption that a stock's price will tend to move to the average price over time. When the price

    has deviated significantly from the mean, a trade is taken with the expectation that the price will revert to the mean.

    So, we will be buying low and selling higher. In other words, buy when prices are unusually low, with the expectation

    that they will return to more normal values.

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    SPY – SPDR S&P 500 ETF

    DIA – SPDR DJ Industrial Average ETF

    IWM – iShares Russell 2000 ETF

    2/5/15 Open 118.77

    8/6/15 Close 120.69 (+1.62%)

    2/5/15 Open 204.86

    8/6/15 Close 208.35 (+1.70%)

    2/5/15 Open 177.28

    8/6/15 Close 174.22 (-1.76%)“Algorithmic” trades without any discretion

    8/6/15 Account Balance $67,245 (+34.5%)

    2/5/15 Starting Capital $50,000

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    Why YOU need to consider using an Algorithmic Swing Trading System in your overall trading plan…

     Any work to be done is after the close; less than 30 minutes a day,  Scan entire market… catch moves in various sectors & asset

    classes,  Once your system is coded up all you have to do is press a button

    to find the trades,  There is NO discretion involved whatsoever, and  If you’re a more active trader that’s fine, continue to doing that –

    this works in the background and there is nothing to do during the trading day.

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    9 Additional Reasons Why YOU need to use “Algorithmic” Swing Trading Systems in your overall trading plan:

    1) Free yourself from the stress of trading 2) We know the expected returns 3) We can be lazy 4) We know our worst enemy can be ourselves 5) Lack of discipline, skills and or time 6) To provide or catch more opportunities 7) To have exact money management / position management rules 8) To have exact entry & exit rules 9) No subjectivity – keep it 100% objective!

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    Look, many of the most successful hedge funds & money managers utilize some type of algorithmic

    trading systems in their overall strategy portfolios...

    So, why shouldn’t YOU too?