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EARLY MESOAMERICAN CIVILIZATIONS. AISHAH PECO , YURIT MENDOZA , DESTINY CALDERON , DANNY REYES , JESSICA PERALTA , LYNDA RUIZ. THE OLMEC. The Olmec, was Mesoamerica's first civilizations, influencing neighborhood groups as well as other civilizations. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



EARLY MESOAMERICAN CIVILIZATIONSAISHAH PECO, YURIT MENDOZA, DESTINY CALDERON, DANNY REYES, JESSICA PERALTA, LYNDA RUIZ THE OLMECThe Olmec, was Mesoamerica's first civilizations, influencing neighborhood groups as well as other civilizations.Because of that, the Olmecs were known as Mesoamerica's "Mother culture". THE RISE OF OLMEC CIVILIZATIONAround 1860, a peculiar stone sculpture of a head has been discovered.It stood 5 feet tall and weighed about 8 tons.Later on, more heads were discovered.Archeologists learned that the Olmec emerged about 1200 B.C and lasted until 800-400 B.C.They had lived along the Gulf of Mexico. GULF COAST GEOGRAPHYThe Gulf coast was a hot and humid region covered with swamps and a jungle, in some places, great trees formed a thick cover that prevented most of the sunlight to reach the ground and 100 inches of rainfall every year.Because of this, it would be very unlikely for a high culture to form.However, the gulf coast also held plenty of advantages, such as deposits of salt and tar, clay for pottery, and also wood and rubber from the rain forest.

Hills provided hard stone used for tools and monuments, the rivers provided fertile land for farming as well.Using their resources, the Olmec had built thriving communities.Archeologist uncovered important clues of the Olmec world by searching in San Lorenzo, which is the oldest Olmec site.

The Zapotec Flourish at Monte Alban500 B.C., Zapotec had a major leap forward. A high top a mountain at the center of Oaxaca Valley.The Zapotec built the first real urban center in America, Monte Alban.The city with a commanding view of the entire valley, they grew and prospered over the next several centuries. By 200 B.C., Monte Alban was homes had about 15,000 people live there.The population reach about 25,000 people in the city. From A.D. 250 to A.D. 700, Monte Albans were truly impressive. The art of the city was a giant plaza paved with stones. There were pyramids ,temples, and palaces, all made out of stone. The Monte Albans created an observatory for observing to the stars and to establish a calendar.The Zapotec Flourish at Monte Albans A series of the stone carving of corpses show that there are features of Olmec influence.Thousands years ago, the Zapotec took power on the Oaxaca valley and surrounded the area.After 66000 A.D., the Zapotec began to decline. Scholars believe that they may suffered a big loss of trade of economic difficulties. The Olmec and the Zapotec civilization however,remains a mystery. OLMEC SOCIETYAt San Lorenzo archaeologists discovered earthen mounds, courtyards, and pyramids which may have represented particular Olmec rulers.To the east another Olmec site, La Venta, researchers discovered a 100 foot-high structure that may have served as the tomb of a great Olmec ruler.The Olmec prayed to a variety of gods. Most of all, they worshiped the jaguar spirit, a half-human, half-jaguar creature that represented a powerful rain god.PYRAMIDSPyramids were used by people all over the world.They were also used by the Zapotec.The temple used by the Zapotec at Monte Alban were different ,because they had stepped sides with flat tops that served as platforms for temples. Trade and CommerceThe Olmec were prosperous people who directed a large trading network throughout Mesoamerica.Olmec goods traveled from places like Mexico City to the north all the way to Honduras to the south.Raw materials reached San Lorenzo from faraway regions.Some of these raw materials included iron ore and various stones.Their trade network helped boost the Olmec economy as well as spread Olmec influence.Peoples Of the Oaxaca ValleyOaxaca (wuh.HAH.kah) is a rugged region of mountains and valleys in southern Mexico. Right in the center of the state, three valleys meet to form a large open area known as the Oaxaca Valley. This valley has fertile soil,a mild climate,and enough rainfall to support agriculture. Because of this, many people decided to live in Oaxaca Valley. These people included the Zapotec. For centuries the Zapotec lived in scattered villages throughout the valley. In 1000 B.C., San Jose Mogote, emerged as the main power in the region. At this site, the Zapotec constructed stone platforms and also built temples and began work on monumental sculptures. By 500 B.C. they had developed early forms of writing as well as a calendar system.

Here is a picture of the Oaxaca Valley -->DECLINE of the OLMECThe collapse of the Olmec civilization is not fully understood. Scholars and experts have their own perspective on how the Olmec civilization was destroyed.

LEGACYZapotec and Olmec civilizations didn't get to stay up. They left their marks on other civilizations that adopted some of the culture such as the Mayans.The Olmec Civilization

The Zapotec CivilizationA map of the Mesoamerican Region.The Olmec CivilizationArt StylesUse of the jaguar motif*Urban Design*pottery*sculptureCeremonial CentersWriting Language*ritual ball games*No evidence*elite ruling class*Carved out stonesymbolsglyph writingball game markerThe Zapotec CivilizationTheir hieroglyphic writing system and calendar system system was based on the sun. They were noticed as the America's first city builders.Monte AlbnCultural place. It was once the holy city of +30,000 Zapotecs.Influenced Mesoamerican civilizations with its: combined ceremonial grandeur with residential living.Zapotec-well carved with hieroglyphics(stone).Zapotec Calendar

-Summary statement-Early Mesoamerican Civilizations Mesoamerican civilization started around _____and were known as _____________. The region where the civilization emerged was hot and humid but there was certain advantage. For example, there was a abundant amount of _________whiched helped with their society.Olmec society included earthen mounds,courtyards and _____.Experts believe that the Olmec worshiped many gods like the______spirit.They traded as far as New Mexico to Honduras.There are many theories why the Olmec disappeared.One reason is _____and another one is ____.After the fall of Olmec society,the ______were developing an advanced society.They lived in a valley called_____.The olmec and the zapotec left a lot in our society that changed our way to think.

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