Earley Executive Roundtable - Building a Digital Transformation Roadmap

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Transcript of Earley Executive Roundtable - Building a Digital Transformation Roadmap

  • Copyright 2015 Earley Information Science1

    Building a Digital Transformation Roadmap

    Copyright 2015 Earley Information Science

    Seth Earley

    Paul Wlodarczyk

    Dave Zwicker

    Earley Information Science

    Click to view the recording of this webinar


  • Copyright 2015 Earley Information Science2

    Todays Agenda

    Welcome & Housekeeping

    Session duration & questions

    Session recording & materials

    Take the survey!

    Key Issues & Considerations

    Dave Zwicker, CMO

    Earley Information Science (@davezwicker)

    The Panelist Point of View

    Seth Earley, CEO,

    Earley Information Science (@sethearley)

    Paul Wlodarczyk, VP, Client Services

    Earley Information Science (@twitcontentguy)

    Expert Panel Discussion

    Questions & Answers

    Join the conversation: #earleyroundtable

  • Copyright 2015 Earley Information Science3

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    a new event for marketing and technology

    leaders who are defining the next

    generation of digital customer experiences.

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  • Copyright 2015 Earley Information Science4

    Workshop: Assess Your Organization's Digital Maturity and Build the Right

    Digital Marketing Roadmap

    Todays marketer is faced with an overwhelming number of choices and must

    bring together numerous disciplines to best serve the customer and realize

    meaningful business impact. This workshop will walk participants through the

    various maturity stages in each of these areas and provide a framework for

    assessing their organizations. The resulting maturity model will be applied to

    identifying areas for investment that offer the greatest return and to developing

    a comprehensive enterprise roadmap to guide future digital marketing


    Seth Earleys workshop Monday Nov 2

  • Copyright 2015 Earley Information Science5

    Case Study: Aligning MarTech with the Customer Journey (Ballroom)

    Most marketers are familiar with the infographics that show hundreds or

    thousands of technologies that can be considered part of the

    ecommerce and digital experience ecosystem. These graphical

    inventories of vendors and technologies primarily serve to scare and

    intimidate business people and overwhelm the IT organization. Walk

    through a case study of a manufacturer of motorsports vehicles facing

    a technology revamp that impacted every aspect of marketing and


    Seth Earleys session Wednesday Nov 4th

  • Copyright 2015 Earley Information Science6Copyright 2015 Earley Information Science

    Building a Digital Transformation Roadmap

  • Copyright 2015 Earley Information Science7

    Digital Transformation is About Customer Focus

    The realignment of, or new

    investment in, technology

    and business models to more

    effectively engage digital

    customers at every

    touchpoint in the customer

    experience lifecycle.

    Altimeter Group

    The State of Digital


  • Copyright 2015 Earley Information Science8

    Building a Digital Transformation Roadmap

  • Copyright 2015 Earley Information Science9

    Building a Digital Transformation Roadmap

  • Copyright 2015 Earley Information Science10

    Building a Digital Transformation Roadmap

  • Copyright 2015 Earley Information Science11

    Building a Digital Transformation Roadmap

  • Copyright 2015 Earley Information Science12

    Building a Digital Transformation Roadmap

  • Copyright 2015 Earley Information Science13

    Building a Digital Transformation Roadmap


  • Copyright 2015 Earley Information Science14

    Defining your digital vision and strategy

    Building an information architecture foundation

    Integrating data silos and information systems

    Managing change and organizational alignment

    Realizing quick wins that show business impact

    Key Issues and Considerations

  • Copyright 2015 Earley Information Science15Copyright 2015 Earley Information Science


    How would you describe your organizations digital

    transformation activities?

  • Copyright 2015 Earley Information Science16Copyright 2015 Earley Information Science

    Panelist Points of View

  • Copyright 2015 Earley Information Science17

    Seth Earley - Biography

    Seth EarleyCEO and FounderEarley Information Science

    Over 20 years experience in data science and technology, content and knowledge management systems, background in sciences (chemistry)

    Current work in cognitive computing, knowledge and data management systems, taxonomy, ontology and metadata governance strategies

    Co-author of Practical Knowledge Management from IBM Press Editor of Data Analytics Department IEEE IT Professional Magazine Member of Editorial Board Journal of Applied Marketing Analytics Former Co-Chair, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Science and Technology

    Council Metadata Project Committee

    Founder of the Boston Knowledge Management Forum Former adjunct professor at Northeastern University Guest speaker for US Strategic Command briefing on knowledge networks AIIM Master Trainer Information Organization and Access Course Developer & Master Instructor for Enterprise IA and Semantic Search Long history of industry education and research in emerging fields

  • Copyright 2015 Earley Information Science18

    Why Digital Transformation is an Imperative

    Getting Ahead of the Foundational Issues

    Understanding Your Digital Maturity

    Seth Earley - Point of View

  • Copyright 2015 Earley Information Science19

    Key Industry Trends

    E-business Transformation

    Late 90s to early 10s

    Removal of paper from processes

    Web functionality and front ends

    Emergence of web services

    Flattening of organizations

    Emerging communities and collaboration

    Siloes of functionality

    Purpose built tools

    Digital Transformation

    Late 00s to current

    Shifting of control to customer

    Social media growth and specialization

    Cross functional, enterprise view

    Omnichannel, personalized, contextualized experience

    Emergence of cognitive applications

    Value chain disruption through distributed, connected intelligent devices (Internet of things)

  • Copyright 2015 Earley Information Science20

    Increasing complexity of digital

    engagement ecosystem

    Marketing driving customer


    Faster clock speeds/agile

    approaches incurring

    significant technological debt

    Lack of funding/organizational

    attention to enterprise

    architecture, governance and

    data quality

    Key Industry Trends

  • Copyright 2015 Earley Information Science21

    Digital Transformation Fragmentation

    Customer ExperienceDigital CommerceDigital Marketing

    Customer SupportMobile Engagement


  • Copyright 2015 Earley Information Science22

    Unified Digital Transformation

    Customer Experience

    Digital CommerceDigital Marketing Customer Support Mobile Engagement Logistics/ Distribution

    Unified Enterprise Digital Strategy, Architecture and Framework

  • Copyright 2015 Earley Information Science23

    Multiple, sometimes misaligned efforts

    Imperatives driven by fear of missing out rather than identified

    business need

    Many parts of the organization are implementing technologies

    with a narrow scope of application and process architectures

    Out of control cloud based tools leading to data fragmentation

    Lack of clear metrics to monitor ROI and long term progress

    Digital Fragmentation

  • Copyright 2015 Earley Information Science24

    Measuring here

    (macro level -


    Measuring here

    (micro level - effects)

    Data Sources

    Working here

    (product data,

    taxonomy, search,


    workflow, etc.)

    Enterprise Strategy

    Business Unit Objectives

    Market Share

    Time to market Wallet Share

    Business ProcessesAttrition programs Customer Satisfaction

    CRM Data Hygiene

    Attribute Fill Rates

    Processes enable


    L I N K

    A G


    New accounts

    Revenue Growth

    Data supports (and

    measures) processes

    Objectives align with


    Tracking DT Progress through Multiple Tiers of Metrics

    CEO: Show me how web content will increase revenue.


    Data Scorecards

    Process Scorecards

    Business Outcome Scorecards

    Reference DataConsistency

  • Copyright 2015 Earley Information Science25

    Organizational habits,

    processes, governance,

    architecture change slowly

    Immature supporting

    processes cannot keep pace

    with tool capabilities

    Large scale technology

    programs without executive

    understanding of downstream

    costs and impact

    Currency of Technology vs

    Ability to Absorb Change

    Need to align roadmap with stages of organizational maturity

  • Copyright 2015 Earley Information Science26