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E-Marketing Backgrounder!. Prepared by TEEC. E-Marketing Agenda. Why use E-Marketing? Why use Email marketing? How is SMS/3G relevant? Why combine with the Web? Can E-Marketing be stand alone? Cost Comparison The Rules Sourcing Email Addresses Pharmacia Case Study Conclusions. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of E-Marketing Backgrounder!

PowerPoint Presentation*
E-Marketing Backgrounder!
E-Marketing Agenda
Cost Comparison
The Rules
Why Use Email Marketing?
Types of Email Marketing
Email lowers cultivation costs
Customizes the marketing message
Widens the response options
Gives customer more control
Email is a highly effective technique for driving traffic to a website, research shows that marketing managers plan to triple their email spending by 2004.
1) Research also shows high conversion rates for retention email
On average, marketers get click through rates of 10% on in-house lists, of those 2.5% make a purchase.
This is through personalization of the email alone. When integrated with solutions that offer the ability to dynamically customize the materials delivered based on sophisticated segmentation abilities click through jumps to between 12% and 40% click through.
Average click through being about 25%.
2) As an acquisition tool the numbers are not as good but following the basic rules detailed later will help. The real key here is to obtain segmentation information on the target customer before sending initial communication.
Ties together - Direct mail is expensive, long lead time to plan, print and mail. Good for selling products but ineffective for retention or responding quickly to customer’s needs As a flexible and consumer preferred comms vehicle email has applications across all industries
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How is SMS/3G relevant
Can be triggered by Email
3G offers similar formats and bandwidth to Email
SMS is a popular communication mechanism with the X&Y generation
As part of a target marketing mix it has particular relevance to this demographic group.
As SMS moves to 3G the similarities between today’s e-mail marketing and these channels will grow.
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Why combine with the Web
An Email trail alone, fails to meet the customer needs.
Email with links to Dynamic Web pages delivers closer to the customer’s expectations.
Ping pong email creates frustration. For the customer.
When people use the medium their expectation is information delivery should be instantaneous.
Having the ability to offer this information in the form of web pages delivers on the expectation.
To exceed the expectation you need to have lead Qual and Distribution in the same time frame.
We can do this for you.
Traditional web banners are failing. However customized banners as part of Rich Email or HTML emails do work. Click through rate are still in the 10-30% depending on the offer.
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Can E-Marketing be stand alone?
Yes but
Maximum effect is achieved with combining online and offline campaigns.
Not all users want electronic documents
TV/Radio/Print still have a place (Just not the centre)
We would advice the full deployment of Online and Offline as this drives the cost of communication to the lowest cost medium but allows the customer to still select their communications channel.
By empowering customers in this way a longer term relationship is formed
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Best Practice
Engage in dialogue - don’t broadcast messages
Responsive (Instant web pages)
Offer Value - don’t just promote products
Initiate service to improve experience
Embed commerce in message
Grow the relationship
Best Practice Continued
Must have:
E-mail campaigns are addressed only to those people who have given their permission to send them information from specific companies or about specific topics, products or services. As this guideline depends on various circumstances, it will need to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
Every message should be segmented and contain only that information that is relevant to the person receiving it.
The purpose of the message should be clearly stated in the subject of the message
The sender should be clearly identifiable
Every message needs to have an opt-out feature. The person receiving the message needs to be able to stop receiving the message.
The website needs to have a clear privacy statement and each e-mail should refer to this privacy statement
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Best Practice Continued
Use a double opt-in to get permission to send people information. Ask for their permission to send them information about products and services when registering and send an e-mail asking them to confirm their registration. This enables the business to verify that the person requesting information via email did actually initiate the request.
Stick to the permission that is given. If permission is given for a specific product, do not send information about another product. Rather ask for this permission explicitly in a message sent for the original product.
Use a landing page for unsubscribes (personal web page), where people have the possibility to not just unsubscribe, but also to change their personal data and possibly a way to reduce the frequency of the messages. This will provide a ‘way-out’ for these people without actually unsubscribing.
Deliver the email in the format that best suits the customer (HTML, RTF or Plain TEXT)
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Legislation requires
email must state source data
Emailing out of UK must adhere to local rules
Cost Comparison
Mailing 1% response £400/000 £40
E-mail 3% click £25/000 £ 7.50
10% redemption
Personalized &
Our tools offer the best ROI of all current e-marketing mechanisms by delivering substantially higher click through and buy rates.
©2008 TEEC Limited. All rights reserved
Sourcing Email Addresses
Online - Web sign up, incentivised banners
Offline - DM, incentivised response, multi options
List purchase – controlled response
List matching
Direct Mail
Incentivise response
Email Address Accuracy (Data Entry & Telemarketing)
Personal versus Group Email Addresses
Coming Off Patent
Coming Off Prescription
Must use consistently, but no results for the first few months
Possible Side effects
Multiple Interactive 33 week campaigns
Prospect -to- Trialist -to- Repeat Buyer -to- Loyalist
Conclusions (Invest in eMarketing)
Invest in our system that can help nurture your customers with this channel.
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