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  • 1. E-Commerce E- Commerce Industry Growth Aspects

2. E-commerce 3. Table of ContentsS. No. ContentPage No.1Introduction42Growth Rate 53Growth Prospects6-84E-Commerce Market Share 85Job Description 116Required Skill set12 4. Introduction The term Electronic commerce or e-commerce consistsof all business activities carried on with the use ofelectronic media, that is, computer network. In simple words, Electronic commerce involves buyingand selling of goods and services over the World WideWeb. Customers can purchase anything right from a car or acake sitting comfortably in his room and gift it tosomeone sitting miles apart just by click of a mouse. Shipping method is generally used for the delivery ofthe goods ordered. 5. Growth Rate70% annual growth 6. E-Commerce Only the first ballbowled !! Why ? India, at 100 million users is the 3rd largestinternet market in the world by number of users. On an average these 100 million users spendabout 16 hrs a week online. In case of television, with 500 million plus users, the average viewer spends 13-14 hrs a week. Industry size was $5 billion in 2010. Is expected togrow to $40 billion by 2015. Globally e-commerce is a big industry. 10companies get funded every 3 hrs in Silicon valleySource: Ranjan Anandan MD Google India, interview with ET, Aug, 09 2011 7. Drivers to E-commerce GrowthSource: Internet and Mobile Association of India Source: VCCedge A financial research agencySource: Internet and Mobile Association of India Source: VCCedge A financial research agency 8. What the industry has to say !! 9. E-Commerce market share6.48%5.09%6.31%2.12% Online TravelDigital DownloadFinancial ServicesOther online ServicesE-Tailings80% 10. Job Description The candidate will be required to create new business opportunities fromexisting clients and generating business from targeted verticals To independently generate new business, liaison with the creative teamfor pitches and presentations Carry out effective tasks ad provide solutions to the client by proposingvarious service offerings. The candidate will be expected to liaise with the internal team andpartners, and retain clients Monitor campaigns and co-ordinate with the operations team forsuccessful campaigning Coordinate with advertising agencies for various assignments Collect and manage collection of funds from clients. 11. Required Skill set-Has to be an excellent communication strategy developer Enterprising in nature and willing to work across various mediumsof communication,Capable of generating meaningful leads through multipleprocesses. Should be passionate about growing the business rapidly& across industry verticals.A go-getter who is willing to work hard in a growing agency, andcollaborate to further the companys vision.Excellent client-facing skills, a communications style and work stylethat engage the client collaboratively and responsively.Excellent organizational and time management skills, including theability to prioritize work in the context of performing multiple tasksand meeting deadlines.Organized, result oriented individual, who can track market trendsand developments, prospect for new clients. Willing to travel 12. Thanks!!