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The internet is obviously the basis of online activism, it acts as a way for groups and like-minded individuals to connect with one another, as well as being a way for organisations to be able to mobolise internationally for 'Global days of action'

Transcript of E- Activism

  • 1. E Activism
  • 3. Internet activism also known as E-activism is the use of electronic communication technologies such as e-mail, the World Wide Web , for various forms of activism
  • 5. The Internet is a forward-thinking and forward-moving medium, embracing change and pushing the envelope of technology and communication
  • 6. The Internet is a key resource for independent activists or E-activists, particularly those whose message may run counter to the mainstream. "Especially when a serious violation of human rights occurs, the Internet is essential in reporting the atrocity to the outside world
  • 7. By networking with other activist groups organisations can maximise the audience for its message
  • 8. The uptake of new technologies for activists is not limited to the internet, mobile phone technology is also being used to connect activists
  • 9. The internet has become a method for streaming live footage of protests around the world to foster a sense that activists - although physically distanced - are fighting for the same cause
  • 10. Blogging has become an important part of society's value judgments regarding current events
  • 11. One of the main uses of online activism is the provision of alternative independent media that is free from censorship or affiliation with major news corporations
  • 13. What makes social media useful for digital activism may not be its interactivity but rather the fact that these technologies collapse the barrier to broadcast. Digital Activism Survey Report 2009
  • 14. The Internet may have considerable potential to reach and engage opinion leaders who influence the thinking and behavior of others
  • 15. In a world where digital cameras and camcorders can only cost a few hundred dollars and desk top publishing programmes can produce professional looking magazines in a few hours and a homemade website can give a few committed people the ability to communicate with millions of people the future of information no longer rests in the hands of a powerful few
  • 16. The future of online activism depends on how cohesively groups can continue to work internationally with one another to promote a sense of community and hope for people struggling to move towards a just future for the world.
  • 17.
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