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Transcript of DY - Department of EducationSecure Site · PDF file Educational lnstitutions 4. Revisiting...

  • Republic of the Philippines Department of Education

    CARAGA Administrative Region Butuan City

    ffi REGIONAL ADvtSoRY NO. DY ,s.2015

    TO SCHOOLS DIVISION SUPERINTENDENTS This Region ^ I6tl - tr RAMrR eI [,Ynco, Ed.D. cEso lv OlCAAssistant Regional Director @



    February tl,,2016

    L. Enclosed is a basic communication from the lnstitute of Leaders in Educational Advancement and Development ( i.LEAD) on the NATIONAL SEMINAR - WORKSHOP ON EDUCATIONAL MANAGEMENTAND LEADERSHIP 2016 With thc ThCMC:

    Empowering Educational Leaders and Enabling Change in the Educationa! Sector on April 8-1O 2016 at Teachers' Camp, Baguio City and April 15 tO L7, 2016 at National Educators Academy of the Phils. (NEAP), Davao City.

    3. lnterested participants will attend on official time only and "No Disruption of Classes Poliq/' of the Department should be observed.

    4. For more queries contact Jonathan G. Florendo, President, |.LEAD, Mobile number 0998-539-6399 / 0998-542-6982 or visit email at i.leadcorp.ph@gmail.com

    5. lmmediate and wide dissemination of this Advisory is desired.

    HRDD4/vas 2-1L-L6


    SEC Reg- No.: CN2O153O662 Websiie: hltp:/ii leadphils.webs.com

    email: i-leadcorp.ph@gmail-com

    30 January 2016

    Office of the Regional Director DepEd Region 13 (CARAGA) Km. 3, Libertad St., Butuan City

    DEPARTFTiIl,,n"i *r;

    Ft= I COtll?R0!- td:i. - C&.k;t*,i.r .f,ji-

    RE: Request for Endorsement

    -== - i==

    ,',3 3'E nonored to present to you our April and Mav 2016 Seminar-Workshops and request for i-:crce,1'rent of the said projecls. DepEd Central Office issued an Advisory for these activities (DepEd .i:'.:s".:-, \o l1- s. 2016). Please find below our activities:

    RE ri !.\i't .;\

    National i Seminar-

    Workshop an Educational Management

    and Leadership

    F*eme.' €mpowering Eduaatio*al Leaders a.:d

    Enabling I,ha*gc in ffo*

    Ed ucationai Sector

    1. Strategic Planning in Education

    2. Sysfems Analysis for Educators

    3. Analyzing Arganizatianal Structures in Educational lnstitutions

    4. Revisiting Visian, Mission, Goals and

    't Objectives of Educational lnstrtutions.

    1. To discuss and explain the value of leadership, innovation and management in an educationai setting or context;

    2. To provide insights into the trends in educational management and leadership in the light of ASEAN integration, lnternationalization, K+1 2 and other developments in global education; and,

    3. To demonstrate strategies for the improvement of educational management in the Philippine Setting or Context

    National Seminar- Workshop on Teaching the Humanities and SocialSciences (HUMSS) in the K+12 Curriculum

    Ilrem*"" &eic?lre$fffrg ar*d Appr*grria*rmg t{arsra*rffes and S*cv*f $crssr*:m* ffdrccaff$r? for ffoe Frfrprec> ffJ*ssroerrNs

    April 15-17, 2416

    April 29 - May 1,2416

    Nationai Educators'

    Academy of the Phils. (NEAP),

    Davao City

    Teachers' Camp,

    Baguio City

    April B-10, I Teachers' 2016 i Camp,

    '1. Boundaries and Intersections: Taking a Closer Look at the Different Domains in the HUMSS

    2. Appropriating the Various HUMSS Subjects for the Filipino Classroom

    1. To define the scope of the various subjects under the HUMSS track;

    2. To contextualize and develop lessons in various HUMSS subjects that are relevant, responsive and culturally grounded; and,

    3. To develop HUMSS lessons 3. Humanities for the I that are learner-centered and 21 st Century Filipinos I interdisciplinary/multidlsciplinary

    4. The Social Sciences for Globally Competitive Learners

    Aprrl22-24, I Legazpi, Albay


    SAC EL h-: iclGIltS:Xr6Gartsoe: ftfrffirBirs-com

    -" j) that most of the curricular reforms are in place in kindergafen, elementary, junior and senior high school planning in the micro level (division, district ard scfrool levels) also n-eed to be in sync w-ith national plans in order to aim for a seamless transition. The objective of this session and its conesponding workshop session is to train education teaders from various sector on the new trends in strategic planning especially those aligned to education and educational institutions

    Workshop 1

    Day 2 Saturday Session 2 Systems Analysis for Educational Sector The smootrr operation of educational institutions is a result of the effective synergy of multiple factors. Hourever, planning and management largely need to look into what makes jn ini{itution function and tmw opemthrs can be maximized to acfrieve an institution's targets. This session teaches the partidpants to affi principles of systems analysis to educational institutions in orderto identify and introdue interventicns or preventive measures to ensure successfulday-to-day operations.

    Workshop 2

    Session 3 Analyzing orga n izational structu res in Ed ucational lnstitutions Manpower complement and an institution's organizational structure are crucialfactors that need to be analyzed, assessed and, in necessary, reformed, in order to ensure operational efficiency. While it is true that, for the most part, organizational structures are fixed, what can be modified are iunctions {and the corresponding revision of workflows within institutionsi of the various elements in the structures.

    Workshop 3

    Day 3 Sunday Session 4 Revisiting Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives of Educational lnstjtutions ln the im$ementatbn of OBE, educators need to revisit and r+evaluate their respec{ive institutions' VMG to be in a better position to design cunicslum, syllabiand lesson plans that are in-sync and aligned with the VMG be modified, revised or revitalized given the various factors and transformations in the field of education. A revising and review of VMG will likewise enlighten participating educators whether VMGs need to.

    Workshop 4


    Registration fee {for Seminar-llllorkshops to be held in BAGUIO ClTy only} Option l: Registration fee of P3,900.00. This includes tne registrationffiinar kii, all meals during the seminar-workshop (AM and PM snacks, breakfast on Days 2 and 3, lunches Days 2 and B and dinners on Days 1 and 2) and modest accommodation at Teacher,s Camp.

    Option 2: The regularfee of P3,500.00 includes registration fee, seminar kit, and all meals during the seminar-wotkshop (AM and PM snacks, breakfast on Days 2 and 3, lunches Days 2 and 3 and dinners on Days 1 and 2). fhiq does not include accommodation. However, thii is an option that participants who may want to choose tc reserue their own iccommodation according to iheir own budget.

    Registration fee (for Seminar-ulforkshops to be held in DAvAo clTy only) The regular fee of P3,800.00 includes registration fee, seminar Nt, anO meals Ouring ine seminar- workshop (AM and PM snacks, lunches Days 2 and 3). This does not include accommodation. Participants will arrange their own accommodation.

    e{rtd: i hanEm.tturEn-Cofil

  • I,nIE_I-I-TIJTE (}F LEAEDERS IN EDLICATI(}r.IAL EAavANCEME!1Er 5lrID OEvelopM ENT!€itfrgh.: Cr.zDtStffi

    -*-t LEE_E:-ard- .frIhtTd-C{,frt

    laylen! qf Registration Fee may be made through the tu$owing options: Option 1: Earty registration at a i0% discounted;te.

    a. Deposit payment to BDO (Savings Account) Account Name: lnstitute of Leaders in EducatbnalAdvancement and Development lnc. Account Number: 005470439799

    b. To availof thediscount, payments should be made on or before March 11,2016.c. Scan and send your deposit slip to i.teadqorp.ph(@gmail.com. please indicate your complete name and title of the seminar@rticipate to.d. wait for the acknowledgement and confirmation of your sloi.

    Ofii9n !: Grcup registrat-on {{0 from the same school} ata ilo/odiscounted rate. This may beavailed fior onsite registration as well.

    oplion 3: on-stp rggkrtration fura reguhr regisHion fte

    For npre details, visit http:llile?dphils.webs.com or contact mobile number 099g-539-6399 i 0ggg -542-6g8a- Altematively, you may also reain ilfno through e-mailat i.leaocoip.pn@smail.com

    Title: National Seminar-Workshop on Teaching the Humanities and Social Science$ (HUMSS) ln the K+{2 Curriculurn Theme: Reinventi*g and Approprtafing Humanitiesand Social Scrbnces Educatian for theFilipino CJassrooms

    Dates and venues:22-24 April 2016 at Bicol University, Legazpi, Albay 29 April- 01 May 2016 at Teachers'Camp, Baguio City

    Objectives: 1. To define the scope of the various subjects under the HUMSS track;2' To contextualize

    3nd develop lessonsin various HUMSS subjectsthat are relevant, responsiveand cuHurally grounded; and, 3' To develop HUMSS lessons that are learner-centered and interdisciplinarylmultidisciplinary.

    nopceO Progmm of Activitir$ Dry f Friday

    AM Registration

    PM Session I Boundaries and lntersections: Taking a Claser Look at the Bifferent Domains in the HuMsSThis session is an introductory lecture on the scope of the subjects covered by the HUMSStrack in the K+12 curriculum. lt will provide the participants with a general appreciation of thevarious topics that are covered by the various subjects areas as well provide ideas how thesesubjects may be taught using a multidisciplinary aid interdisciplinary ajproacrr for better appreciation of the kind of students of this generotion.