Duplexed FGFS

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Duplexed FGFS. Engineered Systems Engineered Products Filtration Services. National Filtration Systems, Inc. HYCOA Anderson Separators Divisions of The Clark-Reliance Corporation. New Brochure. Engineered Systems. Generally considered skidded systems - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Duplexed FGFS

  • DuplexedFGFS

  • Engineered SystemsEngineered ProductsFiltration ServicesNational Filtration Systems, Inc.HYCOAAnderson SeparatorsDivisions of The Clark-Reliance Corporation

  • New Brochure

  • Engineered Systems Generally considered skidded systems We are not looking to make commodity systems We are not looking to bid on all the equipment in a power plant unless the customer wants it packaged We have no competitive advantage if the customer has not embraced the packaged approach

  • Industries Served

  • Residual Engineering Opportunities where the customer has an idea and wants a single source to bring it to life NFSs ability fill in all the blanks Give us a P&ID and we will write the specification and build the equipment We are selling not only our manufacturing capabilities but also our ability to to fill in the engineering blanks

  • The Engineering Blanks Electrical Civil Mechanical Project Management of Manufacturing Process Software Deliverables

  • KOD/Filter Separator Metering Run SkidPrepackagedPrewiredPretested

  • Gas Fired Heater

  • Pressure Reduction Skid

  • Final Separator Skid (One for Each Turbine)

  • Fuel Gas Heater Skid

  • SWPC/NFS - Proprietary and Confidential

  • Opportunities Leave no stone unturned If you find the opportunity we will take it from there Large dollar capital sale