Dunedin, Florida - Dunedin, Florida - THE HOLY ... Jan. 5 - No Life Night - Christmas Break OLL...

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Transcript of Dunedin, Florida - Dunedin, Florida - THE HOLY ... Jan. 5 - No Life Night - Christmas Break OLL...

  • Parish Office Mon-Thu 9am-5pm, Fri 9am-Noon Mary Kibbey, Executive Secretary Cheryl Melidosian, Accountant Sue Phillips, Accounting Assistant Steve Walker, Director of Maintenance | Operations Kathee Giuffré, Publications Specialist John J. Oreskovich IV, Director of Music Millie Cantone, Administrative Assistant James White, Administrative Assistant Doreen E. Saccardo, Event Coordinator

    Department of Evangelization, Formation, Youth and Family Life (727) 733-0872 Joy Bleiker, Director Michael Raposa, RCIA Sarah Davis, Youth Ministry Mary Ann Dolsak, Secretary

    Sacrament of Baptism | Marriage Call (727) 733-0872 for scheduling

    Sacristan Lisa Porthouse

    Our Lady of Lourdes School (727) 733-3776 | myoll.com Mary Rehm, Interim Principal

    St. Vincent de Paul (727) 252-0361 M-W-F 10am-Noon


    MASSES Saturday Vigil: 5pm Sunday: 7:30, 9:30, 11:30am, 5pm Daily: 9am Mon-Sat

    CONFESSIONS Saturday: 8-8:40am | 3:30-4:30pm

    EXPOSITION OF THE BLESSED SACRAMENT | BENEDICTION Wednesday: 9:30am-4pm Saturday: 9:30am-10:30am

    † Rev. Victor Amorose, Parochial Vicar Twitter | Instagram: @frvictorr

    Msgr. William W. DuBois, Pastor Emeritus Rev. Gary Dowsey, Pastor Twitter | Instagram: @heyfrgary

    750 San Salvador Drive | Dunedin, FL 34698 | (727) 733-3606 | ourladydunedin.org

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    The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph OUR LADY OF LOURDES PARISH FAMILY, DUNEDIN, FL

    Scripture Readings Next Week January 4-5

    Epiphany of the Lord Is 60:1-6 Ps 72:1-2, 7-8, 10-13

    Eph 3:2-3a, 5-6 Mt 2:1-12

    Altar Servers BLUE Team Jan. 4-5

    Mass Intentions SATURDAY, DECEMBER 28 The Holy Innocents 9:00AM † Eleanor M. Albertelli 5:00PM † Dr. Patrice Moreno

    SUNDAY, DECEMBER 29 The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph

    7:30AM † Aurore Benoit 9:30AM † Paul D. Farris 11:30AM † Eric La Croix 5:00PM The Members of the Parish

    MONDAY, DECEMBER 30 9:00AM † Thomas Joseph Padden † Bobby Wright

    TUESDAY, DECEMBER 31 St. Sylvester I 9:00AM † Julia Pohe 5:00PM The Members of the Parish

    WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 1 The Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God 9:00AM Richard Perice and Ramon T. Garcia 11:00AM † Ludger & Olivina Jarbeau

    THURSDAY, JANUARY 2 St. Basil the Great & St. Gregory Nazianzen 9:00AM † Josephine DeMasi

    FRIDAY, JANUARY 3 Holy Name of Jesus 9:00AM † Mary Garback

    SATURDAY, JANUARY 4 St. Elizabeth Ann Seton 9:00AM † Yolanda Bucci 5:00PM The Members of the Parish

    SUNDAY, JANUARY 5 The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph

    7:30AM † Kathryn Hagar 9:30AM † Frances Mastromonaco 11:30AM † Geraldine Unger 5:00PM † Margaret McAuley

    Mission Statement “Our Lady of Lourdes Parish is a family of believers, embraced by the Father’s love, nourished by Jesus in Word and Sacrament, and strengthened by the Holy Spirit. Inspired by Mary we commit ourselves to live and proclaim the Gospel of Salvation.”

    Father Gary writes

    The Christmas Season has begun, and today we celebrate the beautiful feast of the Holy Family. This is an opportunity to pray for our own families, for all those who bless us on a daily basis with their love and friendship. Every so often I dust down one of the books on my shelf, and one that recently fell into my hands is ‘I Like Being Catholic.’ One of the chapters is titled ‘JMJ – Catholicism’s First Family.’ As we celebrate the feast of this first family, we are given the opportunity to reflect on each of them, beginning with our Savior Jesus Christ. Joseph Gizone, the author of the ‘Joshua’ books, writes: “My religion is very simple. It is a relationship with God, and intimacy with Jesus, who became one of us to show us how to enjoy in a loving and wholesome way the beautiful life his Father gave us in making us human. If we feel uncomfortable seeing Jesus as human, if we insist on only seeing him as divine, we deprive ourselves of the joy and comfort he came to give us in becoming one of us. For the thirty years he lived in Nazareth, Jesus never came across as having the “odor of sanctity.” To all appearances he was just one of the townsfolk. His exquisite holiness passed unnoticed because his life was normal and uncluttered with artificial religious practices. All that people saw was a person in love with everything alive, a man of great integrity and compassion. Isn’t it marvelous that Jesus chose a wedding party to introduce his ministry? It was a feast filled with laughter, affection and hope, giving the guests an extra 150 – 180 gallons of wine. How comfortable this God in the flesh with his human companions. We see the tenderness with which Jesus spoke to sinners. The assurance he offered them (us)! He did not approve of sin or the evil that comes to us when we sin. But he was not obsessed with sin the way so many of us are. He focused on God and the goodness in life, and made people feel comfortable with a Father who loves and cares for them. This is the Jesus who is the soul of our faith.”

    In reflecting on Mary, Therese Borchard writes: “Not only does Mary hear our prayers and intercede for us on behalf of her son, she teaches us about God. Who could be more qualified? She carried the Light of the World within her womb; she nursed the boy who later changed water into wine; she instructed the Greatest Teacher in the ways of faith; she raised the Son of Man who rose from the dead and is risen today. Who could know him better? She teaches us about God. She brings us hope. She embodies love.”

    And Joseph Champlin writes on Joseph: “Joseph is not only our helper. Like all the saints, he is also a model. He swiftly obeyed God’s often confusing and challenging directions: to take Mary as his wife, to flee to Egypt, to return to the land of Israel. He balanced hard work and prayer as a faithful Jewish man. The Church sees in Joseph a support for the dignity of all work. It does not seem unreasonable that he died at home in the arms of Jesus and Mary, and thus has become the patron of the dying.” Jesus, Mary and Joseph, protect our families!

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    December 29, 2019 OURLADYDUNEDIN.ORG

    There will be no Sunday Breakfast Café

    Dec. 29th JAN 5 - GOLD TEAM

    Holy Day Mass Schedule

    The Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God

    (A Holy Day of Obligation) TUESDAY, DECEMBER 31

    Vigil Mass 5:00pm WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 1

    Masses 9am and 11am

    Parish Office Closed The parish office will be closed on

    December 31 and January 1 for the Christmas Holidays


    BRING YOUR CELL PHONE TO MASS NEXT WEEKEND The Dream Event is a 90 minute dream exercise, led by Executive Coach and Dream Manager Tony Ferraro. Discover your personal dreams. Experience energy and inspiration from others’ dreams. Dream storm powerful ideas for the future of our faith community.

    REGISTER ONLINE AT: OLLD.Eventbrite.com The Dream Event is free.

    Everyone is invited.

    JAN. 4-5

    Be Bold. Be Catholic. ®

    There will be NO EXPOSITION on Wednesday, January 1

    Twin Parish Collection SPECIAL SECOND COLLECTION THIS WEEKEND, DEC. 28-29 The second collection this weekend will be in support of our twin parish, Sacred Heart of Jesus in Acul des Pins, Haiti. Please be generous!

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    Faith Formation Classes for Kids Dec 29: No Faith Formation for ALL Jan 5: No Faith Formation Grades 1-5 2-5 year olds WILL meet


    Jan. 1 - No EDGE - Christmas Break Jan. 8 - EDGE Spring Kickoff

    Life Teen Join us on Sunday evenings for the 5pm Life Teen Mass, followed by our Life Nights from 6-8pm

    Dec. 29 - No Life Night - Christmas Break Jan. 5 - No Life Night - Christmas Break

    OLL Dunedin Young Adults

    Contact Joy in the Faith Formation Office for more information. joy@ourladydunedin.org. For more information and regular updates, find us on Facebook, OLL Dunedin Young Adults.

    Confirmation Class Schedule ALL CLASSES ARE SUNDAYS

    IN CONMY CENTER Sessions: Jan. 5, 12, 26

    - 2:30-4:45pm

    Jan 17-19: Lifeteen/ Confirmation Retreat - Bethany Center Jan 26: Rite of Completion - 5pm Mass Feb 2: Sacrament of Confirmation - 11:30am Mass

    We Need Your Help! Do you have the desire to spread the Gospel to our young church? Are you interested in volunteering in our parish? Consider joining our Faith Formation Team! We are looking for parishioners who love Christ, and desire to share that love with our young people ages 2–18yrs old. Our team will work to find the perfect place for you to volunteer in our program. If you are unavailable to volunteer with us, please continue to pray for our department. Call Joy in the Faith Formation office for more information (727) 733-0872.

    Retreat for All High School Teens JANUARY 17-19 AT THE BETHANY CENTER

    $100 INCLUDES FOOD/LODGING Does God care? Does He hear me when I speak to Him? If He hears me, does He speak back, and how can I know what He is saying? Communication is essential to every relationship, so it is not uncommon for these questions to arise when we talk about having a relationship with God.

    All high school teens are invited t