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    Dunedin Destination Plan

  • He Waka Kotuia | Photographer: Justin Speirs

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    04 Foreword

    06 Introduction

    12 Dunedin Destination Plan at a glance

    14 Amplify Dunedin voices

    17 Collect and share insights

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    23 Develop capacity and connectivity

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  • Foreword

    Ultimately, we want visitors to come back to live, work and invest and our residents to stay.

  • 05

    One of the world’s great small cities Dunedin is a compelling destination. All the things that make Dunedin a great place to live also make it a great place to visit, study, work and invest. One of the world’s great small cities, Dunedin has heritage, ambience and character, unique flora and fauna, a stunning harbour and coastline and a dramatic hinterland. We boast world-class venues and educational institutions, affordable housing, good transport links and exciting recreational and cultural offerings. Almost 90% of locals rate their quality of life as good or extremely good.1

    The way we talk about Dunedin is evolving. Our brand2 is considered one of the strongest in New Zealand, we are improving the way we connect to the rest of the country and overseas, and our social media following is growing. Nationally and internationally, we are seen as an example of a distinctive small city with a healthy future.

    Dunedin’s popularity is growing, with people settling here from overseas and other parts of New Zealand. The city has a history of welcoming refugees. Many of Dunedin’s new residents have set up businesses, some with investors from both outside and within the city. We have a well-educated population with an entrepreneurial drive that is boosting business vitality and creating alliances for innovation across the city.

    Increasingly, Dunedin is being recognised as a hub for skills and talent with strong linkages beyond our borders.

    Destination: a definition This plan refers to ‘destination’ broadly as a purpose or place for which someone or something is destined, both a stopping and landing place and a journey’s end. It is a location that is home to people, products, services and infrastructure, across sectors and a range of economic, cultural, community and environmental stakeholders.

    Taking a step forward The Destination Plan (the plan) outlines how we propose to market and manage Dunedin as a destination. Developed by the Dunedin City Council (DCC) in collaboration with stakeholders, the plan proposes action areas that will be used to inform specific activities that will be undertaken by Enterprise Dunedin and industry stakeholders, and indicates how progress might be monitored at a high level. It sets out how we can attract new visitors, students, migrants, workers and investors, and how we can co-ordinate with other strategic areas to manage our infrastructure capacity (see Strategic Context on page 7). We need to ensure that any development supports our values, our environment or what makes Dunedin distinctive.

    Dunedin has approached destination planning collaboratively, bringing together the sectors involved in marketing our city, and seeking feedback from the wider community. Through engagement and collaboration we can achieve a shared vision within approved budgets, and make the city more attractive for residents as well as visitors. By joining forces, we can tell our story better, share resources and proactively manage the impacts associated with being an increasingly popular destination.

    1 2016 Quality of Life Survey 2 Voted Best Destination Brand by Fairfax Media in 2016

  • Introduction

    Our vision is for Dunedin to be one of the world’s great small cities.

    Photographer: Michael McQueen

  • 07

    Vision Dunedin will be a compelling destination, with highly regarded attractions, education and lifestyle experiences. Dunedin’s reputation as a great small city will attract visitors, investors and migrants. Our growing business vitality will improve lifestyle, income and employment levels for our residents.

    Strategic context The Dunedin Destination Plan is an implementation plan that will deliver on the vision and strategic objectives set out in the city’s strategic framework (see the diagram below), developed by the DCC and the community. There are eight city strategies, along with the Council’s Long Term Plan and Financial Strategy, and all are underpinned by the principles of sustainability and commitment to the Treaty of Waitangi.

    Dunedin Strategic Framework


    PARKS &



    AR TS


    CU LT

    UR E

    ST RA

    TE GY

    SO CI


    W EL

    LB EI

    N G


    RA TE









    ECO N

    O M



    EN T



  • 08



    Vibrant and cohesive communities

    Healthy and safe people

    Standard of living

    Affordable and healthy homes

    THREE WATERS STRATEGY Meeting water needs

    Adaptable supply

    Environmental protection

    Maintaining service levels


    SPATIAL PLAN Liveable city

    Environmentally sustainable and resilient city

    Memorable and distinctive city

    A city that enables a prosperous and diverse economy

    Accessible and connected city

    A vibrant and exciting city

    ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT Business vitality

    Alliance for Innovation

    A hub for skills and talent

    Linkages beyond our boarders

    A compelling destination


    Access and inclusion

    Creative economy

    Inspired connections


    Travel choices

    Connectivity of centres


    Resilient network

    TE AO TUROA – ENVIRONMENTAL STRATEGY Resilient and carbon zero

    Healthy environment

    Caring for the natural world/kaitiakitaka


    Open spaces and facilities

    Treasured parks, natural landscapes, flora and fauna

    We work with others

  • 09

    Development of the plan is an initiative under Dunedin’s Economic Development Strategy 2023 (EDS), which has two primary goals:

    • 10,000 extra jobs over 10 years; and

    • an average $10,000 of extra income for each person.

    The plan also recognises that wellbeing and quality of life are important for residents and visitors, as is referenced in numerous Council strategies.

    Being strategic and forward-looking when developing Dunedin as a destination is essential if we are to meet these economic objectives and maintain excellent quality of life standards overall.

    The plan is one of a series of action plans to deliver on the city’s strategic framework, including the Energy Plan 1.0, the Festivals and Events Plan and the Waste Management and Minimisation Plan.

    This plan delivers on strategic objectives across all of Dunedin’s strategies. For example, the plan will support the goals of Ara Toi – Our Creative Future (our arts and culture strategy) for the city to have pride in its identity and spaces to ‘skite’ about. Likewise it supports the ambitions of Te Ao Tūroa – The Natural World (our environment strategy) to protect and enhance our natural environment. The plan also has cross over with the Festivals and Events Plan in supporting Dunedin as a vibrant and capable city with a year-round calendar of events.

    It also aims to interact with regional strategies and plans, like those of the Otago Regional Council, Southern District Health Board and Otago Southland Regional Transport Committee.

    The plan supports the aspirations of city stakeholders, and responds to market intelligence and to national objectives as set out in strategies such as Education New Zealand’s Statement of Intent 2016–2020. It also takes into account where these national plans have been regionalised to support action at a more local level. DunedinHOST, as one of the city’s major tourism industry bodies, has developed a regional version of Tourism Industry Aotearoa’s Tourism 2025 framework that will interact with the activities of this destination plan.

    Goals The Dunedin Destination Plan sets five goals.

    1. Ensure Dunedin is a great place to live, visit, study, work and invest.

    2. Maximise strategic opportunities and spend to support destination activity.

    3. Share resources and work collaboratively to develop innovative actions that can be delivered within fiscal constraints.

    4. Maintain and build pride in Dunedin’s distinctiveness.

    5. Sustain and enhance our natural and built environment for the benefit of residents and visitors.

    Objectives The plan’s objectives directly correlate to those in the Economic Developm