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A season of film and events exploring the dark side of cinema

Transcript of Dukes Gothic Season


    Part of the BFI Gothic Season

    For more information, visit bfi.org.uk/gothic

    The Dukes is a partner of the BFI FIlm Audience Network

  • Friday 6 December, 8.30pm

    PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (PG)Dir: Rupert Julian1925 USA 95mins With: Lon ChaneyThe first and most iconic adaptation of Gaston Lerouxs novel. Lon Chaney, the man of a thousand faces, stars as the Phantom, living in the catacombsbeneath the Paris Opera.

    Lancaster based duo Lee Affen and Ric Smithson have composed a new dark, ambient electro-acoustic score which they will be performing live to accompany the film.

    Silent Film with live AccompanimentTickets:7 (Full) 6 (Conc) 5 (Friends)

    Saturday 1 March, 6.30pm

    THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER (PG)Dir: Jean Epstein1925 USA 63mins With: Jean DebucourtEpsteins flesh crawlingly creepy adaptation of Poes novel is an overlooked classic of the silent era. Roderick Usher lives in his decaying estate with his muse and wife Madeleine, who every day gets more and more sick, as a strange curse seems to afflict the house.

    The Fall of the House of Usher will be accompanied by a score composed and performed live by Luiza Kilcawley.



    Monday 10 February, 7.00pmCHILDREN OF THE NIGHTThe child that knows too much, the possessed child, the feral child children are a key figure in Gothic Cinema, from The Innocents and Night of the Hunter to modern horror such as The Orphanage. Lancaster Universitys Dr Sarah Post will discuss why the figure of the child in Gothic has become so prevalent and the cultural fears and anxieties that they represent.

    Thursday 20 February, 7.15pmAN INTRODUCTION TO EUROPEAN GOTHICEnter a world of Golems, nuclear zombies, crazed surgeons and lustful vampires, as Manchester Metropolitan Universitys Dr Xavier Aldana Reyes takes you on a century long journey through some of the highlights of European Gothic film.

    Monday 24 February, 7.00pmCORSETS, CAPES AND WOMEN IN WHITE: COSTUME IN GOTHIC CINEMACostumes are central to the pleasures of Gothic film, from Bela Lugosis cape to Helena Bonham-Carters corsets. More than just spectacle, they are often a key part of what makes a film Gothic . This talk by Lancaster University Senior Lecturer Dr Catherine Spooner will trace the history of costume in Gothic cinema and explore the meaning behind some of its most iconic looks.

    Talks are in The Dukes Gallery Places and are free but please book a ticket from the Box Office.

  • Saturday 7 December, 6.10pm

    NOSFERATU THE VAMPYRE (12A)Dir: Werner Herzog1979 Germany 107mins SubtitlesWith: Klaus Kinski, Bruno GanzAn evocative and stylish remake of Murnaus 1922 silent classic. Like the original, Nosferatu follows the story of Bram Stokers Dracula as Jonathan Harker travels to Transylvania to meet a mysterious Count, only to discover his host is a vampire. Herzog perfectly balances paying homage to the original, while also imbuing the story with a haunting examination of the consequences of the Counts immortality.

    Sunday 15 December, 7.30pm

    GHOST STORIES AT CHRISTMAS (PG)Dir: Lawrence Gordon Clark 1976 UK 90mins. With: Denholm ElliottA double bill of chilling tales for those who like their Christmas to come with a bit of a bump in the night. Join us for a spooky fireside reading by Steve Tomlin followed by a screening of The Signalman from the BBCs spine-tingling series A Ghost Story For Christmas. Based on the Charles Dickens short, The Signalman follows a lonely railway worker who is being haunted by a ghost from a nearby tunnel.Tickets: 7 (Full) 6 (Conc) 5 (Friends)

    Sunday 22 December, 7.30pm

    THE INNOCENTS (12A)Dir: Jack Clayton1961 USA UK 100mins With: Deborah KerrJack Claytons celebrated screen adaptation of Henry James The Turn of the Screw. Deborah Kerr stars as prim Victorian governess Miss Giddens, who arrives at a lonely country estate to take charge of an orphaned brother and sister. Soon she comes to believe the spirits of the former governess and valet are possessing the children.The Innocents will be introduced by Dr Sarah Post from Lancaster Universitys English and Creative Writing Department.

    Friday 27 December, 6.00pm

    THE HAUNTING (12A)Dir: Robert Wise1963 USA 112minsWith: Julie Harris, Claire BloomRobert Wises nerve shredding haunted house film celebrates its 50th anniversary this year and remains one of the towering achievements of the genre. Located in a remote part of New England, Hill House is a 90-year-old mansion with a long sinister history. Given the opportunity to stay in the house, scientist Dr. John Markway sets out to discover whether the spirits of Hill Houses previous residents have remained.

  • Friday 17 January, 9pm (Scratch and Sniff Screening) & Monday 20 January, 6.15pm

    THE WICKER MAN: THE FINAL CUT (18)Dir: Robin Hardy 1973 UK 95minsWith: Edward Woodward, Christopher Lee Robin Hardys disturbing occult film, now including newly discovered material that has been missing for decades. A police sergeant travels to a remote island to find a missing girl but instead discovers that the inhabitants hold a disturbing secret.The Friday 17 January screening of The Wicker Man will be a special Scratch and Sniff presentation of the film.

    Wednesday 8 January, 8.35pm

    EYES WITHOUT A FACE (15)(Les yeux sans visage)Dir: Georges Franju1960 France 88mins Subtitles With: Edith ScobLyricism and horror combine in the tale of a surgeons obsessive quest to rebuild his daughters disfigured face. Having crashed the car that injured his daughter a brilliant surgeon kidnaps young women in an attempt to find a suitable skin graft donor. An inspiration for Almodovars The Skin I Live In amongst others, Eyes Without A Face has a cruel beauty characteristic of Franjus distinctively dark surrealism.

    Tuesday 21 January, 6.15pm

    NIGHT OF THE DEMON (PG)Dir Jacques Tourneur1957 UK 95minsWith: Dana Andrews, Peggy CumminsConsidered one of the scariest films ever made by Martin Scorsese, Night of the Demon follows a sceptical American psychologist who visits England to investigate a fellow scientists mysterious death. In doing so he encounters an ancient black magic. Long a mainstay of television, Tourneurs film is one of only two big screen adaptations of the works of acclaimed horror and fantasy writer M.R. James.

    Monday 27 January, 8.30pm

    LA BELLE ET LA BTE (PG)Dir: Jean Cocteau & Ren Clment1946 France 93minsWith: Jean MaraisaCocteaus surrealist re-telling of The Beauty and The Beast is a feast of fantastic images. When Belles father picks a rose at a deserted castle, a beast appears and tells him the price for the rose is death for him or one of his daughters. Scared for her fathers fate, Belle offers herself to the Beast and takes off to live in his castle. La Belle et la Bte will be introduced by Dr. Bruce Bennett from Lancaster Universitys Film Studies Department.

  • Thursday 20 February, 8.45pm

    SUSPIRIA (18)Dir: Dario Argento1977 Italy 92mins SubtitlesWith: Jessica HarperA sinister and hallucinatory occult-fused nightmare from Italys master of horror Dario Argento. An aspiring ballerina enrols at a prestigious European dance academy, only to uncover the terrifying mysteries kept hidden by its faculty. Suspirias plot follows a disorienting dream logic that is perfectly complemented by a hyper-real visual style, blending operatic violence with a fairy-tale twist.

    Monday 10 February, 8.35pm

    NIGHT OF THE HUNTER (12A)Dir: Charles Laughton1955 USA 92minsWith: Robert MitchumRogue evangelist Harry Powell is released from prison and becomes determined to find the fortune stolen by his former cellmate. He sets about charming the mans widow and two young children, but doesnt count on the resistance and determination of the son. While ignored on release, Laughtons blend of Mark Twain and Southern gothic is now revered as a Hollywood classic.

    Monday 24 February, 8.30pm

    THE COMPANY OF WOLVES (18)Dir: Neil Jordan1984 UK 95minsWith: Angela Carter, Stephen ReaA groundbreaking re-working of the classic fairytale Little Red Riding Hood adapted from Angela Carters short story. Sheltered 13-year-old Rosaleen, living on the edge of a foreboding forest, is visited by her grandmother. The old lady delights in telling Rosaleen the most horrific stories, usually involving what happens to little girls if they trust wolves.

    Friday 14 March, 7.30pmProper Job Theatre Company present

    NOSFERATUBy Ian McMillan

    With a mixture of breathtaking illusions and trickery, an original musical score and a libretto from the acclaimed poet Ian McMillan, Nosferatu tells the dark and mysterious tale of the sailors in Bram Stokers novel Dracula, as they journey from Varna to Whitby with an unknown cargo.

    Tickets: 13 (Full) 10 (Conc)


  • Date Time Event Cert.

    Fri 6 Dec 8.30pm THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (PG)

    Sat 7 Dec 6.10pm NOSFERATU THE VAMPYRE (12A)


    Sun 22 Dec 7.30pm THE INNOCENTS (12A)

    Fri 27 Dec 6.00pm THE HAUNTING (12A)

    Wed 8 Jan 8.35pm EYES WITHOUT A FACE (15)

    Fri 17 Jan 9.00pm SCRATCH-AND-SNIFF WICKER MAN (18)

    Mon 20 Jan 6.15pm THE WICKER MAN: THE FINAL CUT (18)

    Tue 21 Jan 6.15pm THE NIGHT OF THE DEMON (PG)

    Mon 27 Jan 8.30pm LA BELLE ET LA BTE (PG)

    Mon 10 Feb 7.00pm TALK: CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT

    Mon 10 Feb 8.35pm NIGHT OF THE HUNTER (12A)

    Thu 20 Feb 7.15pm TALK: AN INTRO TO EURO GOTHIC

    Thu 20 Feb 8.45pm SUSPIRIA (18)


    Mon 24 Feb 8.30pm THE COMPANY OF WOLVES (18)

    Sat 1 Mar 6.30pm THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER (PG)

    Fri 14 Mar 7.30pm ON STAGE: NOSFERATU

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