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Duke Crocker

Oh, Duke!

you guys...I can't even properly explain Duke Crocker.

But I'll try.

Duke is saucy and smart-alecky and makes shady business deals.

He starts out saving the life of Audrey (the female main character), but is antagonistic to Nathan (the other male main character) and in season 1 we're not so sure he's a good guy.

Except we are, because we've seen television before.

Duke and Nathan spend a lot of time saying snide things to each other and publicly declaring how much they dislike and mistrust the other.Yes, the lads do protest too much.By season 4 they've pretty much given up all pretense and just make this face at each other a lot.

Duke quickly becomes close friends with Audrey and helps her in any way he can.

He has indicated that he would like to be more than friends.

Although tempted, she turned him down.

He's fine with this, because he's an actual good guy who values her friendship just for what it is.

Duke has had other love interests.

One was his estranged wife, whom he got back together with just before she got shot to death (as she was about to reveal the season's Big Mystery).

One had a Trouble that almost got him killed of old age.

One left town because Haven is creepy.

One he spent the entire season pretty much going "pleasedon'tdiedon'tdiedon'tdie" at and then she died anyway. We're hoping it's a temporary thing.

Duke likes to rescue kids and once made really good friends with one. (She also made him dress up as a pirate, something the fans enjoyed very much indeed.)

Unfortunately, the only child of his own has a Trouble that means she can never meet him or he'll die.

In season 2, Duke finds out that his family are destined to kill Troubled people. They have handy superpowers to help with that and everything..

Duke would rather not kill the Troubled.If you force him to do it he'll make this face at you.

In season 4, his brother comes to town and Duke tries desperately to keep him out of any trouble, only to have brother turn into a creepy serial killer who has to die.A lot of people like to inform Duke that he too is destined to be a creepy serial killer.He likes to try to prove them wrong by being supportive, courageous, and quite often the voice of reason.

He would very much prefer to get the hell out of dodge and stop caring about people, but that doesn't seem to be in his nature.

Although he still smuggles, sells weed, drinks way too much alcohol, and occasionally steals stuff off of old ladies' bedside tables. (But only in an emergency.)

He may be a big fluffy angst puppy, but he'll go for the garbage cans over the prize shows every time. Just the way I like them.

Look at that smile.

And did I mention that he cooks? Because he totally cooks.