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Duct Tape ( Duck Tape) . The Assignment . Why Duct Tape? Find an insight . Have fun . Think deeper. Find the relevance with the culture. . Duct tape? You mean this? . The tape that fixes EVERYTHING ? Handyman’s secret weapon?. WRONG!!!!. Intro . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Duct Tape ( Duck Tape)

Why Duct Tape?Find an insight. Have fun.Think deeper. Find the relevance with the culture. The Assignment

Duct tape? You mean this?

The tape that fixes EVERYTHING? Handymans secret weapon?


- Duct tape(sometimes calledduck tape) is a grey, soft and tacky, vinyl, fabric-reinforced, multi-purpose pressure sensitive tape - Duct tape has been around for about 60-70 years.His life isnt long but It has been pretty dramatic. He was involved with Prom dresses, wallets, home accessories, fixing tapes weddings and even murder cases.


But, All thats not important.

Thinking Process

I started with very simple, basic and obvious Idea: Duct Tape + Human = HeroWith a roll of Duct tape, Nothing is impossible to fix.

But I found out, Its not just about fixing anymore

Duct tape is used as self expression method and turn it to something beautiful!!

Duct tape + Human = Creativity

In 2001, Duck Tape, the brand manufactured by Manco Inc. of Cleveland, sponsored springtime "Stuck At Prom" contest.Awarded scholarships for the best prom gowns and tuxedos made with its tapethat comes in 18 colors, four neon tonesandfourspecialprinteddesigntapes. Duct tape + Human = Fashionable?

Duct tape Fixing tapesIt is no longer a tape that fixes things.

Duct tape = imaginative tapes

Duct tape = Imaginative tape leaded me to Creativity, Imagination, Expression, Making ugly things to pretty things, etc

" Making ugly things to Pretty things" That got me to think how much American culture loves ' make over ' shows

Mix feelings when people watch reality make over shows.

Envious of opportunities Feel like they did something when they didn't do anything- Temporary satisfaction

Thats the feeling when people use duct tape- Quick, Convenient, Temporary, short - term Good for now, Satisfaction, feel like a hero ---> Relates to make over shows.

American culture loves making impossible possible in short period of time. People want to be something than nothing.

Using Duct tape fulfills that feeling indirectly

Using duct tape is escaping from reality to Americans.

Great example of escaping reality is to read fantasy books.

Conclusion To American/American Culture

Duct tape is escape from reality which is like a Fairy tale.