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1. DUCK TAPECRAFTS!MS. W 2. WHAT DO YOU NEED?BE CAREFUL!! 3. FIRST!Measure! *About 15 inches. depending on large the bow you want the bow. 2 strips! 4. NEXT.Take strip and turn over.NOW, fold. 5. BUT WAIT!!!!!!Special way of folding! 6. NOW THAT WE HAVE THATFIGURED OUT..There is some more folding! 7. NOW PUT TOGETHER. 8. AND SOME MORE FOLDING!Fold like a paper fan. 9. NOW, REMEMBER THAT OTHERSTRIP YOU CUT?Cut it in half 10. TIME TO FINISH YOU BOW.Wrap one of the strips around the bow Make sure its inthe middle on thebow! 11. NOW YOUR BOW SHOULDLOOK LIKE: 12. NOW..Take one of these and put it in you bow 13. NOW FOR THE GENTLE FELLOWSTake those 2 strips:Fold them in half like this 14. PUT THE TOGETHER 15. NOW TIME TO PUT IT ALLTOGETHER..Cut a small stripTake the bow andput the longstrip behindWrap small striparound the bow andLonger strip. 16. FINISHED PRODUCT 17.