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Duck, Duck, Deduce. Learn How to Research International Credentials. Peggy Bell Hendrickson University of North Texas Shelby L. Cearley Texas Tech University Ann Rahmat University of North Texas. Overview. Questions Free Stuff Paid Stuff Lists Tips Q & A. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Duck, Duck, DeduceLearn How to Research International Credentials

  • Peggy Bell HendricksonUniversity of North Texas Shelby L. Cearley Texas Tech University Ann Rahmat University of North Texas

  • OverviewQuestionsFree Stuff Paid Stuff Lists Tips Q & A

  • Questions to ConsiderWhats the difference between accreditation and recognition? What does it mean to have legal authorization to operate as a business? Whats the difference between unaccredited schools and diploma mills?

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  • Q & AWhats on your mind?

    Question 1 Accreditation - Accreditation is primarily an American concept. In most other countries, colleges and universities either are operated by the government, or they gain the right to grant degrees by the government, or they affiliate themselves with an institution that does have that right, so there is no need for a separate, independent agency to say that a given school is accredited. A US school may legitimately be accredited by a US state, one of six regional accrediting agencies, or the government (the US Department of Education or the Council on Higher Education Accreditation). It is up to each institution to determine its policy regarding which of those three tiers it accepts. (At UNT, we only accept US schools that have regional accreditation.) Schools may also be accredited by religious accrediting bodies, and, again, it is up to each institution to set its policy regarding its acceptance of religiously accredited schools.

    Read more: and

    Recognition Recognition generally refers to higher education institution approval in non-US countries. These countries have a body of higher education (usually a Ministry of Education or Higher Education and other bodies it deems acceptable) that is authorized to recognize schools and gives them permission to award degrees. Public, state institutions are generally recognized because they are generally created by the higher education body, so we are mostly researching private schools and their recognition by the higher education bodies in question.

    Question 2 A school in any country may have permission to operate as a legal entity, but that has nothing to do with its accreditation or recognition, which is what determines the quality of education provided. Legal authority to operate as a business does not mean that the schools transcripts or diplomas would be recognized by another institution in that country. Operation as a business is often a private universitys first step towards official recognition, but it might not mean anything other than the fact that it is a legal business. Regardless of whether it is seeking recognition by the government, it currently has no status other than that of a business. International schools that are seeking recognition from the government might receive Interim Letters of Authority that are somewhat comparable to US schools that have received Candidacy status from one of the regional accrediting bodies. Once again, each institution should make its own decision as to whether to accept these interim candidates as having appropriate recognition/accreditation.

    I could open my own school in my basement, get a license to run it as a business so that Id be taxed and legally liable as a business instead of a person, but no respectable institution would accept any transcripts or degrees I issue.

    Question 3

    Unaccredited schools are usually legitimate schools that have either decided against pursuing accreditation/recognition, have failed to meet the requirements of accreditation/recognition, are candidates for accreditation/recognition, or are accredited/recognized from an education agency that is not legitimately authorized to make that claim. Oftentimes, students legitimately attend classes, take tests, and write papers and have no idea that their degree will not allow them to pursue further education or most job opportunities because they didnt know how to check on the accreditation of the school or didnt know that the accrediting body listed wasnt legitimate.

    Diploma mills are businesses that illegally offer to sell you a transcript and degree from a school (ranging from fake schools or real schools with forged or stolen paper) without your having to attend classes, take tests, or do anything other than send in your money. This is a billion dollar industry that is seldom used by unsuspecting people who just didnt know any better.

    Read more: and Ministries of Education websites (see handouts) ECE archives - WES research site - World Education News and Reviews - Chronicle of Higher Ed website - Eurydice -,167708&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL Inter-l yahoo group archives - International Association of Universities - ADSEC/OSEAS Advisors - Education USA Advisors - Fulbright Advisors - IREX Advisors - REACs - Conference presenters on topic (search NAFSA or AACRAO websites) Mailing list responders pay attention!Inter-l yahoo group - http://groups.ya