Drupal Patch Reviews: Get good reviews, give good reviews. Faster

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pdf export for jam's drupal camp. also at https://github.com/zendoodles/slide-decks/blob/jam/patch-review/index.html

Transcript of Drupal Patch Reviews: Get good reviews, give good reviews. Faster

  • 1. Patch Reviews Thanks ZenDoodles and xjm

2. YesCTCathy Theys @YesCT Cheppers, GittipI review patches, mostly for core these days. And do other stuff like plan sprints and mentor. 3. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvV38nJObIE&t=12m57s) 4. Getting patch reviews Also: how to find reviews 5. Be specific, what kind of review? 6. Use tags needs JavaScript review needs architectural review, needs usability review, needs manual testing, needs screenshot 7. Up-to-date Issue Summary https://drupal.org/contributor-tasks/write-issue-summary 8. Automatic instructions work in progress at https://drupal.org/node/2013222 9. Contributor task documentshttp://drupal.org/contributor-tasks/review http://drupal.org/contributor-tasks/do-accessibility-review 10. Metas 11. simplytest.me url pattern is:/project/drupal/8.x? patch[]= http://simplytest.me/qa#developers 12. Give good reviews 13. Doing patch reviews 14. Finding issues to review 15. first simple! success! novice? initiatives metas? focus? 16. Core initiatives https://drupal.org/community-initiatives/drupal-core and https://drupal.org/node/2107085 17. Doing patch reviews 18. Full frontal nicety 19. Supportive specific include links support improvement ask questions educate 20. http://dreditor.org 21. Does it work? fixes the issue stays in scope no regressions 22. Edit 23. Does it make sense? readable? comments? is there a better way? 24. Strategy Scale say what say how 25. StrategyKinds of reviews update the issue summary update needs tags 26. Process cannot unread perfect is enemy of good 27. documentation issue summary time in-code API docs (1354) hook_help() change records http://drupal.org/list-changes/drupal 28. Performance Don't guess profile! 29. Accessibility 30. bug WCAG ATAG text color contrast form fields are labeled keyboard-usable (javascript) 31. Usability UI changes need usability review before and after screenshots 32. Testing check coverage ask for new tests verify tests-only fails 33. Coding Style no tabs, trailing 1354 link! to docs 34. drupal.org/documentation/git/interdiff 35. Read and check concerns? addressed? 36. read, read, read fix simple for scope for understanding 37. IDE 38. Resources drupalize.me/guides/drupal-community-tools-and-core-mentoring 39. Resources drupalladder.org/ 40. Resourcesdrupal.org/contributortasks/review xjm.drupalgardens.com/reviewguide 41. Action drupal mentoring office hours #drupal-contribute drupical.com 42. Thanks!https://drupal.org/node/2013222 https://drupal.org/core-mentoring