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Mumbai teen killed in drunk driving caseSaturday, 31 March 2012 (2 weeks ago) A night out at a suburban pub ended in tragedy when a 23-year-old, under the influence of alcohol, lost control of a car he was driving, killing an 18-year-old girl, and injuring four passengers and an auto driver.

BANAGALORE: The recent outrage over increasing drunken driving cases in megacity Mumbai has had a cascading effect on other cities including Bangalore. The Bangalore Traffic Police (BTP) are literally on their toes and painting the town red with their campaign against drunken driving in the city. The silver lining for the Garden City is that Bangalore, as compared to other cities, has been witnessing a drastic downward trend in the number of drunken driving cases. Armed with breathalysers, especially on weekend nights, the BTP, posted on various roads of the city try to identity the negligent drivers who spree dangerously on the highways. Last year, in the first three months, road accident deaths stood at 205, however, this year it is just 182 for the corresponding period, providing a clear testimony to the drastic decrease in the drunken driving cases in the city. The Additional Commissioner of BTP, M A Saleem said, Last year, we had registered 61,923 drunken driving cases, whereas this year, in the first three months, we registered 15,656 cases, as compared to Delhi which has already registered 18,000 cases. Although we can give Delhi the benefit of doubt as the city has more than 52 lakhs vehicles while Bangalore has comparatively a lower number, only 41 lakh vehicles in a day. He added further, For every second offence of drunken driving, the driving licence of the driver is seized and put up for cancellation. Increasing trend of drunken driving cases in other metros: The Mumbai Police has suspended more than 38,000 driving licenses for drunken driving since 2007. At present, the traffic police has launched a massive drive against drunkenness by putting up barricades at various places across the city, especially during the late evenings. On March 30, eighteen-year-old Shivani Raut lost her life in a car crash due to her friends negligence who were driving under the influence of alcohol, while six others were hospitalised. As far as Delhi is concerned even the capital city is not free from the clutches of drunken drivers. A total of 777 people were caught and fined for drunken driving during a special traffic police drive on the occasion of Holi, this year. This included 597 two-wheelers, 123 cars and 57 other vehicles were challanged during the drive.

n a special drive against drunken driving, the Mumbai Police booked 130 people and arrested 11 of them on Sunday night.

The special drive started recently following a string of accidents due to rash and drunken driving. The traffic police launched the drive against drunken putting barricades at various places across the city, especially during the late evenings. As part of the drive, a couple was detained and brought to the Versova police station on accusation of drunken driving on Sunday night. However, there was a high drama at the police station as the couple turned abusive and violent. The man behind the wheel of the SUV that was seized by the police claimed to be the son of a former director general of Punjab Police. Ironically, the couple was brazen and completely unfazed even after ramming its car into a cyclist. The man first identified himself as Rocky and claimed he was an actor in Punjabi films while his female companion claimed to be a fashion designer and personal trainer. After almost four hours of questioning by the police, Rocky sobered down enough to reveal his real identity as Paramjit Sandhu. Consequently, the police arrested both of them. In another hit and run case in Ghatkopar area of the city a man who was allegedly learning driving lost control on his new car and injured eight people, including a small girl who has been battling for her life in the ICU of a hospital. The accused, Bhagwant Chikna, fled from the spot. The police have registered a case of rash driving, but no arrest was made yet. Such cases of drunken driving, followed by accidents, have been on the rise in the city. In just 10 days, six people have been killed and 57 injured in separate incidents.

Read more at: http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/mumbai-police-cracks-down-on-rash-drunkdrivers/1/183690.html

Around 600 drunk drivers were caught in the capital in the past four days during a pre-Holi drive with police today warning people driving under the influence of alcohol that they will have to spent Holi in jail. As many as 146 drunk drivers were caught last night, taking the total number of prosecutions to 585 in the past four days. While similar number of people were challaned on Saturday night, 175 were caught on Friday for drunken driving. Another 118 were caught on Thursday night.

"It seems everyday is irresponsible day and people would take chances on any day to drink and drive. It is not that only on weekend people drink and drive. On any day we are the same. "We will continue our drive to account for violations and am sure jails will find space for these people so that on Holi they remain locked up rather than create nuisance on roads for themselves and others," Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Satyendra Garg said. Garg said he wished police had the resources to account for every violator at all places, at all times of night for these drunk drivers. "Maybe social control in terms of parents, families is missing to discourage people from drunk driving," he said. The city police have warned Delhiites not to take advantage of Holi and indulge in drunken driving this week as they are to enforce more discipline on roads to ensure an accident-free festival. Garg said in just two months, nearly 700 people have been awarded jail terms. "Are these not sufficient to put reason in people's mind to change themselves...But obviously, jail term, possibility of injuries and even death cannot make them sane...By the time Holi ends, it (the number of prosecutions) may be 2,000," he said. "Last year on the day of Holi, we caught about 800 drunk drivers. If they do not modify their habits we will persist with our efforts do discipline them," he said.

Mishaps March 31, 2012: In a case of drink driving, 18-year-old Shivani Rawat died after the driver of the car she was in lost control on Juhu Tara road. There were six people in the car, including the driver, Rahul Mishra (23), who was in an inebriated state. Two girls are still in a critical condition. An auto rickshaw driver has also been injured. March 29, 2012: A speeding truck hit an ambulance carrying five people, including an asthmatic 70-year-old patient, at the Bahar Cinemas junction in Vile Parle (E) in the early hours of the day. One person, Melvyn Almeida, was seriously injured. March 25, 2012: Charu Khandal (28), an animator, is still in a critical condition after the auto rickshaw she was riding in along with her sister Ritu Khandal (26) and friend Vikrant Goel (26), who is also critical, was hit by a speeding car in Oshiwara. The cars driver, Manoj Netrapal (39), was allegedly drunk.

March 22, 2012: 27-year-old Israr Khan was riding on the Western Express Highway near Andheri when an overhead cable snapped, came slashing down at him, and slit his throat. While Ahmed Khan died, the pillion passenger, Ram Bhavan Pal, survived with minor injuries.

November 12, 2006: 21-year-old Alistair Pereira who was driving in Bandra in a drunken state had driven onto a pavement, running over 15 sleeping labourers. The High Court sentenced Pereira to three years of imprisonment under Section 304, one year under Section 338 and six months for causing injuries, a judgment upheld by the Supreme Court.

itiatives to Stop Drunk Driving

In the U.S. drinking and driving has been a problem for decades and has caused unnecessary accidents and issues. Law enforcement and various non-profit organizations have created many initiatives to help solve the problem, but the problem continues and doesn't seem to be getting any better. What will it actually take to eliminate the problem - or at least decrease the numbers? This lens is dedicated to sharing ideas to stop drunk driving.

Ideas To Prevent DUIs* Pass a national law that prohibits any open alcoholic drinks in public places. * Make sure repeat drunk driving offenders are wearing electronic devices such as ankle bracelets at all times. Furthermore, all repeat offenders should have to install ignition interlock instruments (IIDs) in their vehicles. * Attach a special marking to the license plates of repeat offenders. However, if someone else has to drive the repeat offender's vehicle, they could be mistaken for being a drunk driver. * Since the high percentage of drunk drivers are young, restrict driving for young drivers including not allowing them to drive after a certain time.

* Increase DUI awareness and education for students in elementary and high schools. Creating a sense of responsibility in young adults and children is also key in further reducing drunken driving incidences in the future. * Increase the number of public service announcements in the newspapers and on television. All of these ideas used together consistently would probably be best to reduce the number of DUI accidents. It's just a matter of the government or law enforcement implementing them being consistent with these initiatives in order for them to be effective while maintaining a level of lawfulness for all citizens.

Will Lowering the Drinking Age Limit Prevent Drunk Driving?For many years now there has been a growing debate surrounding the idea of lowering the legal age for drinking from the current age of 21 to 18. In California a group of college presidents and have united to push for this change in the drinkin