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Dreamweaver – Dreamweaver Extras Web Design Section 8-4 Part or all of this lesson was adapted from the University of Washington’s “Web Design & Development I” Course materials


Dreamweaver –Dreamweaver Extras. Web Design Section 8 -4. Part or all of this lesson was adapted from the University of Washington’s “Web Design & Development I” Course materials. Objectives. The Student will: Understand how set and use hotspots on images Create a “rollover image” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dreamweaver –Dreamweaver Extras

Web DesignSection 8-4

Part or all of this lesson was adapted from the University of Washington’s “Web Design & Development I” Course materials

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The Student will:Understand how set and use hotspots on

imagesCreate a “rollover image” Be able to create a form with fields that

users can fill in

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Image Maps and HotspotsAn image map is an image that has been

divided into regions called hotspots; when a user clicks a hotspot, an action occurs (for example, a new file opens).

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Defining Hotspots To define hotpots in an image:1. Select the image2. In the Properties panel define a Map

Name3. Using one of the

selection tools sweep a region of the image

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Defining Hotspots4. Set the Link, Target and Alt fields for the


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Defining HotspotsWhen complete Dreamweaver will

generate the HTML required for the hotspots: <map name="Cast" id="Cast"> <area shape="circle" coords="26,114,56"

href="http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0947338/" target="_blank" alt="Chekov - Anton Yelchin" />

<area shape="circle" coords="117,99,46" href="http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1517976/" target="_blank" alt="Kirk - Chris Pine" />


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Rollover Images Rollover images allow you to have a graphic

change to a different graphic when the mouse rolls over it. To insert a rollover image, do the following:1. Click Insert > Image Objects > Rollover Image

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Rollover Images1. In the Insert Rollover Image dialog box under

Original Image, browse for the image that is to be seen before the mouse rolls over it

2. Under Rollover Image browse for the image to be seen when the mouse rolls over it.

3. In the When clicked. Go to URL field, you can enter a link by typing in the web address or browsing to a file.

4. Click OK

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Rollover Dialog Box - Example

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Creating FormsCreating forms in

Dreamweaver is easy.

Later we will learn how add code to gather the data

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Creating a FormStart by Insert | Form | Form

Now you can begin adding fields, buttons, etc. through Insert | Form

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Adding a Text Field In the dialog box

add the Label for the field and choose where the label should appear.

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Setting Attributes for the FieldSelect the box and then set the attributes

in the Properties panel

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Text FieldsAdd remaining fields the same way

Set the Widths to appropriate values

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Adding Check BoxesYou can also add Check Boxes to your

form through Insert | Form | Checkbox Group

Add or subtract the number of boxes

Change the labels

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Check BoxesThe file now looks like this:

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Adding a Comment SectionTo add a box for the user to input text

through Insert | Form | Textarea

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Text Area AttributesSet the attributes in the Properties Panel:

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Text AreaThe file now looks like this:

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Adding a ButtonTo submit the form you will need to add a

button with Insert | Form | Button In this case we

do not need to set a label

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ButtonsThe default value for the button is “Submit”Our form is now complete:

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SummaryDreamweaver can be used to create

interesting features and forms quickly and easily.

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Rest of TodayFinish HW 8-1 and 8-2Play with rollover images, etc.

Add them to your image in tools.htmlTry to create a form

You will need those in your final project