Dreams Do Come True .My Story . RimPro-Tec .

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This is the incredible story behind how innova3ve wheel styling and protec3on system RimProTec came to be and is a very interes3ng one. Tornados and Dreams My Story
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I wanted to share my story with you my friends and anyone that would like to ready my story. I have shown a few people that have said my story has inspired and motivated them in life. Please pass this on and share with others if you think this will help them too . If you can dream it you can do it ..x DC x

Transcript of Dreams Do Come True .My Story . RimPro-Tec .

  • This is the incredible story behind how innova3ve wheel styling and protec3on system RimPro-Tec came to be and is a very interes3ng one. Tornados and Dreams My Story
  • Tornados I woke up one morning petri/ied, after having a dream about two tornados hitting my house, I woke my husband up telling him about my dream he told me to go back to sleep and that I had been too busy at work and not to worry about it, this I did until the 5th of July, just a few short weeks later. Well the 5th of July was the day everything changed my family and I, what I thought was the worst day of my life turned out to be the best day of my life, all thanks to the dream.
  • My daughters and I feared for our lives when two tornados slammed into our house in Oakura a small seaside township in Taranaki on the west coast of New Zealand. We were absolutely petried, we honestly thought we were all going to die. We ran to the back of the house, this is the part of the house that was undamaged in my dream and I lay my body over my girls to try and protect them, we all prayed that we would be safe, I prayed more 3mes than you could imagine in the few minuets we were on the oor. I can remember the deafening noise and the feeling was that of pure fear, something to this day I cant explain. I have heard people say that being in a Tornados is like standing at the back of a jet engine on a plane or a train at the side of you moving at 270 miles an hour, but all I can say is my daughters and I were petried, they screamed like nothing I have ever heard before they held and clung on to me and me to them for dear life fearing that if I let go of them I would never see them again.
  • The terrifying noise passed and we laid there for what seemed like an eternity. I can remember hearing voices shouting and screaming outside so we got up off the /loor and nothing could have prepared us for what we were about to see.
  • It was absolute carnage the childrens beds were a real shock to see with large two feet long shards of plated glass, spearing the mattresses and the childrens pillows. What was even more terrifying is that if the tornado happened just an hour after the children would have been in the very same beds.
  • Chris, my husband was working 4 hours away when the tornados hit the house, aQer seeing the news report on TV saying a small seaside township in Taranaki has been hit by a swarm of tornados, he immediately thought about the dream I had told him about a few weeks before. Chris tried in vein to get hold of us but all the telephone lines were downed by the tornados, so he called a family friend that lived about 10 miles away to get to us as soon as he could. Chris was on the cell phone to our friend as he pulled into Oakura and the police said he could not go down to where we lived as it was too dangerous, he passed the phone to the police and Chris begged to let him down to see if we were hurt or even worse, He did get through the road block and was talking to Chris as he approached our house and he did not know how to tell him but the house was seriously damaged and he could not see the girls and me, Chris was absolutely distraught, he thought he had lost us all, but our friend spoWed me in a neighbors house just up the street, he was so pleased to be able to tell Chris that we were safe and physically unhurt
  • We lost all of our material possessions that night the house was ruined the furniture was destroyed and it just showed us that you never expect to loose everything in a click of a nger but you can. But we didnt care about any of that I s3ll had my family and that is all that maWered. Then came the hammer blow I realized that we were actually homeless. As the day dawned so did the full extent of the devasta3on and the brute force of the tornados become painfully clear, as many as sixty homes were badly damaged when the tornados hit, as the clean up got underway it was thought at least six houses were beyond repair. The tornados came from the sea and destroyed everything in their path as they spiraled inland. The girls s3ll get very worried when the wind gusts but I am sure it will get beWer as 3me goes by.
  • From one Dream to another Our Dream is called Wheel Protec3on with change out colours
  • We moved to Auckland soon after the Tornados we could not settle and felt that we wanted to be away from where the tornados struck in fear it would happen again and started working around the clock 17 hours a day 7 days a week, we had too. We had a /looring business that was going really well and we worked that during the day and we would come home and work on RimPro-Tec, so we could move the invention to the next level.
  • Two Dreams one that saved our life and one that changed our life. We always knew that we were so blessed having the two dreams, one that saved our lives and one that was changing our lives and we also knew that this time we could actually be in a position to change other peoples lives and to help people that are less fortunate than ourselves, to this end we set up our foundation to help families in need and kids on the street.
  • Some days were really rough having never brought a product to the market before and mo3va3on was a big thing keeping going was the only op3on. I can remember one day pulling the car up to the side of the road crying, thinking I really can't take or push my self anymore I just can not go any further, I sat in the car for a while and decided to put the radio on I really dont know why I did it but I was so pleased I did, on this one occasion, at that 3me was a song playing called You are half way there living on a prayer by Bon-Jovi. Well that song worked for me and I had to keep going, I was now mo3vated again but this 3me on a whole dierent level. I just knew that not only did I have to do this for my family, but I had to do it for other children that need my help to.
  • Months turned into years but we never gave up on that dream we were going to make a difference, several prototypes, different materials and lots and lots of testing. We eventually found the perfect design and the best material to use and there it was the dream had become a reality and is a fantastic world-class product and one that I am very proud of and very excited about.
  • The RimPro-Tec system is made up of a base and inner, if a curb is hit the inner will rotate within the outer base to take some stress away from the tape. RimPro-Tec is a specially developed extrusion that is easily applied to the wheel with the use of a proven very high bond tape. The system is available in silver base with a silver inner and also in black base with a black inner, this way you are able to be discreet and in many cases you can not see the product on the wheels BUT if you do want some color then we supply 15 different colored inners that will allow you to have a pinstripe around your wheels. Red, green, blue, yellow the choice is yours and they look fantastic.
  • The product has been designed to be able to t most wheel styles and has a universal tment of 14 to 22 and if your wheels are bigger or want a non standard color we have the ability to make special order sizes and colors. RimPro-Tec is now being sold in several countries around the world, but we are always on the look out for new opportuni3es and placement for our products. RimPro-Tec now has 97 Patents and Trademarks around the World. RimPro-Tec has won Global Media Awards from our piers at SEMA and many more accolades from around the world for innovaDon and best product.
  • You can contact us at: sales[email protected] www.rimpro-tec.com +64 (0) 21 0255 2471