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Case Study

Is it possible to put the draper U logo on Superman? Does not need to perfect. I recognize that their are licensing issues around doing this.added slide 22. I want to show that I was able to develop relationships with media partners. Please make it look pretty_Marked as resolved__Re-opened_never mind. I will delete this slide it looks like it is taken care of in the media section.Overview | Draper University

Marketing Plan for DraperTV Launch

Draper University Personas/Target Audiences

DU Branding Analysis

Unique Selling PropositionUnique Selling Proposition | Draper University

Best in class entrepreneurial content

Gamification of entrep. education

FrameworkFramework |Pirate Metrics


Dave McClure

Awareness + AcquisitionAwareness + Acquisition | LaunchPress ReleasePodcastConference Guest BlogPromote at Draper EventsParty/MeetupSVEProduct HuntStartup Grind

Awareness + Acquisition | OngoingYouTube TeasersBlogSocial Media - ExistingContestsUniversity PartnershipsAlumni Advocacy

ActivationActivation | TacticsDrive to website1-3 Month Free SubscriptionDaily or Weekly Use

RetentionRetention | TacticsWeekly email with teaserUnique ContentGamification of ChallengesAddicting Product

ReferralReferral | TacticsAlumni VS FansBuild Community into Product Free SubscriptionBonus ContentContest via Social Media

Suggestion for slide 15. Picture of fans in a stadium

RevenueI really like the direction you have taken with this project. Looks really good.Revenue | SubtitleNadim Hossain, VP Marketing, PowerReviewsAt Salesforce.com, roughly 3.75% of our Free Trials converted to Sales:

Convert Free-Trial to Paid ~ 3.75%

Residential Program Draper University Residential Program Personas/Target AudiencesBrief overview of who you think the target audience(s) are for the residential program areHow you think we should target them Strategies & tacticSocial Media, Schools, ambassador, trade TV subscriptionskeeping user base engagedAlumni MeetupsResidential Program | Target Market Profile

OverviewMinority Woman, early 20s, no formal education, adventurous, freelancer/entrepreneur.

Pain Points Wants to be an entrepreneur but doesnt know where to start.

Key drivers / motivatorsDesires to make the world a better place with talents and to make more money.

Effective influencesHighly independent

Sequoia Aspiring Entrepreneur

Residential Program | Target Market Profile

OverviewMale non-minority, mid-late 20s, mid-tier college, educated but idealistic.

Pain PointsNeeds to build network to pursue passion.

Key drivers / motivatorsDesire to make the world a better place with talents. Not as concerned with money.

Effective influencesFriends & FamilyAriSubtitle

Residential Program | Target Market Profile

OverviewMinority Female, late 20s, highly educated, technical skill set.

Pain PointsLacking in business/entrepreneurial education

Key drivers / motivatorsDeep desire to solve problem that affected her. Needs access to capital/network

Effective influencesROI calculation & network

SurbhiSerious entrepreneur

Residential Program | Target Market Profile

OverviewMinority Female, late 20s, educated, entrepreneurial, design expertise.

Pain PointsLack of awareness/understanding

Key drivers / motivatorsUse creative talents to make a living

Effective influencesIndependent but influenced by friend recommendation.

StephanieLost Customer

Key Strategies Residential Program | Key StrategiesAlumni MeetupsKey PartnershipsHoliday & Summer BreakExisting Media Channels

AlumniResidential Program | AlumniID Key Alumni in Strategic Markets

Provide Resources for Bi-Annual Events

Turn Alums into Brand Advocates

Partnerships Partnerships | Opportunities

Partnerships | Opportunity with LAUNCH

Hackathon Festival TWIST Ticker

BreaksBreaks | Subtitle

Chinese New Year

Australian Summer Break

American Summer BreakIndian Summer Break

Media StrategyMedia Strategy | Media Partners

Residential Program |Social Media Tactics

Use Existing Channels (Draper TV)

Perform Audit & Adapt Plan

Press Releases: Promote Founder Success

Branding Analysis

PhilosophyTechStars Brad Feld: A Startup Community Needs a 20-year Time Horizon

Branding Analysis | Philosophy

People buy products & services. They belong to communities.

Branding Analysis | Products/Service VS Community

Branding Analysis | Brands Evolve


Brand EquityDFJPortfolio Companies Entrepreneur NetworkRespected & TrustedTim Drapers Celebrity StatusRegionally KnownBranding Analysis | Strengths

Is this part of a SWOT?


Current PerceptionStandardization of Brand Large Portfolio of ProductsBranding Analysis | Weaknesses


Branding Analysis | Current Perception

Current perception is that the program is a summer camp like experience. Need to communicate that it is a professional/world class program that is also fun.Branding Analysis | More Draper or More University

VSThe goal is to change the messaging to reflect that Draper gives entrepreneurs the tools and resources to be exceptional.Slide 47 needs your talentsBranding Analysis | A Superhero Inside All of US

The goal is to change the messaging to reflect that Draper gives entrepreneurs the tools and resources to be exceptional.There is a super-hero in all of usDraper U gives you the tools to be extraordinaryBranding Analysis | Message

Brand Standards

Most Important Text is at Bottom of PageFluffy/Buzzwordy ContentReduce Text by 50%Non-responsiveBranding Analysis | Content & Design Review

Branding Analysis | Confusing Brand

slide 49 needs your expertiseFontColorTypography

Branding Analysis | Logo Critique

From Idea to IPO.DFJ develops the entrepreneur &investors.Branding Analysis | Message

Branding Analysis | Brand Standards

Consistent Brand Image-use of typography-use- more of familycolors, fonts, typography,Not a thick enough thread pulling them together


Design StrategistBranding StrategyDigital | Entrep.UniversityConsultantDesignContent StrategistTEAM

#BuildGreatThingsBrett Noyes@brettnoyesbrnoyes888@gmail.com509-910-3496

Notes/supplementary SectionNo need to design these slides.Request for Mission Statement:The Draper University Mission Statement: (FYI background info on this TD (Tim Draper) has not wanted to create a mission statement b/c he believes the mission of the program is constantly changing.) The team created this statement at the end of last year to help guide ourselves and the goals of the team.

We aim to inspire people and accelerate ideas by igniting the entrepreneurial spirit

Residential Program:Draper University residential program fosters a community of diverse leaders who want to change the world by equipping them with skills, access and resources in Silicon Valley.

Exec Ed Program:Expose corporate & startup executives to the Silicon Valley mindset, expertise and eco-system.Mission Statements | Draper University