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  • 1. Clary GenealogyTracing Our Clary Ancestry in AmericaStarting in 2010 and Going Back in TimeTo Around 1730

2. Part One:Descendants of Feralyn Foster Clary 3. Who are we? How Are We Related? 2005 Palm Desert CA 4. Where Do We Come From? Whe 2001 La Crescenta CA 5. This is just one small part of a really big story. 6. Do you know who we are? 2001We are sisters and brother.We are Clary descendants, even though our last names are different. 7. 1987 recognize us? 8. Phyllis Family2007 9. Maudes Family 20042006200620092000 2006 10. George Jr.s Familyca. 2002 2007 11. One Person Many NamesThats my sister. Thats my mom.Thats my aunt.Im also a niece, a cousin. Thats my great aunt. I was a daughter and a wife, too!Thats my grandmother.Today, most people call me Maude Scolaro. 12. Which two arefirst cousins? Whats asecond cousin?2006Most people call us Sylvana, Megan, Lily and Catie. 13. All of us have one thing in common: We are descendents of George Freeman HeineandFeralyn Foster ClaryThey were my parents.They were my grandparents.They were my GREAT GRANDPARENTS! 14. George Freeman HeineFather of Maude, George Jr., & Phyllis 1942-431850 Jermain Dr. Toledo OH 15. Feralyn Foster Clary HeineMother of Maude, George & Phyllis1941 16. Now we will go backwards in time. Who was Feralyn Foster Clary? 17. Feralyn Foster Clary Heine October 21, 1907 to December 7, 1994 ca. 1920 ca. 1944Most people calledher Lynn.1920s - with parents Mabel & Justin Clary 18. Her grandchildrencalled her Mama LynnGreat grandchildrenSylvana McLean and Scott MorrisonJuly 22, 1995 memorial service 19. Part Two:Descendants of Justin Robert Clary 20. Philip Feralyn Their father, Justin Bob 21. Robert, Philip and Feralyn produced all of these children and more. 1947 or 48 22. The next slides will start to boggle your mind!In 2010, there are 110 livingdescendants of Justin Robert Clary. 23. Descendants of Justins son Robert S. ClaryHis 5 children, Cynthia, Dick, Jane, Bob, Susan in 2009 24. Descendants of Justins son Philip H. Clary2008 Groton MA 25. Descendants of Justins daughter Feralyn F. Clary2006 Palm Desert CA 26. Some live on the East CoastSusan Clary Delahunt Carol Clary Haeberli Babbie Clary Horner and family 27. Some live in the MidwestAlison Donahue + Alan SavoieChris + Michelle Heine wedding George + Nancy Heine 28. Some live on the West Coast Bob Clary and familyDick ClaryJane Clary Cochrane and familyplus many ofFeralynsdescendants. 29. All of us share one thing:We are descendants ofJustin and Mabel Clary!Hello! Nice to meet you!Are you my third cousin? I have relatives all over the United States! 30. Justin Robert ClaryMay 26, 1873 to May 24, 1959 1959 gouache + pencilby Mike Doyle 31. Part Three:Justin Robert Clary 32. When Justin and Mabel Clary marriedthey first settled in Worcester MA andthen here in White Plains NY. Is this 267 Chatterton Parkway, White Plains NY? 33. Summer Vacation at Grandfathers, ca. 1915 As children, Robert, Philip and Feralyn traveled with their parents from White Plains NY to Hallowell ME on a boat! 34. Hallowell ME was ahalf hour buggy ridenorth of Gardiner ME.Gardiner ME was the lastboat stop going northup the Kennebec River.Grandfather greeted them. 35. 19151914 Are We There Yet? 36. 44 Central St. Hallowell ME Charles Henry Clarys Home,where Justin Robert Clary was raised. 2010The house A is high on a hill, overlooking the Kennebec River. 37. 44 Central St. Hallowell ME 2010This is probably the size of the original property. 38. Faade faces Kennebec RiverDriveway is on Central St.2010 39. Robert, Philip & Feralyn Clarys ParentsJustin Robert Clary Mabel Coombs Clary 40. Some of You Know the Story of The GreatSun Ball Made from Clary GraniteIn 1914, it was said to havebeen the largest granitesphere in the world!From 1914 to 1946, it1914 stood on the campus of Columbia UniversityIt was the pointer, orgnomon, of a sundial. 41. In 1944, a crack wasdiscovered in the sphere.The Gnomon wasremoved from the Sundial,December 1946.The New York Timesreported that the ball hadbroken into pieces.But we know that the ballwas returned to the Clarystone yard in the Bronx. 42. Where is it now?1961installation in Michigan 2006 43. Part Four:Clary Ancestors in Americabefore Justin Robert Clary 44. What Does All This Stuff about Granite Have to Do With Me?JR Clary & SonsFletcher Granite Co.Quarrying /cutting granite was the business that Justin Clarysfather got into. It continued with his sons and step-grandson. 45. These two pages tell the story of the first five generations of Clarys in America! 46. All 5 generations were from the Stateof Maine they were Mainers or Mainahs asthey would say.Lets work our way backHallowellin time. Justin, his siblingsand his parents livedin Hallowell, near thestate capital, Augusta. 47. We will proceed south as we move back in time through the five generations. D Hallowell ME Justin Robert Clary. born Charles Henry Clary, lived C Jefferson ME Charles Henry Clary, born Robert Clary Jr., born+lived Robert Clary Sr., lived B Georgetown ME Robert Clary Sr., born John Clary, lived A New Castle NH John Clary, immigrated 48. Charles Henry Clary & Lusanna E. ClaryMarried September 19, 187044 Central St, Hallowell There are no descendantsof Charles Henry Clary in Hallowell.Justin, 2nd of 5 childrenThe town everyone left. 49. Hallowell ME Cemetery2001But they came back to be buried here 50. Movie Clip will show at end 51. Charles Henry Clarys Parents WereRobert Clary Jr. and Abigail HarrimanThey lived 22 mileseast of Hallowellin Jefferson ME. There are many pointsof interest aroundJefferson that have the Clary name.Find any? 52. Clary Lake is a peaceful place. The area seemed good forfarming, which is what twogenerations of Clarys did here. 53. DowntownJefferson ME 54. Robert Clary, Sr. Walked North toJefferson from GeorgetownWhere He Was Born.He was a pioneer in the settlement of the town. 55. The Clary property in Jefferson is poetically described. We need to find out where it is located. 56. Georgetown ME, Where Robert ClarySr. Was Born 57. Georgetown Historical SocietyLynn Jones had a wealth of information to share. 58. Georgetown was the Home ofJohn Clary and Jane Mahenny 59. How Did John Clary Die?Tragically, he died the day his 4th son, Robert [Sr.] was born. 60. This undated photograph was labeled as being onJohn and Jane Clarys property, lot 13, Georgetown ME. 61. 17592010With these two maps we can find where John Clary lived. 62. Lot 13 63. Approx. Lot 13 Lot 13 * Look, a road! ! 64. A Visit to Lot 13 John Clarys landThe northwestern portionwas heavily wooded. 65. Looking out on the Back River, late in the day. 66. I have a video of the view fromJohn Clarys lot #13 of the Back River. 67. John Clary Came from New Castle NH 68. I have some videos of New Castle NH 69. Conclusion Whew! That wasa long story! 70. The Journey that Our Ancestors Made 71. Phyllis started this one:Family Traditions Whats yours?Who started this one? 72. What Generation Are You?1st GenerationJohn Claryb. 1725-30 d. 4-10-1759age 29-342nd GenerationRobert Clary, Sr. b. 4-10-1759 d. 5-13-1848age 893rd GenerationRobert Clary, Jr. b. 12-22-1782d. 8-11-1850age 684th GenerationCharles Henry Claryb. 2-2-1840 d. 4-3-1924 age 845th GenerationJustin Robert Clary b. 5-26-1873 d. 5-24-1959age 866th GenerationRobert, Philip, Feralyn b.1903-1907d. 1971-1989ages 68, 85, 877th GenerationPhyllis, Maude, George, Jr. b. 1930-19348th GenerationShaun, Catherine, Alison, Colin, AnneGretchen, Laura, Peter, Darin, Christian, Christopher b. 1954-19679th GenerationClark, Sara, Scott, Sylvana, Cooper, Adam, Alan, LilyMegan, Catie, Hunter, Kevin, Christian, Ava, Sophia, Nicholas b. 1984-200710th Generation ??? 73. ENDThis was just one small partof an even bigger story. Kisses all around, were Irish!Thank you Ed. Clarey!Catherine Clary McLean8th generation Clarycatherine.c.mclean@gmail.comNovember 2010 74. Hey, 9th Gen, Are You Up for a Challenge?There Might Be a Little Twist to This Story One papersuggests that there wereFOUR generations beforeJohn Clary. Have fun!