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Transcript of DR. MUSARRAT JABEEN (LEAD FELLOW) - National ...ndu.edu.pk/fcs/CVs/musarat_cv.pdf1 DR. MUSARRAT...

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    Dr. Musarrat Jabeen,Associate Professor,Faculty of Contemporaty Studies,National Defense Univerity,Islamabad.Ph: 0300-3885453CNIC: 1310164612046

    Date of Birth: 1st February 1966Residence:House No: 72Street No: 101G 13/1IslamabadEmail: musarratjabeen7@yahoo.comPassport No: AA8002043


    Masters in International Relations, University of Balochistan, (1989)The subjects taught were: Principles of International Relations, Foreign Policy of Pakistan, International Institutions, International law, Politics of Middle East, Strategic Studies, Politics of International Economic Relations, European Diplomacy.

    M. Phil in International Relations, University of Balochistan, (1999).The focus of M. Phil study was, International Economic Relations Since 1990 and its Impact on Third World: A Case Study of Pakistan. The central point of the study focused upon the hypothesis that the Third World problems are unending and according to the existing circumstances the improvement is not likely. Patterns of behaviour such as policies of Developed Countries and Less Developed Countries on regional and international economic issues are discussed to find out the international economic improvement in favour of Less Developed Countries.

    Ph. D in International Relations, University of Karachi, (2000-2004).The title of research is, "International institutions and the challenge of sustainable development in Balochistan since 1990". Systems thinking and multi-disciplinary approach are applied in research. The biblical landmarks of sustainable development; Stockholm conf 1972, Rio conf 1992 and agenda 21 with different chapters are base of study. The executive idea is related to two factors one is external to Pakistan: the collapse of Russia has sequenced economic opportunities in Central Asia----the importance of Balochistan has been accentuated because of its geo-strategic value, the second is internal to Pakistan: much of development work is done in three other provinces of Pakistan ----the resources of Balochistan provide an opportunity to Pakistan for success. http://eprints.hec.gov.pk/1832/1/1759.htm

    The focus of research is conflict, competition, and cooperation with in and around UN family of Institutions. The salient features are as follows:

    International institutions and the trend of globalization since 1990 International institutions and external perspective of Pakistan economy Capacity building for awareness & education and international institutions in


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    Rangelands of Balochistan in global perspective of climate change and International Institutions

    Balochistan in Peace-Conflict (Afghanistan) spectrum and international institutions

    L. L. B, University of Balochistan, (1992-1994).

    Completed PMP Certification Preparation Course Conducted by Business Management Consultants (BMC) USA, (2011)


    1. Nominated as member of Study United States Institute 2011, organized by US State Department and University of Delaware USA.

    2. Selection as researcher in Parliamentarians Institute of Pakistan, Islamabad, (May, 2009)

    3. Nominated as examiner to evaluate Ph. D theses by Aligarh University India (Jan 2009)

    4. Nominated as member of Advisory Editorial Board of Pakistan Journal of International Relations, University of Karachi, Pakistan, October 2008

    5. Nominated as member of Advisory Committee of Sub-Committee on National Survey on Public Perception of Police of National Survey on Public Perception of Police of National Public Safety Commission (NPSC) July 2008

    6. Invited as Visiting Researcher at Lahore University of Management Sciences- School of Arts and Sciences- a two month research titled, Conflict Management in Balochistan would be carried out in (Jan-Feb 2008) www.lums.edu.pk

    7. Managed Memorandum of Understanding with Global Change Impact Studies Center Islamabad; COMSATS Islamabad and University of Balochistan, Quetta in November , 2007

    8. Fellowship of Defense and Strategic Studies Department, Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad- a two month research was carried out titled: Pakistan and Management of Regional Trade Seicurity in Globalization. The study introduced index of trade security. (Jan-Feb 2007) www.qau.edu.pk

    9. Fellowship of Institute of Regional studies, Islamabad- a two month research was carried out titled: SOUTH ASIA AND MANAGEMENT OF ENERGY SECURITY. The study introduced index of energy security. (Jan-Feb 2006) www.irs.org.pk

    10.Participation as a delegate on behalf of Government on Pakistan at the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit 2005, organized by the Energy Resources Institute. (3-5 Feb 2005)

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    11.Appointment of examiner/ paper setter in connection with Provincial Civil Service exams: for the post of section officer/Assistant. Commissioner. B-17, by the Balochistan Public Service Commission Quetta in 2006

    12.Institute of Regional Studies Islamabad published research paper, titled, SOUTH ASIA AND MANAGEMENT OF ENERGY SECURITY in digest FOCUS ON REGIONAL ISSUES in 2006.

    13.Delegated University of Balochistan in National Conference, PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT OF TEACHERS IN HIGHER EDUCAITON IN PAKISTAN, held on 16-18, 2007, organized by National Academy of Higher Education, Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

    14.Nomination as examiner and interviewer in 2007 for the competitive examination (Central Superior Service-conducted by the Federal Public Service Commission, every year), by the Vice Chancellor University of Balochistan Quetta.

    15.Fellowship of LEAD: (Leadership for Environment and Development affiliated to Imperial and Wye College of London)- a two year IT intensive professional development course with emphasis on Leadership, Sustainable Development and Globalization. It involves a network of mid career professionals fro 35 countries. Visited Brazil, Japan, and Mexico during fellowship. (Oct, 1999-Oct 2002)www.lead.org

    16.University of Blochistan provided the attraction allowance (two advance increments in basic salary), because of first class first in education career.

    17.Selection for Canada World Youth Program 1987-88- by Ministry of Education Islamabad over first class first in B.A in 1986.

    18.Gold Medal Awarded by President Zia ul Haq- over first position in Intermediate in 1984.

    19.See Trip through Pakistan, arranged by Ministry of Education Islamabad in 1986 over first position in Intermediate in 1984.

    20.Award of Nishan-e-Haider Scholarship for four years bestowed by Ministry of Education Islamabad over first position in Intermediate in 1984.

    21.Cash Merit Award, bestowed by Ministry of Education Islamabad over first position in Matriculation in 1982.

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    1. International Relations 2. Political System 3. Local Govt4. Social Science Research Methods5. Gender Studies6. Non Traditional Security Issues7. Business Ethics8. Decision Making9. Sustainable Development: Certificate10. Energy Security11. Conflict Management12. Governance13. Thoughtful Intelligence14. Social Capital15. Climate Change


    Degree Obtained

    Subjects Position in the board University

    % age of


    Year of Award certificate/Deg


    Board/University/Institution which awarded the


    Medal Awarde


    Matriculation Civics, English, Gen.


    First class first

    66% 1982 B. I. S. E Quetta Cash Merit

    AwardIntermediate Economics,

    Psychology, Islamiat

    First class first

    65% 1984 B. I. S. E Quetta Gold Medal

    B. A Sociology, Psychology

    First class first

    62% 1986 University of Balochistan Quetta

    Gold Medal

    M. A International Relations

    First class first

    73% 1989 University of Balochistan Quetta

    Gold Medal

    L. L. B International Law, Muslim

    Civil Law, Constitutional


    1992 University of Balochistan Quetta

    M. PhilInternational

    Relations1999 University of Balochistan


    Ph. D International Relations

    2004 University of Karachi

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    Post held Organization Duration from -to

    Grade/BPS from 17 to onwards

    Total Period

    Research fellow

    The Hastings Education System, Social Sciences Scholl. ONT, Canada

    March 25, 1990 to October 7, 1991

    One year and eight months

    Lecturer University of Balochistan Quetta

    October 10, 1992 to October 2004

    BPS/17 12 years

    Assistant Professor

    University of Balochistan Quetta

    September 14 2004 to August 29 2005

    BPS/18 One year

    Associate Professor

    University of Balochistan Quetta

    August 29 2005 to September 2008


    Tenured Associate Professor

    University of Balochistan

    September 2008 to 20 May, 2010


    Associate Prof NUST(National University of Sciences and Technology

    May 20 2010Till 16 June 2011


    Research Fellow

    COMSATS(Commission on Sciences and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South

    June 16 2011, Dec 2011


    Associate Professor

    COMSATS, CIIT Abbottabad

    Dec 28, 2011 to July 30, 2015

    Associate Professor

    Associate Professor

    National Defense University Isd

    July 31, 2015 till today

    Associate Professor


    S. No.

    Post Period Institution / Organization

    From To

    2. In charge International Relations




    Dec 2005

    University of Balochistan, Quetta

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    3. Chairperson Inte