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INTRODUCTIONDr.Fixit scope of polymer changed layers are adjusted bitumen waterproofing layers fabricated by immersing and covering a polyester transporter with a waterproofing compound made of a unique evaluation of altered bitumen with APP polymers.

The upper and lower surfaces are overlaid with polyethylene film.

While the modifiers support the warm, mechanical and maturing attributes of the layer intensify, the non woven polyester bearer sets up the mechanical qualities as it executes as the fortification component that furnishes the layer with its noteworthy Tensile Strength, Tear Strength, Puncture Resistance and Elongation properties.

DR.FIXITDr. Fixit Super Latex depends on altered Styrene butadiene latex utilized for superior applications as a part of waterproofing and repairs.It is utilized for repairs of spalled cement, for example, floors, sections, bars, chhajjas, pieces and waterproofing of toilets and bathrooms and patios. It bonds unequivocally to old and new cement and to mortar.

solid repairs - Spalled cement of floors, segments, shafts, chhajas, sections, parapets, and so forth.

waterproofing Small rooftop porches, indented bits of toilets and bathrooms, chhajas and lift pits, overhangs and staircases.

waterproofing fluid and emanating tanks, auto decks and walkways.

Bonding mortar for tiles and boards, as undercoat for exceptional completes, for example, top render-ing coat for concoction safe floors.

As a bond coat for holding of new cement to old solid, workmanship stone work, putting.

cladding altering or re-settling of slip blocks, tiles, stones and marble bedding.

As outside rendering weatherproof and ice safe render, high wear and disintegration safe render. as bonding slurry coat for pinhole treatment on solid surface and as repair mortar for overhead application.


IMPORTANCEFunnels running over the rooftop or parapet divider

Electric wires or links courses

Downpour water channel outlets with legitimate size and number

FUNCTIONSEdge at the stair case entryway

Water tank, dish reception apparatus, split AC unit bases

Amid surface planning an essential thing is the fitting of channel outlets

SPECIFICATIONSBrush apply two layers of fluid waterproofing film Dr. Fixit Roofseal with time interim of 6-8 hrs between the coats

Extend the covering up to 100-150 mm on the vertical parapet dividers

The utilization of every coat should be in opposite course to the ensuing coat

Permit Dr. Fixit Roofseal to air cure for 72 hours before directing the water ponding test

ADVANTAGESLay a 150 gsm geotextile fabric everywhere throughout the covered surface of Dr. Fixit Roofseal to keep it from getting harmed while laying the solid screed

Lay solid screed of M20 evaluation to give slant (1:100) for successful and effective waste of water.

The thickness of screed at the channel end should be 50 mm least

USES OF DR.FIXITThe channel is fitted via painstakingly adjusting and fitting utilizing Dr. Fixit Pidicrete URP adjusted mortar.

Amid the fitting consideration is taken to give a catchment zone at the channel zone adjusted to the incline gave in the screed.

Dr. Fixit Roofseal covering is done along the fitting territory as an extra covering before continuing for conclusive covering

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