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Dr. Dana Samet DDS trained at Lunds University in Sweden and upon graduating in 1997 practiced there until her move to California. She took her dental board examination at USC and UOP, and now has been practicing in the South Bay since 2002.

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  • Dr. Dana Samet - Cosmetic Dentist

  • Dr. Dana Samet DDS has had a successful career as a dentist. She has earned the respect from her colleagues as well as patients for offering highest quality dental care services at affordable prices. She provides the finest, safest and most comfortable care to patients.

  • Some of the services offered at her dental clinic include cosmetic dentistry, root canals, gum treatment, extractions, invisalign, bondings and many more. Cavity treatment is widely utilized by patients to stop cavities from spreading or becoming infected.

  • This treatment usually involves removing decayed tooth material and replacing it with a filling. It helps to protect the tooth and keeps it stronger. The cavity treatments are very effective and aim to prevent the formation of cavities in the first place.

  • At her dental office, Dr. Dana Samet and her teams are highly experienced and qualified in providing excellent dental care services. They take care of all needs of patients. Their friendly and caring behavior make patients comfortable in discussing issues being faced by them.

  • With use of latest technologies and medical advancements, they help to improve smile with ease and comfort. The office places a strong emphasis on cosmetic dentistry and make you look and feel your best with a new and beautiful smile. For more details about Dr. Dana Samet, please browse through www.cosmeticdentisttorrance.com