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  • Owensboro RiverportGeneral Information

    Located at Mile 759 on the Ohio River

    Established in 1966 by the City of OwensboroOperations began in 1976

    285 acre site with flat topography

    Over 700,000 sq ft of warehousing

    General Purpose Foreign Trade Zone(FTZ Zone #29 Site 8)

    U.S. Customs Port of Entry

    Homeland Security Port

    Intermodal (rail, river, and 4-lane highway)

    Bulk Storage available

    Array of loaders, forklifts, and specialtyequipment to complement full service port

    Rail loop to accommodate 84 car unit traincertified for 286,000 lb railcars

    Tug/fleeting service available 24 hours a day

    Property bisected by main line of CSX

    Served by State Highway 331 to the KentuckyParkways and U.S. Interstate systems

    Owensboro-Daviess County Regional Airport islocated five miles from the Owensboro Riverport.Airport has an 8,000 ft runway.

    MidAmerica Airpark zone I-1 (light industrial) islocated five miles from the Owensboro Riverportwith acreage for sale for economic development

    Services offered include commodity handling(barge, truck, rail), ground storage, tank storagewarehouse storage, and special projects

    Primary business segments - Metals, Agribusiness,Bulk Transports, Cargo, and Warehousing

    Liquid Tank Farm includes three tanks with 6 milliongallon capacity and site excavation ready foradditional tanks

  • Terminal Facilities

    Eight (8) pile cells

    Six (6) mooring dolphins

    8,200 linear feet rail track

    5,700 linear feet rail loop

    Over 100 acres of outside storagePaved or limestone gravel base

    Bulk storage totaling up to 14,200 tons

    Grain handling facility22,500 bushel-per-hour barge loading rate

    Storage capacity for 690,000 bushels of grain

    Liquid tank farm 6 million gallonsSite excavation completed for additional tanksRiver/rail access and load out facility

    Adjoining acreage available for construction andfuture growth potential

    Certified truck scale

    Array of equipment to complement full service portincludes:

    Two (2) 110-ton capacity cranesCrawler and barge mounted

    Semis and dump trucksFlatbeds and van trailers

    Loaders, fleet trucks, specialty equipmentavailable

    Lift trucks5,000 to 52,000 pound lifting capacity

    Rail car mover with eight car capacity

  • Warehouse Facilities

    Warehouse #1 32,000 sq ft

    Warehouse #2 (LME) 21,000 sq ft

    Warehouse #3 (LME) 43,250 sq ft

    Warehouse #2 and #3 are the official warehouses forthe London Metal Exchanges North American SpecialAluminum Alloy Contract (NASAAC).

    Warehouse #4 (state-of-the-art) 300,000 sq ft14 loading docksCovered dock accomodates space for 17 railcars

    Warehouse#5-A (center of building) 25,000 sq ft

    Warehouse #5-B (right side of building) 7,500 sq ft

    Warehouse #5-C (left side of building) 10,000 sq ft

    Warehouse #6-A (left side of building) 12,500 sq ft

    Warehouse #6-B (right side of building) 12,500 sq ft

    Warehouse #7 25,000 sq ft

    Warehouse #8 10,000 sq ft

    Optional space available 210,000 sq ft

    Spotter truck services

    Rail spurs to most buildings

    Directly adjacent to the CSX main rail line

    700,000 sq ft of warehouse space available

  • A Message From the President/CEO

    Owensboro Riverport has an excellent reputation as a premier inland port inthe Ohio River Valley. I am privileged to lead a team of associates that arecommitted to excellence. We are driven to earn your business each andevery day. We have experience in structuring public/private investmentpartnerships. I invite you to visit our port or our website to see how muchthe Owensboro Riverport offers relative to your business.

    Ed Riney(270)663-4034

  • Metals

    Aluminum, steel, zinc, copper, lead, and other metalspass through the port on their journey to facilitiesaround the country. Our position along the river allowsfor swift transport of metals to various industriesthroughout the nation. Inside and outside storage isreadily available for all metals.

    In March of 2005, the London Metal Exchange licensedOwensboro Riverport as a warehouse for delivery ofNA380.1 aluminum alloy against its North AmericanSpecial Aluminum Alloy Contract (NASAAC).Owensboro Riverport is actively pursuing other LMEcommodities.

    Connecting Commerce To The World

    When it comes to transportation and warehousing,Owensboro, Kentucky is one of the most productiveand strategically located regions in the nation. Thecitys central location provides opportunity to delivergoods and materials to 50% of the nations populationwithin one days travel time.

    The Owensboro Riverport plays an important role inthe promotion of commerce in the region. Ourlocation on the Ohio River at mile marker 759, withaccess to river, rail, and major highway systems, makesus the premier site for all your storage, transportation,and distribution needs.

    Our mission is to establish the Owensboro Riverport asthe premier inland port in the Ohio River Valley. Westrive to provide a dynamic, efficient, customer-oriented, and market-focused intermodal facility thatcontributes to commerce and economic growth forOwensboro and the region.

    The Owensboro Riverport is designated as a HomelandSecurity Port, a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ Zone #29,Site 8), and a U.S. Customs Port of Entry.

  • Warehousing

    With over 800,000 tons of cargo handled on a yearlybasis, the Owensboro Riverport has developed amplewarehouse space to accommodate the uniquerequirements for the industries we serve. Both rawmaterials and finished products are handled each dayutilizing over 500,000 sq ft of on-site warehouse spacewith an additional 210,000 sq ft lease space available.

    Warehouse docks and three rail spurs ensure producthandling efficiency and provide flexibility for truck andrail requirements. An 80 ft state-of-the-art truck scale isavailable on site for weighing applications.

    Owensboro Riverport operates a distribution center fora major paper products company.

    Bulk Transport, Cargo, andSpecial Projects

    Oftentimes, the most cost effective method of transportis via barge. River transport is low-impact,environmentally friendly, and a safe method oftransportation.

    The Owensboro Riverport can handle the transport ofbulk, break bulk, and project cargo. Our facility hasthe capacity to load, unload, store, and transfer largequantities of bulk material as required by ourcustomers.

    Special projects, such as the transport of heavyequipment, are well within the Riverports capabilities.

  • Agribusiness

    The Owensboro Riverports location in the heart ofAmerica makes it a prime location for the shipping andreceiving of materials for agribusiness. Large quantitiesof grain, fertilizer, and other agribusiness products areshipped and received through the ports facilities.

    Facilities include partitioned bulk storage for 4,200 tonsand 6 million gallons of liquid storage capacity.

    Grain loading facilities provide 22,500 bushels-per-hour loading and extensive grain storage.

    Agribusiness is a market segment we continue to focuson with public/private partnerships.

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