Don't Spook Your Customers: How to Personalize Without Being Creepy

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Transcript of Don't Spook Your Customers: How to Personalize Without Being Creepy

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#The Creep Factor

Zombie Marketing[zom-bee-mahr-ki-ting]Automating the entire marketing process, treating customers as the same ORGhost Marketing [ost-mahr-ki-ting]

Relentlessly haunting your customers in pursuit of a sale

#The Creep Factor

58% of consumers are comfortable having their shopping interests and behaviors used by retailers if they receive a more personalized experience


Eliminating the Spook Factor


Display Ad Retargeting

Spooky: Non-stop retargeting

Effective: Applying a frequency cap to serve ads within a set period of time

Frequency Limit

Content Relevance


Pro Tip: The more segmented your audience; the higher you can set your frequency cap

#Email Retargeting

Spooky: Non-stop emails in customer inboxes

Effective Marketing: Sending one to three re-engagement emails after customers abandon their shopping cart

Email #1

Email #2

Sent 48 hours post-abandonment

Email #3

No response?

Send email #2 within 24 hours

No response?

Send email #3 within 48 hours


Pro TipSend the first email within 30 min. of abandonment

#Offsite Geo-Location Targeting

Spooky: Location-based ads with no relevance, only proving the customer was tracked

Effective: Target with relevant as the goal; where does the data tell you theyre going, not where theyve been

Sent 48 hours post-abandonment

Campari / Lyft Campaign Targeting:

Males & Females 21+Mobile usersLocated near high concentration of bars


Pro TipWhen targeting by location, to be assistive with the ads you serve; focus on a specific action

#Onsite Location-based Targeting

Spooky: Ads showing customers past locations are tracked, without adding any value

Effective Marketing: Anticipating where theyre going




Pro TipGive customers a choice. Studies show that if customers feel like theyre in control of what information you have, theyre more likely to share

#Contextual Targeting

Spooky: Displaying ads that prove you have lot of info about the customer in your database, but the target misses the mark

Sent 48 hours post-abandonment

Societies:alpha epsilon pi

#Contextual Targeting

Effective Marketing: Dont just use any and all data you have, use the data to create an interesting, effective customer experienceSent 48 hours post-abandonment

Fabletics Campaign Targeted:WomenUsed birthdays to target zodiac signsUnique way to recognize prospect birthdays


Pro TipWhen starting off, pick 2-3 relevant, keywords or data-sets to focus on for targeting

#Contextual Targeting

Spooky: Displaying every bit of data your brand has about the customer

Effective Marketing: Displaying recommended products based on their onsite behavior Sent 48 hours post-abandonment


Pro TipAllow your customers to navigate THEIR journey instead of giving them one predetermined onsite path

#Key Takeaways

Relevance > PersonalizationRelevance is key to the keeping customers engaged and delighted with your data use instead of annoyed and spooked.

Sent 48 hours post-abandonment

Less is MoreJust because you can do it, doesnt mean you should do it. We have more and more data, but that doesnt mean we should use at every opportunity.

#Thank you!

Happy Halloween!

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