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Transcript of Donovan Paul Ignite slides

  • Science and Art
  • Kinetic Sculptures by Artist Theo Jansen
  • Knowledge of Science can enhance the creative process.
  • The Science and Art Relationship
  • Image Credit: Paul Donovan 2014 Fibonacci sequence used as inspiration.
  • New Knowledge can inspire new creative ideas.
  • Inspiration Learning Creation
  • Science and Artistic Inspiration
  • Scientific Advancements
  • DNA Face Sculpture by Artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg
  • Knowledge of Science can spark new interests and ideas.
  • Brain Plasticity
  • Finding New Connections through Learning
  • Science and the Creative Process
  • Bio Art
  • Collaborate in new ways by using scientific knowledge
  • Learn something new about any field of science.
  • Inspiration Creation Learning
  • Knowledge of Science can enhance the creative process.
  • Find new ways to apply knowledge to your art.