DONORPROFILE - Chris Rock and Barney Stinson. Extended profile. NOLAN 6/13 Did you do well, average

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Transcript of DONORPROFILE - Chris Rock and Barney Stinson. Extended profile. NOLAN 6/13 Did you do well, average



    First, I would like to congratulate you on your decision of becoming pregnant. I hope the pregnancy will not be too hard on you.”

    Read an English v ersion on page 2

    FACTS: ID-release Height: 196 Weight: 96 Hair colour: Black Eye colour: Dark brown Blodtype: A Rh Pos. Occupation: University student – Corporate Law



    Nolan has a sterling character. He is a warm and caring person who seems to be genuinely interested in getting to know other people. He always has time to talk with the staff when he comes by, and they think he is good company.

    Professionally Nolan is studying for a law degree. We are sure that he will pass with flying colours as he seems intelligent and is very dedicated to his studies.

    / Meeting the donor – our impression

    English version of the letter on the front page: Dear future parent(s),

    First, I would like to congratulate you on your decision of becoming pregnant. I hope the pregnancy will not be too hard on you.

    Furthermore, I want to wish you all the best in your future life with a child. I am quite certain that the child will bring you great happiness in your life, and I am also sure that you as parent(s) will give your child a happy life.



    Race Mix

    Ethnicity Danish/Peruvian

    Height 196

    Weight 96

    Eye colour Dark brown

    Natural hair colour Black

    Clothing size (S,M,L,XL,XXL) L/XL

    Skin type (burns easily/tans minimally or burns moderately/tans gradually to brown skin colour or rarely burns/tans well to dark brown skin colour) Light brown

    Freckles None

    Eyebrow colour Black

    Beard colour Black

    Hairtexture (curly, straight, wavy) Wavy

    Hairvolume (thick, thin, average, bald) Very thick

    Body frame size (small, medium, large) Large

    Physique (muscular, regular, heavy) Muscular

    / Appearance

    Extended profile



    Do you exercise regularly? Yes, I exercise 3-4 times a week.

    Which sports do you play? I do running (especially around the countryside), and I also do Muay Thai Boxing.

    Have you played other sports in the past? If yes, which ones? I used to swim a lot when I was younger but stopped when I was 11. My swim teacher said I had potential to become a pro. I also did regular boxing from I was 12 until I was 14 but stopped, because I would rather use my energy on doing my paper route

    Glasses or corrective lenses? I use lenses.

    Are you right- or left-handed? I am a righty.

    Please describe the condition of your teeth? (good, average, bad) Very good I must have gotten my father’s tooth genes, because no one in his family has ever had caries.

    How many standard drinks do you consume in an average week? About 6-7.

    Do you smoke? If yes, what do you smoke and how many a day on average? I only smoke at parties, and when I see a pretty girl smoking. I usually grab one belonging to my friend and use it as an excuse to start a conver- sation. I’ve never bought a pack of my own.

    Do you suffer from allergies? I get the sniffles in the spring.

    Describe your personality I am a fun and social person who reaches out to people and tries to get to know them better. I try to look at every person I meet as a potential new friend. I’m also loyal to the people who are close to me. I know how it feels to be lonely a to have no one. Therefore, I am also open to people who approach me, and I consider myself an empathic person.

    Describe your weaknesses I can sometimes doubt myself, and from time to time that drives my self-esteem and self-worth down. How- ever, I know that I can pull myself through anything the world throws my way, just as long, as I keep a clear mind and have my friends around me.

    Describe your strengths I grew up being forced to talk to people because of my heritage. My mom is a Latina so she incorporated early on that I should take that part of my life into heart. My mom has this amazing ability to befriend anyone. She can go up to any person she just meets and talk with them like they’ve known each other for years, it’s amaz- ing. I was forced to so many family parties and to the house of so many of her friends where I had to talk to strangers and their kids. I hated it. Mostly because I was pretty closed off and shy as a child. But when I got older I learned the joy of being able to start a conversation with anyone. Just putting yourself out there and see what happens. My biggest strength, that I got through my mom, is the ability to have a genuine interest in people

    / Health

    / Personality



    and that has helped me getting to know a lot of people who I never thought I would get such a deep connection with. But I guess you never really cherish things until you look back at it in hindsight.

    What are you most proud of and why? My proudest moment was when I stopped making excus- es for myself and decided to make a change in my life. I quickly realised that if I put my head into it, I can achieve anything.

    Describe your fondest childhood memory When I was visiting my family back in Peru when I was about 6 years old I found a 5 soles coin at the park where my mom had taken me to. I was so stoked because it meant that I could buy candy at our local vendor across from where I lived. Now 5 soles are worth about 10 Danish kroner. That is not much but down there in Peru I could go to our vendor to buy 2 soft drink cans, 1 big bag of Cheetos, 1 chocolate bar and still get some money back. That was the happiest day of my life.

    Describe some of your best experiences When I finally asked the girl, I had a crush on to come to dinner at my house. Everything went great and I took her to our couch where I was about to kiss her, but then we heard my mom turning the key and we stopped. I thought she had ruined everything but then the girl said that we she wanted to see my room…Best night ever.

    There was also the time I held a party at my house where I hadn’t gotten permissions. My dad and his wife had gone on a skiing trip, my brother stayed at my mom and he had given me permission to stay at the house if I wanted. He had told me that I could have a couple of friends over for some movie night fun if I wanted. But as a responsible 16-year-old who went to “efterskole” (a Danish kind of boarding school) at the time, and it was about Christmas so my friends were home for the holidays, I held the most unbelievable party that winter. Everyone was partying, they were dancing, kissing and just generally had a good time. That night I ended up with a really cute girl who would later become my girl- friend and one of my good friends ended up with a girl of his own. He told me later that my party was the first party he had ever been to, and that he is so thankful that I invited him. That girl would also later become his girl- friend and even to this day they are still together. Every- one had someone that night, and it was just magical.

    What did you dream of becoming as a child? Chiropractor.

    Describe your relationship with your family? I have the best relation with my mom. She has always been there for me and I can tell her anything. Even when

    I have behaved badly she tries to understand me instead of just yelling, and she also knows that I know when I’ve screwed up and that I try to fix it when I do something stupid. With my dad on the other hand it’s a bit different. After he divorced my mom our relationship changed as I don’t think he treated her very well. But despite that my mom always tells me to be nice to him. I try to do so, but my dad and I don’t have a close relationship.

    What does your family mean to you? I believe family is important. The bond that is bound through blood is the closest. But at the same time, I don’t believe that being family gives you a free pass to do bad things to each other. I believe that family members are also accountable for their actions, and no matter how close your family ties are, the person has an obligation to treat others with love and respect. Some people believe that being family means that you should love them unconditionally no matter what they do. I don’t think it’s that simple.

    What does friendship mean to you? Friendship is one of the most important aspects of life to me. To meet someone who you can connect to and share your thoughts and beliefs with, it is so fascinating to me. Having someone who is there to pick you up when you’re down and who can also take your hand and cele- brate with you when you achieve something great. That thought to me is so heart-warming that I can’t describe it with words. And the best part is, that hopefully I can be there to do the same for my friends.

    What kind of friend are you? I strive to be the most honest and loyal friend I can ever be.

    How would your friends and family describe you? Hopefully as someone they are lucky to have in their lives.

    How are your math skills? Bad.

    How are your motor skills? I would say my motor skills are pretty good.

    What is your zodiac sign? Aries.

    Which famous person or celebrity can you identify yourself with? Chris Rock and Barney Stinson.

    Extended profile



    Did you do well, average or poorly in primary school? I did very well in primary school, my teachers loved me. I actually ran into one of my teachers a couple of months ago and told her where I